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  1. Yep. We have loved our experience with Venture Crew. It was started by the parent of a Boy Scout who has three daughters. His youngest is just about finished, though, and I don’t see the program surviving without him. He is, hands down, the most dedicated and capable scout leader I’ve met. Every cool tip or fact, and any slight leader ship ability I possess, is something I learned from him. I’m still willing to be involved (my daughter is off to college in the fall), so that there is an adult female for this all girl crew, but there’s no way I can do what he did, and the young
  2. I really WANT to like Scoutbook, since it would simplify things to have only one system, but there's still no comparison between the kind of reports I can run on Troopmaster and what Scoutbook offers. The 'Scouts Having/Needing' report is great, the 'Target First Class' advancement reports are sent to our ASPL of Advancement weekly, I can generate service hours reports for both scouts and unit with a couple quick clicks (we give bronze, gold, and silver service coins for 50 hours of service and up)... a multitude of things.
  3. I have been able to purchase what we need by using the troop master report so far. A scout is trustworthy, I suppose. Plus, I used to work at that particular scout shop, so I’m sure that helps, haha. I’ve considered doing the batch upload to Scoutbook before trying to purchase items for the court of honor, but if anything changes it’s a little bit hard to keep up with. We always have a whole bunch of last-minute blue cards handed in or rank advancements. The words “court of honor“ seem to light a fire for some scouts!
  4. Sometimes the simplest solution gets overlooked. I’ll head right over to Scoutbook now, rather than do the batch upload we generally do after the June COH.
  5. Hi All. This question is not about the merit badge itself, it's about total number of merit badges needed for each rank. We use Troopmaster software, so here's where there's a little confusion on my part, and I can't quite seem to find the info I need. My 'Scouts BSA Requirements' book is from 2020, so I should probably splurge on the new edition. Anyway, for Star, a scout needs six MB's total, with four of those being Eagle required. For Life, a scout needs an additional 5 MB's, with three of those being Eagle required. Both ranks combined - 11 MB's, 7 of them Eagle. I have
  6. From the article: [quote]The Patriots’ Path Council council did not disclose the purchase price for the Sabattis Adventure Camp. They also did not name the buyer, except to say the purchaser is a neighbor of the camp who has “agreed to permit the council to use the property for at least five more years,” according to the letter from council leaders.[/quote] One big problem - going back to 2020 - is that with the Covid restrictions placed on the camp by NY State, they are still not running a full program this summer. We didn't go last year, and are not going this year, and are pretty brok
  7. We use 15.8 gallon plastic totes as patrol boxes. A few of the newer scouts pack in duffles, but it never takes long before they switch over to backpacks. The summer camp we go to is the perfect 1/4 mile hike in. Other spots vary. NoBeBoSco is probably the longest hike in we’ve done. Of course, backpacking trips not included.
  8. Okay, I HAVE to share this story now. One of the new parents that came on the last camping trip brought two suitcases, two full-size pillows, and a massage table. I am not even kidding, swear on my life. She set it up in the middle of camp and lay there while everyone else was fixing lunch.
