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  1. Where to start with a sewing machine for badges

    I'll second most of what bsaggcmom said. But rather than pinning (or stapling) patches, I'd recommend a temporary fabric adhesive. I use a product by Odif called "505 spray and fix" designed for "sewing applique & quilt craft". You spray it on the back side of your patch and then place it how/where you want it. It sticks weak enough to reposition if needed but strong enough to hold in place while sewing. And it washes out with the first washing. Also, keeping the stitch per inch setting (longer stitches) on your machine lower (less than 10?) makes it easier to remove the seams later. If you're particularly OCD about your unit numbers get the thinest non-fusible interfacing fabric you can find and sew your unit numbers to that first, then trim the interfacing as close to the numbers as possible. You now effectively have a single unit patch to sew onto your shirt. This works particularly well if you're not using the fabric adhesive. As for machines, most basic machines should do OK. Given that most of the sewing I tend to do ends up being heavier fabrics, when my old (my grandmother got it right before I was born) Singer finally gave up the ghost, I replaced it with a Janome (New Home) brand HD-3000 machine. This is one the heavier duty, non-commerical, machines that I'm aware of. I've repaired the loop (two layers of thick web strap) on my dog's leash with much fuss. I've yet to try leather, but people claim it can be done, with the right needle, of course. And finally, if you want to retain full use of all your shirt pockets, you'll still end up with some hand sewing. Good luck!
  2. Another year over

    A lot of smiling faces doing a lot of cool stuff! Good job Skip!
  3. Wayback machine... 1983-ish

    Thanks Eagle94-A1! That fills in the missing pieces for me. I was pretty sure about the neckerchief and slide, but I wasn't too sure about the headgear back then. Heck, even today it's not obvious what the "correct" official headgear is for a Cubmaster. As near as I can tell it's the green Boy Scout ball cap, but the Cubmaster is the only one in the Pack to wear it. While I still have my original ODL "mk1" (LOVE that term, btw) and can still button the shirt, my wife says I may not wear it in public. But I REALLY don't like the zip-off pants and I'm none too impressed with the newer shirts either. So thanks be to eBay. So I'm still on the lookout for the old "Trained" version of the Cubmaster patch with the silver/mylar highlights and now, apparently, an appropriate hat. But other than that eBay and patience has been my friend. Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction.
  4. Wayback machine... 1983-ish

    Maybe some of our "greybeards" can help me with some vintage uniforming questions. (And, yes, my own beard is pretty grey these days.) My uniform collection consists of original ODL, brown button shirts and the matching pants with the cargo pockets on the side. I'm familiar with what was correct accessories and patch wear for a Scout/Scouter of that time but I never paid any attention to the Cub Scout side at the time. Now that I'm a Cubmaster, I'd like to know what was period correct wear. What hat, neckerchief and slide, specifically, would have been worn by a Cubmaster back then. Was the current "Cub Scout Leader" neckerchief the same as the one worn back then? Would the Cub Scout slide bearing a Wolf on a blue background be period correct? And what kind of hat was the Cubmaster supposed to wear? The green ball cap with the red front? Anything else I'm missing?
  5. Avatar upload not working

    I've also been unable to upload an avatar from either Firefox or Safari on a Mac.
  6. Hello from the Midwest...

    Thanks! Calumet Council and Michigamea Lodge were my original home.
  7. Hello from the Midwest...

    Greetings all! I've been lurking around for quite a while now and finally broke down and registered in the forum. After about eight months of OJT as the Assistant Cubmaster, I've just recently taken over as our Pack's Cubmaster. I've got one son who's a Webelo 1, another who's a Wolf and, I suspect the real reason I was asked to be Cubmaster, a third son who's still at least two years away from becoming a Lion. If I don't screw things up too terribly the Pack could have me around for longer than our average Cubmaster. As a youth I was an active Cub Scout and Boy Scout in the southern Chicago suburbs and even spent a couple of short turns as an Assistant Scoutmaster in North Florida in the late 80's and again in Central Illinois in the early 90's. And then, you know... life happened. So now I'm a WonderBoy. Wondering about how much Scouting has changed in those intervening years, wondering how I got myself talked into this and wondering if I can manage to leave (whenever that may be) our Pack in at least as good of shape as I received it. -WonderBoy