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  1. Testing direct editing of commentI mostly use an iPad and it makes this a pia, but you can copy and past the text and use the quote /quote tags to accomplish this. Not ideal. I agree with all of you going back a page and commenting is not a best practice. But things a far better than there were in the spring.
  2. Sage advise there and difficult to do. I am sure I made comments about moving to Canada last November. Still here. Life hasn't change much if at all, yet.
  3. Still torn on this. Here is my red line. Leggings, yoga shorts, crop tops, 2mm inseam jean shorts, exposed brasiers under tank tops, sports bras, lettering on the butt, makeup, you know the standard female middle and high school wardrobe. That stuff affects me and certainly does teenage boys. We are visual creatures. We can certainly control that stuff within our units but not so much at camporees or summer camp. The 4 summer camps I have been to have plenty of young female camp staff but dress appropriately and the boys do just fine. If the BSA offers no compromise, I think this
  4. @@Saltface Although I am now several states and 2 years removed from GSLAC (St. Louis, MO and one of the big Councils) I am still on the contact list and received the survey. Might also have to do with the various stipes I wore (IH, CM, CC, etc). Did not receive one in Simon Kenton (Columbus, OH) but I am just registered as a ASM. Did not think it appropriate to fill out the survey for the old council.
  5. Wow, just wow. Never thought this would actually happen and still absorbing it. I really wonder how hard GSUSA is going to fight this. Maybe they have more important things to worry about. One positive outcome might be forcing troops back to the Patrol Method, provided they don't go with co-ed patrols at some point. I really need to hang around these parts more often again. Interesting times.
  6. I want to see you argue against this one. Scout has his technician class FCC license and wants to bring his ham radio. That is old school scouting. We even have an official Amature Radio Operator strip to wear on the sleeve now. Everyone remember 300' Kudu? He had no problem with electronics. There is a video he posted here of his patrol hiking and all the boys had earbuds.
  7. Well as usual I will the contrarian. The SM and other adult leaders royally screwed up. Emails are not documentation that does not keep up to date. If the SM and other leaders had a shred of decency in them they would handing over their devices to the boy at bedtime or at minimum encouraging the other boys to share. He didn't forget something. He was lied to,
  8. Depending on the troop some boys not quite 11 are allowed to camp with the troop in the spring as guests, just no advancement takes place until they are able to join officially. YMMV.
  9. The paltry service hours at least ensure at least something gets done. The resume building parents wouldn't have their sons do any if given the choice.
  10. Send me some of those ads, I have been trying for years to fatten up my oldest. Almost 14 and weighs barely 70lbs, 1% body fat. I sometimes mistake him for a little green alien and have been considering a paternity test.
  11. Ah, but YOUR program is not becoming more open, unless you choose to do so.
  12. A Scout is thrifty is relative to your income bracket.
  13. ^That sucks. I haven't seen that. The Open times have just been announced in the morning, though I think you could schedule a Troop Shoot.
  14. I only have two boys and yes the cost for T shirts or polo shirts for activities really starts to get annoying especially when they start go north of that $10 mark. In Cubs it really got annoying when you get that leader who thinks the solution to waning interest in the pack is a new Tshirt design. Once you hit Boy Scouts and depending on your climate the synthetic shirts really are better. I sweat a lot so I can go through 2-3 cotton shirts a day or wear one synthetic. Fortunately my current troop considers the Activity Uniform (Class B is not a BSA term) to be any plain Tshirt or sco
  15. I may or may not have seen a SM change a date on his own med form in the parking lot. His wife is a MD.
  16. @@blw2 We had that experience a couple of yours ago. Not sure what happens but one boy was missing a part C that his parents insisted they turned in. The camp just said he had to leave within 72 hours if they didn't get it. The fax went through.
  17. If you new Scouts ever doubt what they are up against, or need a lesson in teamwork show them this. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/racooon-chain-over-wall_us_5768af51e4b0853f8bf1fe90?utm_hp_ref=weird-news
  18. @@David CO I can certainly see your point on most of that but as a public school the resistence to scouting comes from the fact that the program is not open to ALL of the CO's boys.
  19. Astronomy comes to mind. Pardon me if we are talking apples and oranges but isn't scheduling in advance a good thing? So we don't have 40 scouts attempting swimming MB at 10AM and 7 scouts at 9AM. 40 scouts going for Canoeing MB but only 10 canoes? Overcrowding/understaffing/underutilization is certainly a factor that leads to poor MB experiences.
  20. @@blw2 Agreed inviting yourself etc. But at S-F in MO that is how it is works, the adults are split up with the patrols for meals. I suppose if you had enough adults for a patrol they could do it themselves.
  21. @@blw2 Nah, the Old Goat Patrol cooks for itself on all the weekend campouts. At a Patrol Cooking Camp the Old Goats eat the Scouts food becuase they are serving as MBCs for those working on the Cooking MB. If a MBC will not eat the Scout's food he is doing something wrong. The nap part was a joke. Some Dining hall camps do offer a Patrol Cooking option, you just have to look a bit deeper in the Leader Guide. Even if they don't you could try an negotiate a reduced rate if you skip the dining hall and go it alone. Nearly every family has at least one or two coolers and while
  22. I just don't get it. I can barely tolerate a Camporee, the thought of a Jamoree is just nauseating. Never was a fan of crowds, just something that has to be tolerated every once in awhile.
  23. Yep you went to a dining hall camp. You nap while the scouts are cooking your diner and then again while they clean up.
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