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    Committee Chair Leaving

    Selecting and approving adult leadership is the responsibility of your Chartering Organization. If there are no volunteers interested, your CO should set up a search committee. I would imagine your Chartered Organization Representative would run the committee until a new Chairman is found.
  2. scoutldr

    Wood Badge and Part C

    If the BSA is now in the business of requiring certain numbers for things like BP, and lab work, I think they are practicing medicine without a license. ALL they need to know is that my personal physician has checked the box that says "cleared for all activities", or specified restrictions, and affixed his signature. There are many factors that go into an individual's health status than a single BP reading. I once had an internist who would take readings while I was standing, then lying down, right arm AND left arm, then average the numbers. And those little wrist cuffs that never get calibrated against a primary standard are worthless.
  3. scoutldr

    Wood Badge and Part C

    UNless things have changed, I think half of my Council's adults would be disqualified if that was the BP cutoff. I don't think you have anything to worry about. I know the standards were tightened for Philmont, but I don't think Packs are doing high adventure stuff.
  4. scoutldr

    Yet another change...

    Well, back in the day (circa 1962), you had to show your official Membership Card to purchase your uniforms and insignia from J.C. Penney. I guess they were more timely in getting your cards to you back then.
  5. scoutldr

    Merry Christmas! (I&P Version)

    May your Winter Solstice be peaceful. Namaste!
  6. scoutldr

    Yet another change...

    When I called last year to see where my membership card was, I was told to "go online and print it out yourself". I never did.
  7. scoutldr

    New Scout Troop

    BSA used to have publications called "Woods Wisdom" and "Troop Program Resources", which was a monthly plan of program themes, consisting of 3 meetings and an outdoor activity. Those themes were generally followed by the Scout Roundtable plans, also. The plan gave you a syllabus of troop meeting activites centered around the theme of the month. Is this publication still a "thing"? I also encourage you and your fellow adults to attend the monthly district roundtable meetings (yeah, I know...ANOTHER meeting every month), however, if well done, the Roundtable can be an excellent training and networking opportunity.
  8. There is no rule, but it is generally not recommended due to appearances. It is up to the troop to set the policy.
  9. scoutldr

    Adult Recongnition

    In my 30 years of unit scouting, I never received anything. I did receive the District Award of Merit, after I was the District Training Chair.
  10. I'm still unclear...WHOSE name is actually on the boat's registration/title? THAT's who owns the boat legally. If it's an individual, and he refuses to get rid of it, then HE needs to get HIS boat fixed. The troop's use of the boat (which sounds to be minimal) can be considered his donation to the boys...worthy of a thank you. And if the boat was "donated" by a donor who was under the impression that it was going to "scouting", and it was registered to an individual, then that's another issue. We have been "strongly admonished" by our SE that he is the ONLY one who can accept significant donations of cash or property in the name of Scouting, because it triggers a "tax event", if the donor expects a tax deduction for a charitable donation. I'm no lawyer, but IF the committee elects to funnel thousands of dollars into an asset owned by an individual, I believe you will have a problem with the law.
  11. scoutldr

    Per WSJ -BSA may declare bankruptcy

    Speculations on what would cease to exist if "National" went away and left it up to the Councils, as some are hoping for: All program publications. Handbooks, MB pamphlets, forms, etc. All National Supply items. Uniforms, branded items, equipment. Centrally developed and managed training programs. National Jamboree High Adventure bases, including Sea Base and Bechtel Reserve Philmont anything else?
  12. No. At the end of the EBOR, all materials are returned to the Scout. The Eagle Application and Advancement report go to Council.
  13. Sounds like all involved need refresher training as to how a troop should operate. Since your troop is chartered to a now-defunct entity, perhaps you don't have a troop at all. Your DE needs to sort that out. To answer your original question, NO...non-registered parents do not get a vote. The registered members of the Troop Committee handle the "business end" of the unit, while the SM and ASMs execute the program side. All registered leaders serve at the pleasure of the Chartered Organization (which you don't have). Technically, all funds and equipment belong to the Chartered Organization (which you don't have). The Troop's annual plan is developed by the PLC with guidance from the SM and ASMs. They then present the plan to the Troop Committee for approval and funding. In the case of the boat, it must be titled either to the Chartered Organization (which you don't have), OR an individual. If it "technically belongs" to an individual who uses it for personal use 90% of the time, there is NO WAY that troop funds should be spent on it, except maybe to reimburse actual cost of fuel when the troop uses it. That is analogous to expecting the troop to pay for all maintenance on my truck, because I use it to haul gear to camp twice a year. Bottom line...your unit is broke. Your Commissioner staff and DE should be called in to try to fix it...but non-registered parents have no standing, other than to vote with your feet. And I guess it needs to be said once again...the establishment of "Scout Accounts" for the benefit of individuals is strictly against BSA policy and can run afoul of IRS regulations.
  14. scoutldr

    use of the word "Lord" in scouting?

