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  1. WonderBoy

    Sea Scouts

    And since I flew in Navy patrol planes, they were all, and most especially submarines, "targets"... 🤣
  2. WonderBoy


    Isn't a Scout supposed to be Thrifty? Now how is this Scout supposed to earn this money, if not from Unit fundraisers? A paper route like I had? They no longer exist without a car and drivers license. Cutting lawns? Maybe, but they'd have to use a tool the GTSS wouldn't let them use as a Scout. Options, obviously, open up upon reaching 16 years of age, but they tend to replace much of the time spent Scouting. Other than Mom & Dad, what other good options are there for Scouts, especially younger ones, to earn their way today?
  3. WonderBoy

    Summer camp hacks/gear suggestions

    Of course they're frowned upon. Most troop sites aren't wired for electricity....
  4. WonderBoy

    Adult going to residential summer camp

    Well @The Latin Scot, let me tell you, being married and having kids doesn't always help in this regard. Being an "older parent" (my peers' kids are mostly out of college), I frequently get the "stink eye" from people when my five year old isn't immediately adjacent to me on a playground or other gathering ground for kids. It's bad enough explaining that I'm his father, not his grandfather, but if he's not within an arm reach suddenly I'm automatically some kind of child predator. And heaven forbid I suggest a play date between our kids...
  5. WonderBoy

    Hello, everyone!

    Welcome! There's certainly a lot of thoughts and ideas on this forum. Some of them are even good ones! 🤣
  6. I feel like we're still having a hard enough time selling this ideal to some of our own. While visiting my oldest last night for Family Night at his very first week at summer camp, I found myself having to repeatedly explain to other parents from our Pack why I wasn't spending any time with the Troop at camp.
  7. So far this mini-discussion revolves around camping. But it applies to ALL activities. And as a Cub Scout Pack, this is VERY problematic. Do we have to cancel a Den meeting because we don't have a Registered, Trained Volunteer of the correct sex? Or what about a Pack meeting? Do we send all registered, girl Cub Scouts home from the Pinewood Derby while any unregistered, girl siblings are free to stay because of the only two registered females in the Pack, one is out of town and the other is sick?
  8. "You never really know a subject until you've taught it." I can't think of anywhere this hasn't applied in my life long learning quest. What's hard is remembering that what's obvious to you may not be so to your students. So try to have at least two different ways of presenting/sharing/demonstrating/explaining ideas. As you gain experience yourself, try to add more of these "tools" to your teaching "toolbox". Another tip (worth what you're paying for it!) is to try and avoid "over teaching". Your students are at the start of their journey. What you know has taken years to accumulate. Don't try to "dump" the entirety of your knowledge on them in the five(?) days you will be with them. Spend the time working on building a strong foundation for their future growth. And the Cub Scout leader in me is keen to remind knowledge lenders to "Keep it Fun!" Just my $0.02, your mileage may vary, don't take any wooden nickels, etc...
  9. WonderBoy

    As an adult, what do you REALLY wear?

    My memory was Boy Scouts wearing green tabs. Explorers and Leadership Corps (remember those?) wore red. At least that's the way I wore them. My original socks are long gone. They were pretty thin and I seem to remember almost always wearing a short pair of wool socks over them (properly rolled or folded down to the top of my boots, of course) for any practical activity. The elastic of my old gaters isn't in great shape, but surprisingly, it was the the little bit of faux leather holding part loop part of the hook that rotted away first. Between socks, garters and tabs I remember almost always finding one of them lying around when we policed our campsites before leaving for home.
  10. WonderBoy

    The reason we do it...

    Ha!, Waterloo (Iowa) is just a few miles down the road from Denver. And if you think Iowa is bad, you should check out southern Illinois. Frankfort, Cairo, Vienna... plus Illinois butchers the pronunciations. Yeah, 40+ years later I still meet up with my Scout buddies several times a year, in spite of us being scattered across the country. And, being a non-linked Pack, I find myself frequently telling parents that despite all the "great", logical reasons to pick one troop over another, sometimes the best reason to pick one is because that's the one where their friends are going.
  11. WonderBoy

    The reason we do it...

  12. News from a local Iowa paper: Five from Denver graduating class earn Eagle Scout rank http://wcfcourier.com/news/local/article_51085d5b-392e-58ae-9ad4-b3a2ad6aa46d.html (Like with many news outlets, even here we sometimes get so caught up in the bad news or even just that stuff that needs improvement or fixing, that we can forget about all that stuff that goes right.)
  13. WonderBoy

    What's your best Scouting memory?

    I have so many great memories from my time as a Scout... summer camps, high adventures, my Troop's annual Thanksgiving weekend pilgrimage to Civil War battlefields, NJLT @ Philmont, and a trip to the National Jamboree. But probably my best memories were afterwards, when I saw the tangible benefits of Scouting paying off. So there I was on day three of our land survival course while I attended the Navy's Naval Aircrew Candidate School. There were four Marines with our class of 35+ sailors, running around the woods, making shelters, catching & eating snake (and snake soup!), and all the good stuff at which a Scout would feel right at home. So apparently I must have come off as something of a "city slicker" for some, unknown to me, reason. Anyway, I'm relaxing under a improvised shelter (they supplied us with parachutes, for cripes sake!) when one of the Marines turns to me and says, "Taylor, this is all just a big campout for you, isn't it?" While I took that as high praise coming from a Fleet Marine, I realized that Scouting had provided a much more tangible and concrete skill set than I had ever expected to have.
  14. @FireStone - Well... no, I hadn't ever looked into the BPSA. Thanks for sending me down that rabbit hole.
  15. WonderBoy

    Welcome new moderators!

    @MattR & @desertrat77 , Thanks for taking on this responsibility. In my head I picture your recruitment going much like my recruitment as Cubmaster: "So... we noticed that you're coming to all the meetings anyway..."