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  1. He wasn't just a few hours or days short of the requirement...he was TWO MONTHS short. He and everyone else knew this at his Life BOR and it should have been a topic of major discussion at that time. Sorry...the requirements were not met.
  2. scoutldr

    Would you say anything

    I don't care how many knots and doo-dads he has on his uniform. He's not "getting it". He needs to go.
  3. scoutldr

    New Kayak and Boating Requirements?

    Don't know when you made Eagle, but yes, times are different. We did a LOT of things back in the 60s and 70s without proper training that would make today's BSA lawyers apoplectic. The rules are there for a reason...to prevent kids from dying and to prevent you from losing all your worldly goods in a lawsuit. Your attitude scares me. Please get training and memorize the latest copy of the Guide to Safe Scouting (free online). It's for your own good, mate.
  4. scoutldr

    New Kayak and Boating Requirements?

    If you don't have current training in Safety Afloat and Safe Swim Defense (and preferably BSA Lifeguard), and don't know what you are doing, choose a different activity. Heed the above advice. Welcome to the discussions.
  5. scoutldr

    Would you say anything

    His treatment of the youth is clearly bullying. A clear Youth Protection violation. Report it as such. go directly to the Scout Executive...do not deal with the troop leadership any longer, since they are clearly incapable/unwilling to handle it. This man obviously has anger issues and needs to be removed from Scouting...permanently.
  6. scoutldr

    Denied a court of honor.

    Then we're done here. Good luck and God bless.
  7. scoutldr

    Denied a court of honor.

    I have sat on many EBOR, both in my own Troop and as the District rep for many other troops. I agree, this EBOR was flawed. Once the Board deliberates, the vote MUST be unanimous. If the EBOR denies the Eagle, it can be appealed to the District Advancement committee. And in my experience, it is a rubber stamp approval at that level. If the committee member had "reservations" about the Scout's worthiness, the time to abstain was when he was asked to be on the Board. That being said, the EBOR is a done deal. The District, Council and National have upheld the decision and the Scout has his certificate and medal in hand. He IS an Eagle Scout. Welcome to the Brotherhood of Eagles. The OP has been offered sound advice...echoed many times in this thread. Give it up...have your own ceremony, celebrate your Son's accomplishment with family and friends and move on with your life. Pray for those who have "wronged'" you, forgive them and give it to God to sort out.
  8. scoutldr

    The need for personal liability insurance

    I have been carrying an umbrella liability policy for almost 30 years. I don't know what BSA would do, but my assumption is their lawyers would do all in their power to find some infraction of BSA policy (or even BSA recommendations) to shed the liability to someone else. My insurance company's lawyers would probably be doing the same to avoid paying the claim. It's what insurance company lawyers are paid to do. Call me paranoid...but I have been able to sleep at night. It's relatively cheap insurance.
  9. scoutldr

    Denied a court of honor.

    Well the final hole is: If you reported the YP violation to Council, and got no results, WHY did you keep subjecting your son (and yourself) to the bully for years? Tell the SM...and the SE in a firm letter exactly why you are leaving and find a new Troop that follows the Scout Oath, Law and YP requirements. I dunno...something doesn't smell right.
  10. scoutldr

    Denied a court of honor.

    OK, I have to say this. You say you were a volunteer in Cub Scouts for 7 years. Thank you for serving. No doubt you took the required Youth Protection training which addresses the BSA's zero tolerance policy on bullying. You also assert that your son was constantly bullied by adults in his Troop the entire time he was a member. Did YOU report this to the Scout Executive as required by the YP requirements? If not, why not? The BSA has procedures in place for handling bullies and it should have been nipped in the bud. I'm not trying to cast accusations...just trying to close some holes in your saga that are gnawing at me.
  11. scoutldr

    Denied a court of honor.

    The Scout is an Eagle...the EBOR was convened and he passed. His application was approved by the SM, the Troop Committee Chair, District, Council and National and he has his certificate and medal in hand. All this pontificating about a "valid" EBOR is moot. The only remaining question is why the jerks on the Troop Committee and SM are denying him a Court of Honor.
  12. scoutldr

    Denied a court of honor.

    There are too many unexplained incongruences going on here. And I perceive a terminology problem. I suspect that when mich first said "council" they meant "troop committee". A COH should never be denied for "financial or time constraints"...have a potluck...spend a few bucks for paper plates. Our COH's were always conducted at NO expense to the troop. And what troop is so active that they can't carve out an hour for a COH? The allegation of "discrimination" still bothers me, while offering no reason for that perception. Is the Scout gay? Black? Muslim? Purple? Avowed atheist? None of those are valid reasons for denying a Scout anything after his Eagle rank has been approved by National. Were there behavior (Scout Spirit" issues? If so, then the Eagle SM Conference should have addressed that. Too many questions. And, as usual, we are only getting one side of the story. At this point, my recommendation would be to have your ECOH...plan it yourselves and invite who you want. THere are plenty of "templates" for ECOH online. Have your celebration and get on with your lives. Yes, you and your son deserve an explanation, but I doubt you will get it.
  13. scoutldr

    New den leader

    Wear the knots proudly!
  14. scoutldr

    Sea Scouts

    My dad was a WWII submarine veteran. I learned from a very early age that submarines are "boats"...everything else is a "target".
  15. scoutldr