  9. Not at all. Nice to be having a scouting discussion.
  10. There’s a debate, for sure. We would need more parents to camp if we didn’t have the trailer. This trip we had six adults and ten scouts. Newly crossed over, so more parents than usual. Between patrol boxes, backpacks, food/coolers and scouts, we were very pressed for space. If we hadn’t had as many parents as we did, we wouldn’t have been able to transport. And I don’t know about other troops, but we have a really hard time getting parents to stay for a meeting or send out an email, let alone camp. That said, Venture Crew doesn’t have a trailer. But we’re also a small al-girl cr
  11. Can confirm. We are the only family besides the SM who can pull the trailer, and my husband has done so for the last five trips. This past trip, our newly-licensed daughter needed our trailer-pulling car to get herself to Venture Crew while we were camping. Our only other vehicle is a stick shift. We ended up having to load patrol boxes into a couple cars. Parents now have a new appreciation for our towing abilities. 🤣
  12. I also found the following, saying the CO selects leaders, which seems a little weird, only because our CO has next-to-nothing to do with our troop. 18-981.jo (scouting.org) It makes much more sense that the Committee Chair is responsible. I have new info to add... no one else wants to do the job, apparently. My husband said 'no way', and said the third ASM had indicated to him in the past that he had "zero desire" to take on that role. As much as I would love to, I firmly believe the boys need a male in the role. If this particular ASM is the only one willing to step into th
  13. I had a conversation last night with the Committee Chair. I was shocked when she said this particular ASM was going to be our new Scoutmaster. She was shocked when I told her there had definitely NOT been a conversation with the other ASMs (nor any other registered adult, as far as I can tell). And it wasn't discussed with her. So next question, since the outgoing Scoutmaster has tried to do an end-run around everyone involved, aside from the person he is trying to appoint: can you give any advice as to best way to tell them both that there needs to be a different process here? Just
  14. After a very rocky start with the new Scoutmaster a few years ago, we managed a decent working relationship, but here we go again. I just found out from our Committee Chair that the SM told her a particular ASM would be taking over as the next Scoutmaster. Is this the way it's supposed to work? That the SM just picks someone and informs the rest of the Troop, including the CC? The CC told me she assumed he had talked it over with the ASMs, but one of the ASMs is my husband, and he said there was no discussion. In fact, my husband and I had privately discussed whether he had any intere
  15. We camped at Resica Falls Scout Reservation this weekend. Opted for cabin camping because we had all of our newest scouts camping, but only a single First Class scout (my own son who just barely turned 14). We hiked, but the reservation also had a life-sized foosball pen and a gaga pit, which the scouts loved. The rest of the time they spent hanging out in hammocks and exploring one of the many, many streams that feed into the river. In March I ran an orienteering event that I'd been working on for a VERY long time. Making the map took forever (and took a lot of trips out to the area,
  16. My troop thinks I have mystical powers because I know so much before anyone else does. All because I came here a few years ago hoping to learn how to create a good program and be an effective leader. (Or was it because I couldn’t figure out how to print blue cards from Troopmaster?)
  17. From a legal standpoint, for the LDS church I'm wondering if they have more of a liability due to the way they "call" (appoint) their leaders?
  18. Question about how the lawsuits are listed. If a council shows "John Does 1-10", does that mean there are ten lawsuits filed under that claim number? If a second listing shows "Corp. 1-100"?
  19. Your pain, that of the others who have posted, and if the many others who aren’t on this board, do have value to the ground level volunteers like me. (‘Value’ used in this case only in quoting your post.) It’s very apparent at this point that there isn’t enough money in the pot to compensate for the renewed pain of the bankruptcy case, let alone the original abuse. Not that any amount could erase the harm done. I sincerely hope that when this is over there are enough of us (those who are involved in today’s scouting) who have become aware of the magnitude of the abuse, that we can make a
  20. That last paragraph is what brought me here a few years back. Yes, a wealth on information here. Our council has still declined to tell us the amount we will owe, though we didn’t get a letter telling us what the fee increase would be (with an emphasis on what a bargain it is). To be fair, it does seem they are keeping council fees low compared to what they were last year. I did not get a reply to my email pointing out that there is no longer a NDA keeping council from letting us know what the damages will be. Unsurprised. Husband said I shouldn’t have sent it, but what are they g
  21. Thank you. I told our committee chair I was going to email them and call them out on this. Feeling a bit pissy this morning. I admitted it may not be scout-like to call BS on their email. The CC said it’s not scout-like to lie. Haha.
  22. Could someone please clarify where LCs stand with regard to the NDA? I received an email from ours finally admitting they will have to pay, but claiming they aren’t allowed to tell us what the contribution is. I thought I read the info is no longer confidential. This thread (these threads) are too long to go back and search for it.
  23. Thanks for your response - particularly point #4. There’s a lot to learn from listening (or reading, in this case). I see where many of us likely have the wrong idea of helping and ‘fixing’.
  24. As a parent, I’d want the abuser to suffer in ways more creative than any I could even come up with. I’m not sure that would be of any help to a child. Or a grown man who was abused as a child. It appears there’s not much that does help - no undoing what was done. And yes, I’d want the organization that allowed it to pay. Still, I want to see scouting continue because I see my older son, who had some pretty major issues with anxiety, self-doubt, and suicidal thoughts as a 10-11 year old, and who has a very mild learning disability, become stronger and more confident through the opportu
  25. At our last Eagle COH I gave the four scouts we were honoring a picture frame with the photo mat showing images of the merit badges they had earned, and with their name and date they made Eagle at the top. It was intended to be a personal gift from me, but our Scoutmaster somehow convinced me to present them as being from the Troop. I guess that’s what we do now.
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