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  1. Hi fellow Scouting friends.... I'm hoping this network of Scout folks can help me with an issue. I'm looking for a youth program that promotes patriotism, heritage, & citizenship. The former Youth Patriotism Awards program was perfect for this and covered all of the kids I'm working with (not just scouts)........... but that program had to close unfortunately ( http://www.youthpatriotism.org/index.html ) Many moons ago we did the United States Heritage Award through Nations Trails ... but I've seen negative reports about them. Has anyone done the program in the last year o
  2. Hello fellow Scouters!! I am in need of a design - preferably a full plan - for a crossover bridge .... but I have some specific issues that are hindering me finding something easily on the internet 1. The bridge has to fold up or disassemble easily for compact storage. We are really limited on storage space. Our group wants a big bridge for ceremonies (small ones are "lame") - so being able to break down for storage is key. 2. It needs to be wheelchair accessible - yes, we could "carry" the member over, but trying to promote independence like they prefer - so something that c
  3. Its been my experience that kids - not just boys - have a lot more fun when learning isn't structured. I know the herd I currently work with would much rather be outside where they can be loud, run loose, & get muddy even if they are doing physical work (like breaking down summer camp). They would pick that weekend of hard work over an afternoon inside - even if it was a fun based chemistry lab.
  4. My son went twice and had amazing fun both times. Even with the looooooong walks and heat. If you ask him, High Adventure camp was better - but Jambo was worth attending. The Scouts sleep in tents. Tents and some other basic gear are provided. Troops are assigned to subcamps which are like neighborhoods. Its really quite amazing to see. All of the activities are right there on the Summit property. Every merit badge you can think of and so much more! So yes, I guess it is like a giant summer camp. But its more than that too. Your local council will go over all of the equipmen
  5. I'm another who recommends waiting. Consider the rank requirement for one. Plus there is a lot.. and I do mean a LOT of walking, walking, and more walking. What a 15 year old can manage, an 11 year old may struggle with. And don't forget the cost. Jamboree is not cheap - even the volunteers have to shell out over $800 just to be there and work!. Outfitting with multiple uniforms, travel, matching bags, and event registration costs all add up. I recommend starting a special savings account asap with the funds bookmarked for Jambo in the future. One other thing that may - or may not - be
  6. Yep, I see this going nowhere in my locality. Especially not at the cost. Kids can take STEM stuff at school, through after school programs, clubs, at local businesses and about 30 other sources. This would just be one more in that mess. Now, offer program where they can have adventures and go places without their helicopter parents... we get tons of interest in that.
  7. I keep hearing this STEM scout thing being brought up.... I've seen it in discussions all over the place including here. Does anyone have any solid information about this? Is it a BSA program or yet another split off concept? Is the program really up and running or is this one of those concept ideas that isn't quite flying yet? I ask out of curiosity only. My kids would run screaming into the woods if I tried to sign them up for something so obviously academic. Please share any links, resources, or personal experience... thanks
  8. I'm all for promoting education - in a WELL BALANCED mix of fields... But I'll tell ya what - they have STEMed and STEAMed the kids so much over the past few years that most of the ones I know are sick to death of it. If an event even mentions STEM their interest plummets. A recent fun class on model rockets has a lot of interest .... that is until the flyer came out proclaiming the STEM focus. Wound up having 1 (out of 30) kids decide to go.
  9. 5) After #1 and #3 above, the previous activities, Clean up and put away all utensils and clean up all cooking and prep areas such that your grandmother would approve. Acquire her signature on an affidavit attesting to such. If a personal grandmother is not available, anyone's grandmother may be substituted for this requirement. Can we get this one or a version there-of attached to some of the other badges as well... LOL.... clean up, or the lack of has always been an issue with everything from tents, to cookware, and their own person. Nothing like a full week of sweaty unwa
  10. I do not believe that you can be concurrent except possibly as a leader. Its been many years - but I my son had a similar issue. He was one of the oldest in his grade level and beyond ready to transition to Boy Scouts by that second year of Webelos. What we opted for is letting him finish his Arrow of Light requirements (which took about 1 month into the school year) and then having him cross over to a BSA troop. The leader for the Boy Scout troop had him come to a couple of the meetings during that month so he could get to know the other boys. (he had also visited previously with t
  11. I'm looking for an alternate fun-patch idea that Daisy scouts can work on since they don't have an official badge for the Art in the Outdoors series. This is for an event where older scouts will do some of the things for the new badges. We don't want the little ones to feel left out. Anyone have patch suggestions? Program ideas? Links to existing outdoorsy craftsy artsy stuff that would be appropriate for the age group?
