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  1. I think what has happened to this once great organization is now irreversible and will eventually lead to the demise of this once great organization.
  2. If a Scout shows up for a BOR in flip flops and shorts and a tank top, he can! You can't refuse to hold a BOR or stop a BOR or cancel a BOR because the Scout isn't in uniform. Wearing his uniform to a BOR isn't required! Heck, you don't even have to own a uniform to be a member of the BSA!
  3. Let's see.....this guy admits to a felony conviction for violent behavior ....... doesn't participate much ...... I'd say no and there is no need to accept his application.(This message has been edited by evmori)
  4. What is your position in the unit 5yearscouter? A parent guide is a good thing but should not be part of the bylaws. Constitution? For what purpose? Bylaws should be no more than when meetings are, what dues are, etc. that kind of stuff! Other than that, the Oath and Law should suffice. Who is "they"?
  5. BadenP & Eagle92, You are talking about kids 14 & older. That's not Cubs.
  6. Adding girls WILL change the program. Boys don't act the same with girls in the mix as they do when it's just boys. And the same goes for girls. I will drop if the BSA goes coed and I would bet so would a lot of others.
  7. Cub Scouts is part of Boy Scouts. For boys. Not a bad thing! Girl Scouts is for girls. Not a bad thing. Yes life is coed. So what?
  8. I'm with Eamonn regarding the cell phone thing. And isn't the real issue here the potty mouth girl?
  9. Which way to the beach?
  10. Are we sure we are still here? Maybe we are there? Or there? Or even there? But here? Hmmm.......................................
  11. How do you address the mom issue? Well, don't sign her up come recharter time!
  12. Is she gonna eat with that mouth? If that happened in my unit, the Scout would be in the parking lot waiting for a ride home. There is no call for that type of language!
  13. Gotta applaud your council with following the procedure! Most don't. They place the burden on the Scout or the unit to get letters when they are not required then they hold up EBOR's because they don't have them. Also not the wording The council advancement committee or its designee contacts the references on the Eagle Scout Rank Application, either by letter, form, or telephone checklist. (The council determines the method or methods to be used.) Nowhere does it state anyone, INCLUDING the Scout, contact any of the references by any method.
  14. No rule against it but I don't think it's a good idea. Too much control.
  15. You make an excellent point about lack of outdoor skills in leaders, BadenP. It's a forgotten art! Everything being taught now are management and youth protection skills! My favorite part of the basic training I took as a leader was when outdoor skills were taught! Heck, if I wanted management course I woulda signed up with Dale Carnegie!
  16. These are the kind of leaders you don't recharter.
  17. he one thing I definitely do not want to do is attribute words to you when they are not justified. When you say "taken into account come advancement time", you are not saying you would withhold based solely on this issue, would you? Like all things, whether we agree or disagree on this specific issue, even the best young men are a work in progress. Heck, most adults too. If this is the sole issue, I wouldn't withhold advancement.
  18. Create a Troop mail list! Include everyone in the unit including the adults. When you are sending general unit communications out, use the list! Common sense should prevail, folks, and that is one thing National seems to be lacking.
  19. What I think is hurting Boy Scouts is the parents who expect Boy Scouts to be the same as Cub Scouts and hover like a nest of wasps and never let junior do anything on his own.
  20. I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess this is an actual case and not a a "what if" question. 1st I would verify the site this Scout signed up for has an age restriction. Not all do. 2nd I would verify the Scout in question is underage for the site he signed up for. If all are accurate, I would then talk to the Scout's parents and advise them by signing up and using the site in question, their son is in violation of the Scout Oath and Law and this will be taken into account come advancement time.
  21. Gotta love it! Two-deep leadership now applies to on-line communication? Well, as long as another adult is in your home when you are using on-line communication with a Scout you are covered! Or if you are using a public library computer you are covered! This has more holes than Swiss cheese! It appears common sense is no longer considered. Instead, we need nine million guidelines so we can type a text message! Totally absurd!
  22. I'm on staff at a PCUSA church. I'm still wondering how this is justified Biblically?
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