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  1. THe "experts" are saying that the general public with no symptoms do not need to be wearing masks, yet I am seeing more and more around town. MOST I see are not being worn properly...people with facial hair, bottom strap hanging loose, nose not covered, removing mask to eat or drink with contaminated hands. If you are not wearing it correctly, the mask is being WASTED. Saw a dude come out of the grocery store the other day wearing gloves while pushing his cart. During the course of loading up his car, he touched his face and rubbed his nose 3 times, then unwrapped a hot dog and ate it with his gloves still on. People are better off staying home, than going out with a false sense of security.
  2. What could they do to you? Revoke your charter, for not following BSA policy.
  3. I tried to "remate" once...my spouse disagreed.
  4. All units need to submit the Unit Fundraising Application to the Council for approval. Your SE will guide you from there. We were always told that soliciting support from local businesses was the job of the Council professional staff for the Friends of Scouting campaign. Units are preferably supposed to support the popcorn program. The pros don't want to hit up a businessman only to be told "oh, we already donated to Troop XXX".
  5. All Council activities here are shut down through April 2. Schools are in a 2 week state-wide shutdown and one source told me today it will be at least 8 weeks. No one is talking yet about Spring Break or Summer. My niece just called and her wedding scheduled for May 2 has been canceled because the venue is owned by a college, which is closing for the remainder of the school year. Frankly, I think in the coming weeks, Summer Camp will be the least of our concerns.
  6. Governor of Virginia closed all k-12 schools for a minimum of 2 weeks starting Monday. Crickets from our Council.
  7. Having gender-separate troops on paper, but operating as Co-ed is a clear violation of BSA intent, if not policy. Period, end of discussion. It doesn't matter what we THINK works best or what they do in other countries. I know there are folks from BSA National reading these posts so it will be interesting to hear what they have to say. @RichardB??
  8. I would consult a professional dry cleaner and see what they suggest. Once cleaned, I would have it framed with archival acid-free backing and UV-blocking glass. I just had some signed Norman Rockwell prints done and it was less than $250 for both including triple matting. I thought it was a bargain. This is a historical treasure and I hope you have a place of honor to display it!
  9. Sounds like you are trying to fill about five positions. You can't do it all yourself. What did your Den Leaders and Committee do? Find a Den Chief or two to help out on outings.
  10. Merit Badge counselors (MBC) should be properly registered at the District level. It is not a troop level position. If a troop does not recharter, it should not affect their registration. They also need to keep their Youth Protection training current. Your son's SM should be able to get a list of currently registered and approved MBC from the District Advancement Committee. These are the ONLY people who should be signing off on blue cards.
  11. The judgments will be for cash. How the BSA/Councils/COs raise that cash will be up to them.
  12. Also a Scout since 1962. I recall that the "Card" required was a current membership card. Back in B-P's day, the Scout Stave was part of the "kit" that every Scout was expected to have with him.
  13. Years ago, before the earth cooled, there was Pack and Troop 66 which were in existence when I was a Bobcat. When I went to sign up my 8 year old son (before Tigers were a thing), I was told the Pack had become too large and was going to split. Sooooo, I became a DL in the newly cleaved Pack 99. Made it easy to just turn the numbers around. A year later, I became CM for 5 years. Within a few years we had 130 boys, 15 dens and 4 Webelos dens. Time to split again. A group moved to a neighboring school and became Pack 991. Then troop 991. Then we split again and begat Pack 996, then Troop 996. I am now 65 and my Scouts are 41 and 38 with prospective Cubs of their own...that's how we did it.
  14. I went and read the bill...summer camps are specifically exempt. In fact, there are so many exemptions now, it's all meaningless.
  15. I just read that, in my state, the Democrat-controlled stage legislature is pushing forward a bill that will raise the state-wide minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2024 and our liberal Governor is sure to sign it. No mention of exemptions. Wonder what this will do to the Council budgets who will now have to double the salaries of the DEs and pay a teen camp staffer for a full 40 hours a week, plus overtime?
  16. I think I just met her on Facebook. Rude and nasty, too.
  17. Then they are not fulfilling the terms of their Charter agreement. To me, this is one of the biggest failures of the current model. The CO/COR are ignorant of, or simply ignore, their agreed upon responsibilities...and the Professional staff are just as happy to be given free rein without outside interference, handpicking the Executive Board to do the SE's bidding. Perhaps scout camps would not be sold off to continue paying 6-figure salaries if the CORs showed up and voted.
  18. Councils are independent corporations. And our new SE is advertising that if the current FOS campaign meets his goals, he will eliminate the "Council Program Fee" that has been levied on each member.
  19. To be "reverant" is "to revere". It need not necessarily refer to God or religion. I know people who "revere" their favorite actor or football team. borrowed from Middle French & Latin; Middle French reverer, borrowed from Latin reverērī "to stand in awe of, treat with deference," from re- RE- + verērī "to show reverence for, fear" I would submit that perhaps the wrong word is being used in the Scout Law and is not specific enough.
  20. A hundred large ain't what it used to be...
  21. No, but we use that information to guide the discussion and see if the Scout owns it.
  22. I can vouch that not all reference letters are positive. I have NEVER seen them returned to the Scout. They are read by the BOR members prior to inviting the Scout in the room and then retained and destroyed by the BOR chairman.
  23. You also need to read Lincoln's writings on slavery and the black man, to get a fair view.
  24. My current YPT was good until March, but was told I had to take it now before I could re-register. It was time consuming, and not much change from 2018, maybe more emphasis on females in units. I missed two questions on the exam because they had multiple answers, but it didn't say "select all that apply" like the other questions did. That needs to be fixed...or maybe add an "all of the above" choice. I did learn that in my state, volunteers are not "mandatory reporters", but employees are. Anyway, it's done and the youth are safe from me. I have the certificate to prove it.
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