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    BSA Executive Salaries

    80% of high 3 is very generous in today's environment. I retired a year ago after 32 years in the federal government. I get 1.1% of high 3 average x years of service. And from that comes $571 per month for health insurance, and federal and state income tax. We also have a 401K with a match of the first 5% of contributions, which did very well for me. Congress is currently attacking the federal retirement system to require the calculation be based in "high 5" average, plus elimination of COLA for current and future retirees.
  2. scoutldr

    Increasing adult participation

    Thanks for the clarification, Parkman. It sounds to me like things are not that far off kilter. One suggestion I would make is when the PLC has their annual planning meeting, they identify adult support for each event at that time...not wait until time for the event to wonder who will step up. This gives the adults time to plan their own calendar, as well. If no adults roger up when the event is proposed, then it comes off the schedule and you do something else. When the SPL presents his annual plan to the Troop Committee, he has a name attached to each event of someone who has agreed. The SM confirms the names with his cadre of 35 ASMs.
  3. scoutldr

    Increasing adult participation

    35 registered adults and you can't get them to show up at events? Why are they registered? I agree with sst above...the SM's primary function is to train and mentor the SPL, who runs the troop. ASMs can provide support by mentoring the other youth leaders. The Committee handles the "logistics" of the troop...recordkeeping, fundraising, Boards of Review, advancement tracking, and representation at the District Committee. They do not "supervise" the SM ... they support the program that he puts into action. Sounds like a lack of training all around if there is basic confusion as to roles and responsibilities.
  4. The end of the human race will come, not from cancer or weapons or war, but from insects and drug-resistant microbes. On the battlefield, more die from disease and non-battle injuries (DNBI) than from hostile enemy action.
  5. scoutldr

    Parent on Registered Sexual Offender list

    Your CO has ultimate control over who is approved to be members of your unit, even if BSA allows them. I agree, if the CC (wife) is lying about the guy's conviction, then say goodbye to the family and wish them well. A Scout is Trustworthy.
  6. <but he reads from a copy of the 1911 version, the boys find some of the original sections very humorous> They would especially enjoy the paragraph on "Continence" in Chapter 19.
  7. scoutldr

    New member with issue

    If your child has been bullied, it is a direct violation of BSA Youth Protection policies, and should be reported immediately to the Council Scout Executive directly. Call the Council Office and use the code words, "I need to speak immediately to the Scout Executive about a Youth Protection matter." Do NOT deal with the Pack Committee, the Commissioners, or the District. This will get their attention, believe me. I take it from your posts that you are a registered Leader? If so, you have no doubt taken the online BSA Youth Protection training, which is required of all adult volunteers. Bullying a child is NEVER acceptable in the Scouting program, especially by an adult. If you get no satisfaction from the BSA, you always have the option of contacting your local Child Protective Services.
  8. scoutldr

    I need advice!

    This is not a new dilemma. When I was 16 (the legal age to be employed) in 1970, I worked at the mall in a shoe store. I made more on a Saturday than I would have been paid for a week of 18 hour days at camp. While I loved Scouting, it was a no brainer. I had to have money for gas and saving for college.
  9. scoutldr

    can a CO change the rules? if so, how far?

    Unfortunately, most CO's do not understand this, either, in my experience. I think if it were explained to them in no uncertain terms, many would opt out for liability reasons.
  10. scoutldr

    CSE Letter on GSUSA Infringements

    So, we can't say "Girl Scout"???
  11. scoutldr

    Louisiana funds improvements to BSA camp not GUSA

    Good question. But then, I don't think it is the function of Government to be funding private organizations with taxpayer dollars. I agree with Rep. DeVillier.
  12. Parents who want to shield their children from any failure or negative impact on their feelings.
  13. scoutldr

    Chartered Organization not a Legal Entity?

    I think the head of your PTO is wise to be asking those questions. Sounds like a legitimate concern, since one of the main reasons for the BSA's business model is the transfer of liability away from the BSA. A BSA charter in effect just allows chartering organizations permission to use BSA program materials in the operation of the CO's youth program. And from previous discussions over the years on this forum, the BSA has been discouraging the use of "Friends of Scouting" type shill CO's. Notify your DE to find you a new CO, then wait it out. DEs do NOT want to lose units...it's one of their primary job performance metrics and he/she will have to form two new units to make up for it.
  14. scoutldr

    Chartered Organization not a Legal Entity?

