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  1. Terasec

    Per WSJ -BSA may declare bankruptcy

    Problem i see with bsa marketing is for decades bsa had a monopoly on scouting so they didnt need to market the program national campaigns are geared toward existing members selling activities and such local councils rely on the individual units to do the marketing councl strategies will vary see alot more emphasys on stem activities, all the posters and flyers we receive stress stemm programs even in vision and mission statements national and councils have removed word outdoors in their statements ficusint solely on youth developement i am leaving scoutint for this reason too much arts and crafts lack of emphasys on outdoors my son learns more about the outdoors without scouting scoutint has actually diminished his outdoor knowledge/experiences
  2. Terasec

    Per WSJ -BSA may declare bankruptcy

    Thats based on non profit status can put some money aside for reserve and future expenses but legal and tax issues on how much and for what
  3. Terasec

    Per WSJ -BSA may declare bankruptcy

    think BSA should do background checks on all that register, leaders and parents, we all check the box authorizing bsa to do so. but no guarantee it is done, also results of background checks should be forwarded/accessible by the unit. whether cub master or committee has access is negotiable, this would add an additional barrier in case someone with a record slips through national background check
  4. Terasec

    Per WSJ -BSA may declare bankruptcy

    lawyers get quite specific on who they sue and why some factors they use to decide, funds and insurance policy, higher you go in the org structure generally more funds and insurance liability they have access to, state of such orgs and their rules for liability issues, some states make it easier to sue than others. once this case is settled and national does dissolve and lawyers cant as easily sue new org. they will probably then go after individual councils and CO's where the crimes were committed, this is similar to church scandals, for churchs, Vatican being foreign cant easily sue the Vatican, so they went after each US based dioceses instead, each dioceses is equivalent to scout local councils
  5. Terasec

    Per WSJ -BSA may declare bankruptcy

  6. Terasec

    Per WSJ -BSA may declare bankruptcy

    Unless one reads the policy no one knows if insurance companies are right or wrong such policies are usually very clear on litigatoon liability clauses
  7. Terasec

    Per WSJ -BSA may declare bankruptcy

    Thats not leadership thats called damage control
  8. Terasec

    Per WSJ -BSA may declare bankruptcy

    girl scouts bsa will be coming from other groups that is not illegal, no different than a business targeting competitors customers, no different than trail life usa targeting boy scouts not happy with scouts usa your members will be coming from somewhere
  9. Terasec

    Hello Everyone

    with a den of 2 I would say don't stop recruiting, ask committee or go directly to council and get any promo's you can mini boys life mags, flyers, book marks, etc. a den is a lot more enjoyable for kids with more friends/kids. look up recruitment tactics, ask school if you can place a flyer or put out some magazines, ask class parent if you can send out an email to other class parents, have the kids ask their friends and get them to earn recruiter patch I generally take my old scouter and boys life mags and put address labels over my name/address with pack contact info on it and give those out
  10. Terasec

    Per WSJ -BSA may declare bankruptcy

    it is poaching, only reason not mentioned in lawsuit is poaching is not illegal,
  11. Terasec

    use of the word "Lord" in scouting?

    our CO is a Lutheran church, our pack is not religious itself, and members religious beliefs vary, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Asian religions , and some I never heard of. Grace prayer I use is taken from Council scout camp that is used at summer camp and posted in council camps dining hall, being council scout camp, its not specific to any 1 religious preference, but the use of the word Lord, has me curious as if its appropriate for all religions for duty to God I generally give parents handouts and discuss talking to their children about their religious beliefs, in the hand outs I include council camps grace prayers as an example,
  12. am just curious on the use of the word "Lord" in scouting I try to keep all religious references as generic as possible to appeal to as many religions as possible, as we have various religious backgrounds in our pack. for Grace I try to use same grace the scout camp uses at summer camp as follows: "father for this noonday meal , we would speak the praise we feel., Health and strength we have from thee. help us Lord to faithful be." as a catholic "Lord" has a very specific meaning referring to Jesus curious as to how other religions view the term "Lord" do other religions use the term "Lord" ? what does it mean to them?
  13. Terasec

    Why all the slap-stick in Cub Scouting?

    I also have similar gripes about scouting, there is too much emphasis on crafts and stem projects and not enough on outdoor activities, a cubscout can go 5 years (6 with lions) advance to boy scouts without ever going camping, there is something inherently wrong with that. at last summer camp majority of the activities over the week were indoor activities, It was a beautiful summer week and kids were indoors this is my sons 3rd year as a cub and has camped 10-15 times with the pack yet I don't feel he has learned anything outdoor related other than what I have taught him on our own outings
  14. Terasec

    Lone Scout Questions

    Lone scouting is generally discouraged, and an option for those who cant join/find a troop, as an alternative, you can find a pack/troop talk to the leaders about following their schedule and doing most of the activities on your own, then can probably join the pack/troop on occasion for like outings and camp outs, a big part of scouting is not just the activities but the comradery with other scouts, and in Boy scouts it being scout lead , hard to do on your own.
  15. Terasec

    Why all the slap-stick in Cub Scouting?

    benefit of skits and such is it helps some kids get used to performing in front of others, also helps the shy kids who are always in the background to break out of their shell a bit, scouting shouldn't be all about skits, but skits and performing is 1 element that should be explored,