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  1. dangers to scouting is not external BSA is destroying itself from within poor leadership at every level, all lie to protect their image no respect from the general public, as I don't blame the general public for that Scouting is no more than a glorified daycare service, that's it
  2. understand the overall land its still 350 ppl/day being funneled in/out through single place don't like being herded like cattle out to pasture
  3. reading that actually discourages me from pursuing Philmont, 350 arriving and departing daily? am not a fan of crowds,
  4. This was my third year at summer camp. previous 2 years was pretty well balanced, this year was a dramatic drop without doing a headcount was probably +100 upper ranks. maybe 5-10 of lower ranks drop goes beyond just age and leadership as would have seen the difference from the start
  5. our pack has been top heavy for a couple years, plenty of W1-W2's very few Tigers/bears/wolves we figured it was limited to our own pack, yet at summer camp noticed entire camp was top heavy with very little of the lower dens, is this a trend? common problem elsewhere?
  6. I have had good experience with coleman peak 1 $18 most stores think i paid $13 on sale no problems with it and good low simmer control i wouldnt use anything else
  7. Its best for everyone to consult with medical professionals on the topic as first aid instructors have told me, otc meds are comfort meds you wont be saving anyones life with otc meds, you can be exasperating an existing problem by masking symptoms making it more difficult for others to diagnose ,
  8. No it is not a blanket approval approved otc must be listed can only administer listed otc meds
  9. Statement "Administration of the above medications is approved for youth by: " is on form b applies to all scouts at all outings it is not authorization to administer any OTC meds at will it is intended for scouts that are currently taking OTC meds for various ailments, those meds must be listed on form b for anyone to administer them, such scouts should have their own meds and leaders advised of their condition and what meds to give them and when just about all states have regs on who can administer what meds to others cant even give Tylenol to others
  10. you skipped the line that says "Administration of the above medications is approved for youth by: " OTC medications youth is taking must be listed its not a blanket authorization to administer any OTC meds at will
  11. the BSA medical form I have authorizes camp office to administer the meds its not a blanket authorization for all have it in front of me as going to camp on sunday this is a BSA local council med form " the following medications are available in the camp health office and will be administered at the discretion of the camp medical officer. If approval is ordered by the healthcare provider below"
  12. one could get a prescription for EpiPen to administer to others, if you tell your dr your a scout leader with regular outings with kids, and inform them of various first aid training you may have had, they can write you a prescription for the EpiPen to administer to others, that would be up to dr's discretion I have discussed this issue during various first aid courses, what is always mentioned is do not have your meds available to others, scout trips FAK which is accessible by other leaders and parents should not have such things in them, want to have meds in your FAK, put it
  13. check your laws, in most places its against the law to administer such to others, unless its by a parent or certified to do so. I only keep such on my personal FAK not in pack accessible FAK, Benadryl does not stop reactions only alleviates symptons and could hinder first responders or other medics diagnosis,
  14. I am part of a pack in Chinatown most of the pack is Chinese, many choose activities for the kids that will benefit them academically, school school and more school after school classes, weekend classes, summer school classes, there are probably 2-5 afterschool centers per block in Chinatown, that is their priority they do not put an emphasis on scouting like they do on academic activities, if it doesn't help their 6 yr old get into Harvard or Yale they wont put the time in yes there are some that take advantage of scouting and outdoor opportunities but they are a small percent
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