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  1. The biggest questions shoul dbe what is going to happen to the one and only palmetto fort in the US. it appears that this will be effected as well.........
  2. IOWLS is not a "required" course to be a Trained Webelos Leader. It is a supplemental course for those that want to know the safety concerns of camping with Webelos as they progress towards Boy Scouts. Now the only time that this should become a concern is when the Leader fills out the Progress Record for his or her Webelos Leader Knot. Than and only than does IOWLS become a required course. It states on the Progress record that this course is required to earn this award. With all that stated, please take the course, if only for your own enjoyment of going camping and paling a
  3. Hey Lazar Take this off line and give me a call or email. scott
  4. struax

    Cub Scouts 2010

    I actually am a fan of this new ad"venture". I guess it does come from parents wanting to drop their child off to baby sit..... but what they get in reality is a lesson in how to grow up with the values we so dearly hold being Scouters. Now that is due to leadership of the Den Leader/Cubmaster This type of program change will help bring cohesion to the boys as a Den and subsequently as a Pack. The Den Meetings and Pack meetings will have to be more like what most of us may remember as Pack meetings and Den meetings. A group of boys getting together to have fun and do fun stuff, all
  5. I have to tell ya I am in the same kind of boat.... this will be my first year to staff and even though i am in the area the 2 weeks is a big chunk of time.....means i dont get to do other trips with the family but to be honest.. this being the 100 year and all i think this will have an impact that will stay with me for awhile...and yes spouse support and family support are essential and they are starting to warm up to the idea.. Scott
  6. All i can say is that i really enjoyed holding the POR of Bugler, missing notes was part of the game and being annoying to those that didnt want to wake up made it fun as well.. Scott
  7. Prayers to and for All.........
  8. So what are the requirements..... if you have already taken the LNT Trainer course is that all you need..... Scott
  9. ScoutNet or No A Scout is HONEST.........
  10. John i cant agree with you more, the boys love bling..... I have 6 of my 8 boys getting their award this weekend at the last event (Resident Camp) of the summer. Where i wanted the question to go though is, do you count the summer before the (grade) rank or after the (grade) rank as the summer for the award..... hope this helps scott
  11. My question on this is more in line of rank...... We have a debate going on here i will try to explain..... in the 2nd grade my den went through their wolf year in June they got out of school (and are ready for 3rd grade and can work on their Bear requirements), now if we have 3 events throughout the summer do these events count toward the Bear year or the Wolf year...... THanks scott
  12. My Wolf Den used the Denner system last year and we will continue this year, it is great for the boys, some of them actually accept the minimal responsibility that is put on them and that helps. That and the love the fact that they get to put another thign on their uniform. After they have been a Denner for a month I collect the Denner cord and give them just the yellow eppiulet (sp). they love that and remind me all the time that it is a really cool thing to have on their uniform. We (Co-Den Leader and I) decided that elections were to populatrity contestish so we look to each other a
  13. Heres one that is pretty funny, look to the General Information page of the Fast Tracks and look on the last page for the "Key Items for the Den Ledaers", you will see in very plan english Cub Scout Program Helps, No.34304. As a Den Leader I can see the value of the Fast tracks, but I also look strongly toward the Program Helps and if they are going by the way side that is really going to put a crimp in the planning and scheduling of our fun in my Den. But as a planning tool, there are several documents that are used for my den one of them being the Fast tracks, I find them convien
  14. Ours was a nice presentation that was done at the Council Cub Scout Jamboree. The boys seemed interested, the painting is very nice i as well wish i had had the money to get a print, but did get a patch for me and my son.
  15. Guys, Thanks for the input, maybe we should have something documented by LNT or BSA that will allow for devices on the LNT Awareness patch for Cubs.......... Also being a Trainer I would consider just about anything to give to the boys for them doing these additional requiremetns for LNT. I was just wondering what other people do if their boys do the additional requirements. Both ideas are very intreging the card idea fits as the boys get older they can collect the hang cards and have the full set by the time they are first year Boy Scouts.....the rocker idea is great as well but
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