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  1. I'm remotely related to Aaron Burr. Every once in a while I get a strange urge to make a pinhole in twenty dollar bills. . . UG
  2. I''ve been in the dark so long. . . chorus of "how long has it been?" . . .that I''m starting to like it. DS
  3. Come on in and join Hopper, Ak and I. There's a spare log for you! DS
  4. It's 9:55 PM Eastern time. I'll be in for one hour or so. Come on in, I'd love to not see you! I mean, I'd love to chat with you. Dave
  5. I hear uncleguinea is in the chatroom. Or maybe I am... In any case, come on in and say hello! DS
  6. Hops and I are in the chat room. Come on in if you're of a mind. Haul up a cyberlog and pour a cup of coffee. Stop in and say howdy! It's at http://groups.msn.com/boyscouts/chatroom.msnw We hope to see you there. It's 10:20 PM eastern standard time. Dave
  7. I hear deer tackling is an excellent sport! DS
  8. FWIW = For What Its Worth. Can I go back to sleep now? DS
  9. Its just a jump to the left . . . Then a step to the right . . . Put your hands on your hips . . . And bring your knees in tight. Let's to the Time Warp Again! Unc.
  10. What I would really like are step-by-step instructions on binding my own book in hardcover. That way I can give a very personal first edition to my wife for Christmas. After that, it's up to the book and a future publisher. Does anyone have an idea for a link where I could get instructions on binding a book? I haven't had much luck in my search, and will have to "fake it." Merry Christmas to all. Unc.
  11. Congratulations. Thank you all for your service. Unk.
  12. Eamonn: I'm sorry, my friend. I must have missed seeing the soap box in your post. All I saw was good sense. If there is a soap box under your feet, would you mind sharing it with me? Unc.
  13. Steve Austin? Wasn't he the six million dollar man? Uh-oh. I think I just dated myself. Unc.
  14. Come on in. I'm looking for one more chat before I hit theroad for a while. Unc.
  15. Anybody looking to chat? I'll be around for a while and hopefully you'll come in an say Hi. http://www.msnusers.com/boyscouts/chatroom.msnw If you're new to chat, or new to msn, you'll need to create a username and password for yourself. Come on in! Unc.
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