  12. I'm looking for resouces to find gently used GS uniforms. All levels, but especially the younger ones. I've found great resources for Boy scouting uniforms... but I'm not having much luck with the GS stuff. I'm trying to help more kids be able to wear the uniforms. Any suggestions for where to find them would be appreciated. Thanks!
  13. Okay, I don't have the rules to quote. But just a note of personal experience. My son joined a Venture crew and completely dropped out of the Troop he had been part of. There were many reasons, the biggest being he simply did not have time for both. Anway - under the rank guidelines (have to be at least 1st class), he had no problem completing the requirements to get his Eagle scout completely through the Venture crew. All of his BOR's and such were conducted within the Crew. The lead Crew Advisor did the SM conferece and the award was given by the Crew. I don't see why
  14. Subcamp 711 - The people are from western Alaska. from the official BSA Jambo website www.bsajamboree.org Prayers and Sympathies Offered to Scout Leaders' Families and Friends Four BSA leaders died in an electrical accident at Fort A.P. Hill between 4:30 and 5 p.m. today while setting up camp. Two other individuals were also injured in the accident. One is a Boy Scout leader and one is a contract worker. Both are in stable condition. Our prayers and sympathies are with the families of each of the victims. It is a tragic loss that is shared by everyone in the BSA. Counselors a
  15. More specifically it was subcamp 711. http://www.bsajamboree.org Prayers and Sympathies Offered to Scout Leaders' Families and Friends Four BSA leaders died in an electrical accident at Fort A.P. Hill between 4:30 and 5 p.m. today while setting up camp. Two other individuals were also injured in the accident. One is a Boy Scout leader and one is a contract worker. Both are in stable condition. Our prayers and sympathies are with the families of each of the victims. It is a tragic loss that is shared by everyone in the BSA. Counselors and chaplains are at the jamboree and availa
  16. Not much on the details, but apparently we lost 2 adult scouters this Monday morning to heat. And then tragically this Monday afternoon 4 troop leaders were killed instantly when the metal pole they were erecting hit a power line. What a horrid way to start the week. Please pray for the families and for the boys.
  17. Ditto to what Boleta said. We've welcomed 3 or 4 members back into the brotherhood this year. Just asked that they pay the current dues. They've all been gung-ho and super helpful all year. And its been great hearing how things worked in the lodges they're from originally.
  18. I need some help finding scouting related quotes that would be appropriate for use in remembrance of a very active scouter who passed suddenly. Any thoughts?
  19. The email for Brian seems to have made it onto the post this time. Hopefully it stays He is the program director for Wilderness Voyage and has been very helpful with info and fast to respond to emails. Hope it helps.
  20. Hi again.. Okay, I PM'd you the info you were looking for. Let me know if it doesn't come through. Also, I'm going to try posting the email for Brian Seeton again - ignore the spaces - type it out as one long word.. BSeeton @ aol.com BSeeton@aol.com
  21. For info on Wilderness Voyage contact Brian Seeton OA Wilderness Voyage Director He's pretty quick about responding. This page http://www.ntier.org/nortier.html is about the NT camp - not just OA, but it does have an actual phone number.
  22. Definately a good idea! The kids will brighten someones day just by sending a little note or picture. Need someone to adopt? Try this site: http://www.operationmilitarysupport.com/
  23. Yes, they can. As long as they fulfil the requirements. I know I just read that in a training packet I got... and I think it was also in sons Venturing handbook. I'll do some checking and see if I can find you the exact reference.
  24. Okay... Been there done that with all kinds of patches. And with fun results. One patrol used the typical markers mentioned before to draw their design. Worked fine and was certainly unique! Another time we painted on the design. Used acrylic craft paints from good ol walmart. Those worked fine too. I was surpised they held up in the wash - but they did. We also have gone the route of the iron-on thing. A design was found (cool funny frog) and done up on the computer. A bit of experimenting got it to the right size. We printed the correct size and ironed onto the bl
  25. Just a reminder.. That old classic "Follow Me Boys" is finally being released on DVD. Release date is Feb 3rd but you can pre-order now at a variety of places online. I pre-ordered my copy from Barnes and Noble and got free shipping when I also ordered a book I was after ($25 purchase=free ship)
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