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Lone Scout Questions

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If the council employees that answer the phones at the Service Center/ Scout office are being difficult, calling or emailing the Council Scout Executive, his email will be in this format first.last@scouting.org, is always on option. His or her name and email should be available on the council website.

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1 hour ago, Thunderbird said:

@swilliams   Is your son currently in the 5th grade?  Is there a separate Webelos den for 4th graders?  If so, both dens are actually Webelos dens and he can meet with either (if the den leader of the den for 4th graders is agreeable).

Like @Pale Horse says, most Cub Scout requirements can be done on your own (outside of den meetings).  Do the requirement, then have your son talk to his Den Leader about what he did, and get it signed off.  Even better is if he takes pictures to show what he did.  This is actually good practice for when he joins a troop.

As another option, talk to the Cubmaster / Pack Committee Chair about taking over as the Webelos Den Leader for the 5th graders.

I tried that with the last pack - not taking over, but splitting the den, as we had 14 Webelos.  Was told 'no'.  Long story.  Suffice to say it didn't work out

2 hours ago, Pale Horse said:

You do realize you don't need to be a Lone Scout to work on requirements outside of Den Meetings?

Do the requirements, have your son talk to his Den Leader about them and get them signed off.   

I had kind of forgotten this, to be honest.  I guess because I'm mainly involved with the older kids in Boy Scouts now, it didn't register.  Getting old and slow.  :o

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