    This is really a matter for your Council professional staff (DE/SE) to sort out. The Charter Agreement is a contract between the PTO and the BSA local Council. If the PTO feels it needs to withdraw from the agreement, this is not for you to moderate. Contact your DE immediately and tell him/her that they are about to lose a Unit and they need to sort it out or find you another CO. Another question...is the school district a Government agency? In my area, public schools are a division of the local city government, and they do NOT sponsor scout troops, or any other group that is not a part of the school curriculum. There is also the issue that all government agencies are required by law to operate on a non-discrimination basis and their activities must be open to all.
  15. scoutldr

    Stepping aside

    Sounds like stepping back was YOUR choice...do what your heart tells you. I have seen many parents (myself included), stay active after their sons left or aged out. My own sons were in their 30s before I "retired"...I was having too much fun and treasured my adult friends and "time in the woods".
  16. scoutldr

    You CAN Take it with you . . .

    Crust/cardboard on a frozen pizza...it tastes all the same.
  17. scoutldr

    Committee Members for BORs

    Not sure why you need 20 people on the Committee, but that's a different discussion. I agree with you...BOR should be rotated amongst all the committee members, so that all get experience. With that many members, there should never be a delay in getting a scout a BOR when he needs one...you could even have several going at the same time.
  18. scoutldr

    End of Year w/out Rank complete

    Why not just pass out Eagle medals at their last Blue and Gold and save everyone a lot of time and money? The boys will appreciate all the time it frees up for video games and they've met the goal of getting a college resume entry without having to deal with dirt and bugs.
  19. scoutldr

    New member

    Welcome...it's always interesting to hear about Scouting in other countries!
  20. scoutldr

    Parents as MBCs

    I'm ok with it (and so is BSA) as long as Mom is a registered MBC with the Council and is an "expert" in the field being counselled. She must also have YPT training. Same rules as for anyone else.
  21. scoutldr

    Scouting ties in the Trump Administration

    It was the FBI's own internal affairs division, the "Office of Professional Responsibility" which investigated McCabe and recommended he be terminated, same as any other agent accused of the same crimes. A 27-year veteran agent was interviewed on TV and he stated that "Lack of candor" is the one thing that can result in a sure termination of employment and that is drilled into every agent from their first day at the FBI Academy. Whatever you do, don't lie...always tell the truth and take your lumps and you will probably keep your job. If you are found guilty of "lack of candor", then every case you've ever been involved in or testimony in court you made under oath, then comes into question and convictions can be overturned. The fact that he was days away from a pension is irrelevant. It was not Trump's fault...it was not Session's fault...it was FBI policy. BTW, these were the same charges that lost Flynn his job and landed Martha Stewart in prison.
  22. One of the methods of Scouting and the MB program is "adult association"...the SCOUT is expected to take the initiative to contact an adult he may not know, who is supposed to be an "expert" in the field by vocation or avocation (not just Billy's mom), set an appointment and meet with the MBC to complete the requirements. MB fairs or "getting it done in the troop" circumvents that and shortchanges the Scout of a valuable life lesson. MB were never meant to be a troop activity during meetings. Too much spoon-feeding led us to where we are to day with today's youth.
  23. scoutldr

    Scouting ties in the Trump Administration

    Price should have known better than to ring up a private Lear jet every time he wanted to go somewhere. Tillerson had been a CEO too long and had apparently forgotten the most basic tenet of leadership...first be a good follower.
  24. scoutldr

    Advice on Treasury Related Conflict

    First of all, thank you for stepping up to serve the youth. What I see missing here is TRAINING. Everyone needs to get Basic and Position Specific training for their respective positions ASAP. The Pack Committee (including Treasurer) works for the Committee Chair (CC). The Cubmaster ("Pack Master") recruits and leads the efforts of the Den Leaders. Everyone serves at the pleasure of the Chartered Organization (CO), normally delegated to the Chartered Organization Representative (COR). While this incident may not itself be a "big deal", a set of groundrules needs to be put in place as to how the Pack funds are approved and expended. No DL should be expending Pack funds without pre-approval, or set an amount that can be reimbursed without pre-approval. The fact that she held a $700 fundraiser (without approval?) is a separate issue. All unit fundraising efforts require the pre-approval of council and your CO via the Unit Fundraising application form. It is, after all the CO's funds.
  25. Zuse describes the BSA program (LDS or not) as I always understood it should work. Thanks for upholding standards!