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Imagine a coworker passing you in the hall on his way to a meeting. You also know him as a new Scoutmaster of a new troop. There is no time to chat, only enough time to say a few words in passing. The coworker says, "leaving after this meeting for my first camp out as Scoutmaster, any advice?


What would you say? Do you have one quick piece of advice for a new Scoutmaster that might make a difference in helping him toward a boy run patrol method program? 


One sentence, no explanation, short and sweet.


I'll start: "Set all camp sites at least 300 feet apart". 



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@@Eagledad, are yeh channeling the spirit of Kudu with your 300 foot comment? :)


LOL, I think he would be proud.


I don't mind giving him credit for the phrase, but our troop was doing it and I was teaching it long before I found this forum.



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