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  1. Sad sign of the times

    The NRA a terrorist organization? Seriously??? I missed that comment. LOL ....about as much as the BSA in my estimation.
  2. Same CO...multiple CORs

    I'm not sure I agree with the assessment that the COR shouldn't attend meetings. That's like saying that a Congressman shouldn't be aware of what's going on with his constituents.....hey, wait a minute...bad analogy I'd think they should be at Committee meetings often...maybe not every meeting, but most....and at least a few unit meetings now and then to get a pulse on what's going on.... Regardless....all theoretical in my experience. On another note.... what percentage of COR's do you think actually meet at the district or council level....let's say at least one meeting a year? My guess it's a low fraction.
  3. Storage ideas

    I'd be surprised if the district would...but not terribly surprised if you found another unit willing to help....although I can't imagine that being overly convenient. OH, i remembered the other thing the pack had to store.... a couple rain gutters I bought and donated to the pack for a simple regatta pack meeting. I wonder if they were ever used again?? That was a loud and high energy pack meeting Everything else we had lived in the small pack trailer. I'm still struggling to think of much that the troop has to store out of the trailer. The only thing I can think of is the troop flag and the log that has holes drilled to hold candles for their COH. I never understood the scouts liking that ceremony...I suspect it was mom invented, and mom encouraged.
  4. Storage ideas

    Our CO had a large shed with shelf space. Scouts had one small section.... and it seemed like other ministries (Knights, Men's Club, etc...) would often encroach. But honestly, the pack only had a pinewood derby track and a few other things...not much.... As CM I found a small pack in need for our old unused wooden track and got that out of there and the troop had some junk that was never used anyway. I think a year or two ago most all of it was culled. I think pretty much everything lives in the trailer now. The difference I think might be that we don't have a lot in the way of unit owned personal gear to store (troop maintains a spare tent or two, and a couple emergency sleeping bags in the trailer) but scouts bring their own tents and sleep systems and personal gear. Room in the trailer to haul it. The troop maintains Camp Kitchen boxes for each patrol, some lanterns and LP tanks, ezup awnings, first aid kit, etc...
  5. Same CO...multiple CORs

    well, you're right that I've never seen it done or attempted... ....but let's see... a few random bullet points from the first few pages of the BSA's COR handbook help their unit be successful help coordination between scouting (the unit/council) and the CO be a voting member in district and council (I would assume that means to represent the CO and The CO's unit) help recruit unit leaders (and this would also involve knowing when a key leader needs to be replaced) Assist with recharter suggest good turns to your unit promote well planned programs bring in district help coordinate with other units in your area cultivate resources to help your units Pretty much all of these things would require a working knowledge of the unit and the CO. Which of these would imply that the COR shouldn't attend at least some of the meetings and activities to see what's going on? I get that the COR is a voting member in the district or council....so in that way you need ONE representing the CO My bigger point was that the BSA should be more mindful than they seem to be of the sacrifice of time that it requests from it's volunteers....and from the charter orgs too!
  6. Same CO...multiple CORs

    I never really thought about this...as our COR, not once in my years with the pack and troop ever showed up to a single meeting that I attended...committee or otherwise. I never personally have ever spoken to the man. BUT If I were appointed COR for a unit, I'd pretty much insist on doing just one unit, and I'd tell BSA to take a hike on any such rule. I say this because I'd like to think that as COR I'd try to attend at least a majority of the committee meetings, and at least some of the troop meetings and events....I'd recon that to be at least maybe 1-3 meetings per month. That would be double the meetings if I were doing a troop + pack....and triple if there was also a crew. No thanks
  7. Sad sign of the times

    Not illegal drugs, but how many of these shooters have been on SSRI meds? I wonder also about ADD meds too....? ....either current use or in the past.
  8. Coolest Scout Troop Location?

    those are awesome! how I think it should be in a perfect world. Talk about taking patrol spirit and troop pride to another level.....I'd add that the patrol leaders should all have keys to the place so the patrols can have meetings on their own time.... keeping the adults "out of it". A real scout hut club house! Meanwhile, my troop as a boy, was much like the Troop I volunteered for. We fought every other ministry in the church, along with wedding receptions and the rest, for space in the parish hall or the school cafeteria.... No regular place even to store the troop's flag.... we'd have to look for it every time to find which corner or closet it got squirreled into.... curious about those examples.... who charters these troops? who owns the building and land for these troops to have such an awesome set-up?
  9. I'm not so sure I totally agree. I think scouts is about a group of friends, usually 6-8 of them, getting together to do fun stuff together as a patrol. In the process they practice leadership, learn skills, and all sorts of stuff. Sure, the 'game' of scouts is outdoor oriented but isn't that only because the idea is that boys get so much good out of being outside? Sure it wouldn't count towards nights camped, it probably shouldn't be encouraged as a regular thing....but I'd liken it to a patrol getting together for a game of basketball at the scout hut. A special event, fun, leaders lead, .....
  10. My wife had CBS Sunday Morning on yesterday evening (recorded on Tivo) They had a nice bit on Boy Scouts going Coed. Showed the GSUSA's reaction, interview with their CEO. Interview with Michael Surbaugh....Came across as a nice guy, but boy, that guy seems out of touch to me when it comes to the reason for the decline. I'll say it again, the BSA needs a real outdoor guy at the helm, not a CEO boardroom type...like a Bear Grylls adventure guy https://www.cbsnews.com/video/boy-scouts-of-america-girls-now-admitted/
  11. Cub Scout Patrols

    Watch out, don't get them too far advanced... I often thought that the webelos scouts would have more fun if something like this were done. When I was CM I tried to encourage it a bit, and I leaned on the Webelos some furring pack meetings as leaders.... they would help keep things organized, pick teams for games, stuff like that.... I would have liked to have even done way more at the den level then we did, in making it into a patrol rather than a den....patrol spirit, patrol yell, picking what they want to do, etc... BUT fast forward to after about a year after my son joined the troop. I was seeing serious signs of boredom....and we really didn't even do all that much at the den level. The troops might be set up less advanced in the patrol method than even you do now, and that could be a set-up for let-down and disappointment...
  12. also with cubs, we did Patriots Point...great trip, slept under the space shuttle at Kennedy Space Center, slept under the Whale tank at Sea World... there are lots of great options for scout groups that aren't "camping". Those were our most popular things in the Cub days....
  13. Teaching Orienteering

    I don't really see the night as a hindrance at all.... we did it at night in the cub scouts....although that was a very simple level.... Still, I think the darkness reduces the chances of sneaking with the eyeball to find a small waypoint marker. When i was searching for it back for the cubs, I found lots of really great ideas for scavenger hunt type things using a compass..... the clues for the next waypoint would be hidden at the waypoint you're trying to find like in a baloon....but there would be lots of decoy balloons with bad clues inside so you couldn't just find it by eye. For the cubs, I believe we just used a small marker, like a coin I think.... Lots of great ideas out there.
  14. We are easy driving distance form there...about 2-1/2 hours. Our pack used to go camp at Fort Wilderness every year or two. Good family camping there, since we were close and it's palatable for many new families....clean bathhouses and such... But that was all family camping stuff.
  15. These points, I wish were burned into every scouter with every required training that they take. they should be dissected and analyzed thoroughly during every IOLS, and probably ILST too, as long as we are making the scouts sit through that....