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  1. famous political relatives

    I'm remotely related to Aaron Burr. Every once in a while I get a strange urge to make a pinhole in twenty dollar bills. . . UG
  2. I''ve been in the dark so long. . . chorus of "how long has it been?" . . .that I''m starting to like it. DS
  3. Chat room campfire is lit!

    Come on in and join Hopper, Ak and I. There's a spare log for you! DS
  4. Chat room campfire is lit!

    It's 9:55 PM Eastern time. I'll be in for one hour or so. Come on in, I'd love to not see you! I mean, I'd love to chat with you. Dave
  5. Chat room campfire is lit!

    I hear uncleguinea is in the chatroom. Or maybe I am... In any case, come on in and say hello! DS
  6. Hops and I are in the chat room. Come on in if you're of a mind. Haul up a cyberlog and pour a cup of coffee. Stop in and say howdy! It's at http://groups.msn.com/boyscouts/chatroom.msnw We hope to see you there. It's 10:20 PM eastern standard time. Dave
  7. Don't Mess With Mom!

    I hear deer tackling is an excellent sport! DS
  8. FWIW = For What Its Worth. Can I go back to sleep now? DS
  9. Back to the Future

    Its just a jump to the left . . . Then a step to the right . . . Put your hands on your hips . . . And bring your knees in tight. Let's to the Time Warp Again! Unc.
  10. And So This Is Christmas....

    What I would really like are step-by-step instructions on binding my own book in hardcover. That way I can give a very personal first edition to my wife for Christmas. After that, it's up to the book and a future publisher. Does anyone have an idea for a link where I could get instructions on binding a book? I haven't had much luck in my search, and will have to "fake it." Merry Christmas to all. Unc.
  11. Special Congrats to one of our own

    Congratulations. Thank you all for your service. Unk.
  12. Forced to buy popcorn

    Eamonn: I'm sorry, my friend. I must have missed seeing the soap box in your post. All I saw was good sense. If there is a soap box under your feet, would you mind sharing it with me? Unc.
  13. Most Influential Americans

    Steve Austin? Wasn't he the six million dollar man? Uh-oh. I think I just dated myself. Unc.
  14. Chat room is lit!

    Come on in. I'm looking for one more chat before I hit theroad for a while. Unc.
  15. Chat room is lit!

    Anybody looking to chat? I'll be around for a while and hopefully you'll come in an say Hi. http://www.msnusers.com/boyscouts/chatroom.msnw If you're new to chat, or new to msn, you'll need to create a username and password for yourself. Come on in! Unc.