    I think the Philmont Grace is appropriate for any occasion.
  15. scoutldr

    Thank You, Lord

    Our family came terrifyingly close to tragedy last night. We were on our way home from a birthday dinner for my nephew when my cell rang and it was my oldest son, who had been in a car accident. He was still trapped in the wreckage. He had stopped on the Interstate for another wreck, and a youngster plowed into the back of his car doing at least 65 mph. I immediately turned around and headed his way and got trapped in the traffic gridlock, as we watched police cars, ambulances and wreckers try to get to the scene. Then got another call saying he was in the ambulance headed to the ER. As traffic began to move, we could barely recognize the remains of his Honda Accord sitting on the side of the road, the rear half of the car flattened all the way up to the driver's seat. The hospital was only a mile away, but being trapped in that traffic was one of the most agonizing hours of our lives. When my wife saw what was left of his car, she fell apart. Bottom line, he is alive and well, save for a nasty bump on the head and a concussion. We all fell apart when we realized that, somewhere in that twisted mass of metal and broken glass, is my 3 year old grandson's car seat. He had stayed home safe with Mom last night. In all, four cars were involved and everyone walked away. The state trooper who found us in the ER said it was a "Miracle" that he was alive. As far as we know, alcohol and drugs were not involved...it was simply a case of not paying attention. I asked if he was on his cell phone and the trooper said, "aren't they all?" The other driver was charged with reckless driving. As I recount this, the tears are flowing at how close I came to losing a Son. The Hand of God was surely upon him last night. Thank you, Jesus for protecting him and everyone else. Thank you Honda. Thanks for listening and letting me vent. God bless us, everyone.
  16. scoutldr

    Girl Scouts Suing the Boy Scouts

    The official name of the Girl Scouts is "Girl Scouts USA"...I'm sure they wouldn't be happy.
  17. scoutldr

    Girl Scouts Suing the Boy Scouts

    If you had dens of 16 and 23 boys, you're not doing it right. There is a reason that your training tells you that the den should be no more than 6-8. I was CM of a Pack of 15 dens, including 4 Webelos dens. We split the pack because it was too unwieldy, taking over 2 hours for a no-frills pack meeting. We were Pack 99 and the new Pack became Pack 991. The DE was thrilled to have a new unit.
  18. scoutldr

    Boy Scouting in WW2

    My dad rode submarines in the Pacific theater. He said it was just like "Das Boot"...I took him to see the movie when it first came out and he was sweating and gripping the seat the whole time. This was before anyone knew what "PTSD" was.
  19. scoutldr

    Eagle Board of Review (Appeal)

    Per BSA policy, parents are allowed to observe any activity that their Scout participates in. I've never had any request to do so, but they can't be refused if they do. You are correct, they may not serve as members of the EBOR.
  20. scoutldr

    Girl Scouts Suing the Boy Scouts

    Forgive me for injecting some trivia. In my senior year of high school in 1971-72, I was blessed with Mrs. Comstock, an English Lit teacher who brought Shakespeare to life for us. That famous line in Romeo and Juliet was actually a not-so-veiled dig at Will's arch rival to the Globe Theater across the Avon River, the Rose Theater...notorious in its time for the foul and fetid condition of its public "facilities" which one could smell wafting across the river when the wind was right.
  21. scoutldr

    Juvenile Offenses and Ethics

    I would think that willful disregard of the Scout Oath and Law would be more than enough to deny advancement...to any rank. Avowed atheists disregard the Oath and the 12th point of the Law and we don't even allow them to be members. Same should be true of those scouts who commit felonies.
  22. scoutldr

    Hello people

    Where do you live? What unit are you a member of? Tell us about your recent Scouting trips. Welcome to the forums!
  23. scoutldr

    Juvenile Offenses and Ethics

    We were typing at the same time...since this is not his "first strike", that may change things. It begs the question, how did he advance to Life with a history of bad behavior?
  24. scoutldr

    Juvenile Offenses and Ethics

    I would have the conference and have a discussion with him. There is no "pass or fail" of a SM Conference...just sign off that there was one. But I would make it clear of what I was looking for before I signed his Eagle Application. It depends on his age, too...does he have time to show redemption before he turns 18?
  25. scoutldr

    Eagle Board of Review - Ethics

    The SM knew and approved. The Troop Committee did not and were blindsided by the information in the reference letter, which is how it came to light. Without that, I expect it would have been a routine EBOR.