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  1. A to-the-point editorial today by Tucker Carlson on FoxNews. Find and read/view The military goes woke, and the consequences could be disastrous "Over time, identity politics will destroy our country. No nation can remain unified for long if people are encouraged to think of themselves as members of competing ethnic groups first and citizens second. Countries need a reason to hang together; unity doesn't happen by accident. The fixation on race that has seized our leadership class guarantees permanent disunity. It's terrifying if you think about it, but it could be much worse." "The
  2. @Greeneagle5, While the idea for the project itself is a good one, your friend may be cool on the idea for reasons already mentioned, and possibly because of the idea that "...this project could be continued in future years..." As adult leaders, it is inappropriate for us to commit the unit to any ongoing (or possibly perpetual) projects. Program planning is the purview of the Patrol Leaders Council. And it is for the PLC to decide whether to undertake an ongoing project. (That is most certainly off limits for an Eagle Scout candidate.) I even caution our PLC during annual planni
  3. No way! I just found it today. Maybe my computer hacking skilz are getting better
  4. Lol...then someone is asleep at their "narrative steering wheel". It's been there since June.
  5. @MattR for gauging, that video was not removed by moderators at my.scouting.org https://discussions.scouting.org/t/diversity-and-inclusion-mb/172457/30
  6. @CynicalScouter, I begin to see a way through this... I sign up as a Merit Badge Counselor for this badge. I ask the parents to discuss all these topics and do any items with their Scout. When they tell me it is complete, I sign off the badge. I think I could do that ethically. A Scout is Trustworthy!
  7. The video is a compilation of interviews and speeches by prominent actors, performers, social activists, etc., and relates the experiences of those people with regards to whether "systemic racism" (see the MB requirements) exists, whether they experienced instances of it, what some of the facts are that people use to justify stereotypes, and appropriate response to perceived wrongs. As @fred8033 said, the video itself is respectful of these people and their views. @BamBam gave a perfect negative example of what the MB addresses with "Tell what more your unit can do to ensure anyone can p
  8. @EagledadBarry, thank you. What we really need is a Merit Badge that teaches classical disciplines of Logic and Rhetoric versus emotion and persuasion. https://www.hillsdale.edu/hillsdale-blog/writers/logic-rhetoric-intellectual-self-defense/#:~:text=Logic and rhetoric are the,things differently%2C but not defenselessly.
  9. @MattR On that point, I agree. The video title does enter the realm of clickbait. But the title does not diminish the importance and perspective of the thoughts, experiences, facts presented by, and advice of any of those it portrays.
  10. @fred8033, to your point, and to move the discussion forward with you I respectfully ask you to search for a You Tube video on the interview with Mike Rowe (an Distinguished Eagle Scout, I'm sure you know) titled The Scouts' wounds are 'self-inflicted' To save those whose feelings would be hurt by the content of that video, and not to burden the thinly stretched moderator corps, I will not post the video here. It goes to the heart of the discussion here.
  11. "must pertain to the original post and respectfully move the discussion forward." How does this not pertain to DI&E MB requirements? Req 1. The video address facts and opinions of influential people who are members of a perceived disaffected group. Helps to understand what "equity" and "bigotry" are and are not. These people are perfect examples of "upstanders." They witness unjust accusations and asperisons being cast, and they address them publicly with facts and experience. Req 2. Self-evident Req 3. Replete with examples Req 6.
  12. Please help me understand which rule this violated? Permitted and Prohibited Uses You may use the the Website for the sole purpose of sharing and exchanging ideas with other Users. You may not use the the Website to violate any applicable local, state, national, or international law, including without limitation any applicable laws relating to antitrust or other illegal trade or business practices, federal and state securities laws, regulations promulgated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, any rules of any national or other securities exchange, and any U.S. laws, rules, a
  13. Because subversion and deceit go against the Scout Oath and Law, and my own personal code of ethics.
  14. Your statement could not be more prejudiced, bigoted, racist, and classist. And this merit badge will never help you see yourself in the mirror.
  15. Because of the inherent political agenda of the entire enterprise, and the misguided intent with which it has been established. I will not indoctrinate Scouts into the language and mindset of "social justice warriors". Nor will I tread on territory I deem sacrosanct to parents. Over the past few weeks, I have been deep in research and thought, prayer, and in discussion with conservatives and liberals whose opinions I value. This may be the straw that breaks the camel's back, and ushers me out the door of the Boy Scouts of America. Although I have a fundamental belief that our Amer
  16. I would never in a million take this merit badge on as a counselor
  17. Would this be fodder for the presentation requirement in #5, or for #6? https://www.dailywire.com/news/judge-rules-father-who-raped-daughter-can-receive-sex-change-on-taxpayer-dime https://www.ohiocrimelaw.com/blog/2014/01/tax-dollars-pay-for-sex-change-for-inmate-really/ reductio ad absurdum
  18. Here is a National Office Hours video put out recently... Discusses DE&I requirements and says they are already approved (and that was 12 Nov.) Scouts may start earning the badge on 01 Jan, required to earn for Eagle on 01 May. Also notes that there will be no pamphlet, just Notes for the Counselor. (Can't find those yet.) Also says there will be rank requirements for Scout through First Class. Rank requirements will not be in Scoutbook until 01 May. https://scouting-org.zoom.us/rec/play/p2Uq0xy0QJ9DAOZf1mIK2AKqCPaI-sCDyhQ8XSF1ToF-3PRz6i7nykYtnGe1nuIea6nyz57NNl2lO
  19. Where was that one? Do you have a link? All we saw was this... https://scoutingwire.org/bsas-commitment-to-act-against-racial-injustice/
  20. Shame on you for trying to promote peace and harmony based on the commonalities of our human condition! Back to the education camp with you! You may return when you promote tribalism and identity politics veiled in terms like "diversity, " "equity," and "inclusion." https://medium.com/@samuelkronen/modern-tribalism-and-the-danger-of-identity-politics-33150fd257f2 https://nationalpost.com/opinion/jordan-peterson-when-the-left-goes-too-far-the-dangerous-doctrine-of-equity https://www.jordanbpeterson.com/blog-posts/lie-of-diversity/
  21. Colleges and universities, judicial system, language, media, family, etc... This is just part of the long march through the institutions... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_long_march_through_the_institutions https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Institution
  22. Clash of the Titans! (Although, they weren't Titans.)
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