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  1. I recently received an email from the HOA of a rental property that I own. It was announcing a "learn to swim" program in the HOA pool and the only ones eligible are "children on the free/reduced lunch program at school, OR minorities (whatever that means) of any age." The program is called the "Really Awesome People Swimming Program". Being a former Red Cross WSI and BSA Lifeguard Counselor, I wrote to the HOA manager expressing my belief that this is not "equitable", since I pay the same HOA dues as everyone else, and my strong belief that swimming is a valuable life skill that everyone s
  2. The OA should provide opportunities for Leadership, Fellowship and Service. That's the purpose, done right.
  3. In a Scout troop, everyone pulls his weight and does his/her share of the work. BP said, "Never do anything for a Scout that a Scout can do for himself." hat's the program. No, I don't think it should be changed.
  4. I think that you are missing the point that you are elected by your fellow Scouts. If the Scouts in the other troop don't know you, why should they vote for you? If you want to be in OA, I suggest you transfer to a troop that supports it. I do encourage OA membership...it was a great experience for me as a youth and adult.
  5. Just a suggestion...ditch the trailer and get back to basics.
  6. To answer your questions, no, that's not how it should work. ALL unit adults are selected and approved by the COR/Institutional Head. Nominees can self-nominate or the Troop Committee and/or current SM can suggest candidates. Parents who are not registered do not get a vote. This should all be covered in adult leader training, so there is no question. Some units impose term limits, but that's not in the "rules".
  7. Quoted from a Facebook group comment: "New Cub uniform from waist up has gone up 23% and handbook from 16.99 to 23.99. Pocket cards from .19 to 29. Belt loop from 1.49 to 1.99. 1819 items had a price increase in the cover of darkness overnight on Thursday. Councils notified at 7am in Friday."
  8. My camp had a siren that they could blast over the PA system with loudspeakers outside of the Dining Hall. Used primarily for "lost camper" drills, it could be heard throughout the camp, supplemented by walkie-talkies at each program area. When the siren sounded, ALL personnel would muster at the dining hall for roll call. I could see the same thing used for severe weather alerts. Have a clear procedure that every camper is made aware of.
  9. Things get really confusing when your camp is 50 miles from an Army post that routinely conducts artillery training.
  10. I think the term in vogue now is "virtue signalling."
  11. Anyone can wear blue jeans to an EBOR. I saw it all the time as the District Rep to EBORs. One of the board members, a troop committee member once showed up to an EBOR wearing a sweaty T-shirt, shorts and flip flops. He had just been cutting the grass. Is it "proper" or respectful? Nope. Did I say anything? Nope. Adults should be willing to set the example. Kids observe...and learn.
  12. While I hate to see any Council properties sold off, I would have questioned the propriety and legality of the plan to seek taxpayer dollars to purchase it.
  13. What is this "Safety Coalition" you speak of?
  14. I am old, and most of my Scouting was done prior to phones and video games. My 3 grandkids all have the latest iPhones in their hands...one is 10 and the other two are 6. So we buy the kids phones and games, then bemoan the fact that they won't put them down and do something else? I have quit asking when they will get involved in Scouts. They are just not interested in fitting character building into their daily agenda. Sorry...we have met the enemy and they is us.
  15. BSA social media guidelines (rules?) also prohibit using a Scout's full name ... yet it happens every day on the various Facebook groups that I frequent.
  16. I took it to mean the last 5 charter agreements for her particular unit.
  17. In one of the Facebook groups, a Scouter was looking for overseas pen pals for his/her scouts. I referred them to this Forum and mentioned @Cambridgeskip. Hope you don't mind.
  18. Now it's "just log into this ZOOM call and pretend to pay attention"....just like school.
  19. I am not a lawyer. However, I think it boils down to the fact that you do not have a current charter. You are NOT authorized to use BSA's name. Most if not all BSA materials are trademarked and copyrighted. And any advancement that occurs after 12/31/2021 will not be recognized and recorded by BSA. You are NOT covered by BSA insurance and, as you pointed out, a "broad release" form would be worthless. I would cancel everything until a new CO is found, or transfer to a unit in good standing. '
  20. My youngest Cub Scout turns 40 this weekend. How did that happen?
  21. I was in a 500 level Council. The last time I looked at the 990, maybe 10 years ago, there were only 2 employees listed over $50K. One was the SE at around $220K. The other was the Field Director.
  22. IMHO, this has always been a weakness in the MB program. I remember reading somewhere that the MBC should be considered an "expert by means of vocation or avocation", meaning (to me, anyway) that the Scout should get exposure to a field that he otherwise could not get. And don't get me started on "MB fairs" or "MB Universities". The purpose of the MB program has always been to get the Scout to take the initiative to call someone he does not know, set up an appointment, and meet independently (or with a buddy) with said "expert" to earn the badge. And to do all this OUTSIDE of the troop env
  23. Looks good if you have the trim, military physique to pull it off...most of my Scouter friends (myself included), do not.
  24. While I am sad to see these young people leave Scouting, I applaud their decision. Valuing friendships over the arbitrary and over-reaching rules of an organization means we have done our jobs. A Scout is Loyal.
  25. The postcards are a fundraiser, not their raison d'etre. The original purpose of NESA, as I recall, was to keep Eagle Scouts "connected" to the program and get them to continue to support Scouting at the Council level, both physically and financially. Over the years, there have been attempts to get a NESA "chapter" up and running in my Council with periodic breakfast and social meetings, but I don't think it ever went anywhere. The national organization also provides annual scholarships.
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