    Looking for some insight

    One aspect I am still not clear on. At camps I have attended, "visitors" (even parents) who are not registered campers, must check in at the camp "office" and show ID, then get a wristband to show that they have been admitted. They cannot (or should not) be able to just park their car and then go wandering around looking for their kid. If this procedure was not followed, I would consider that a YP issue and needs to be corrected. It is also unclear to me if the Scout was part of a troop attending camp, or was a "provisional" camper? One cannot just show up at camp and pay your money on the first day. Was he not registered in advance, at which point the custody issue should have been clearly identified on the application?
  16. scoutldr

    Looking for some insight

    Sorry, but we will have to agree to disagree. Your court order does not bind ME to do anything as a volunteer, other than possibly to report a YP issue to the Scout Executive. IN hindsight, perhaps the dad should have had this discussion with the SE prior to camp so the SE could have a contingency plan in place.
  17. scoutldr

    Looking for some insight

    I will be blunt...I don't think this is the Camp staff's problem. As volunteers, we are not privy to custodial orders, nor are we in a position to enforce them. This is something you need to work out with the boy's mother and the Court. Perhaps a restraining order is called for.
  18. scoutldr

    Denied a court of honor.

    I agree with @quazse. A CoH is a troop function, however, the Scout and his parents "design" the type of ceremony they want, coordinate with the troop as to cost, etc, and who will be invited. I also agree with the above, not enough info for us to draw conclusions...what is the "rest of the story"? You allege discrimination...on what basis do you suspect this? If all else fails, you can contact your District Advancement Committee, and coordinate the CoH with them, requesting a representative from Council to make the presentation, be a speaker, etc. Not sure about having a "right" to a CoH, however, I can see no reason not to have one if that's what the Scout wants. The Troop's membership may participate, or not, as they wish, for whatever reason.
  19. scoutldr

    Louisville (KY) - Explorer Post Abuse Scandal

    The ages for Exploring used to be 14-20...has that changed?
  20. scoutldr

    Is this the new normal?

    Interesting reading, RichardB. As a 40-year OSH professional myself (CIH and former Director of the ABIH), I understand the need for rules and clarity in writing them. Unfortunately, the BSA is not always good at stating what they mean, and materials are often not cross-walked for consistency. But even for me, the rule against using wheelbarrows and electric screwdrivers is hard to justify. And I have always assumed that the prohibition of laser-tag was based not on the "hazards" of the activity, but on the optics of Scouts acting out "war" and "shooting" of other human beings. As kids, most of us boys played "Army" and "Cowboys and Indians" using toy guns and dramatic theatrics of killing and being killed. Such activities are no longer politically correct and thus prohibited. But don't cloak the prohibition as some sort of safety issue. And I do take exception with the implication that these rules now apply to "non-scouting" activities. Just because I carry a BSA membership card in my wallet, doesn't mean I or my sons am bound by the G2SS while "off the clock". If that is not what BSA intended, then let's refer back to the clarity issue mentioned above. In reading the CDC incident report, it is evident that the cannon used was not designed or manufactured to be fired, but as a decorative piece. Someone modified it by boring the barrel an drilling a touch-hole, with predictable fatal results. Hopefully, this was an isolated incident, but I understand the need for the rule. As far as clarity is concerned, perhaps BSA could follow the style of OSHA in writing rules..."Should" means it's prudent and recommended..."Shall" means mandatory. And God help the leader who chooses not to follow a "Should" and something bad happens. All that being said, I recognize the tough job you have and appreciate your efforts. Along with increasing tendency to litigate over the slightest injury and refusal to recognize that zero-risk is unattainable, and the concomitant decrease in common sense amongst the younger generations, it's a tough job.
  21. scoutldr

    New and comprehensive Family scouting FAQs issued:

    Well said, Mate. I don't consider my International friends as "interlopers"...we are all Brothers (and now Sisters) in the great Movement called Scouting. I was around when much the same discussions were held regarding racial integration. We survived. I was also around when females could hold no role except Den Mother. We survived the change and are stronger for it, in my opinion. And, more recently, we weathered the storm regarding LGBTQ membership. I foresee the day when we accept Atheists as well, to provide them with the same love, guidance and growth experiences that we provide other youth. After all, isn't that what the Bible has commanded us?
  22. scoutldr

    The need for personal liability insurance

    They would have a hard time proving it happened in the Scouting environment.
  23. scoutldr

    McDonough, GA gunfire reported at Cub Scout campout

    They could tell it was an AR-15 from the sound? Impressive.
  24. scoutldr

    COs without meeting space

    Not to be a party pooper, but when your CO signed the charter agreement with the Council, they agreed to the following: "Ensure appropriate facilities for the unit for its regular meetings to facilitate the aims of the Chartered Organization and Scouting." SO, my read, is, if they are not providing appropriate meeting space, they have breached their contract. Something your DE should have ascertained before entering into the contract. But I guess we need to meet those goals, one way or the other.
  25. scoutldr

    BSA Museum at Philmont Scout Ranch

    I visited the museum in Irving, only because I was attending a work conference in Dallas. Checked it off the bucket list. If it were anywhere else, I would not make a special trip. The coolest part was the Rockwell collection.