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  1. I think it just means knowing which building is the shower house...at least that's what it seems to be for our Scouts. We incentivize the behavior we want...take a shower on Wednesday, get an ice cream! And yes, for some we have to define "shower"... but never "ice cream"
  2. Our COR has a Scout in the Troop, and camps with us regularly...is on the Board of the Church...very involved guy, and really makes the CO-Troop relationship strong - best I have seen in 35+ years of Scouting...
  3. And the State Police Check and Child Abuse check are free...the FBI fingerprint check is about $25. If you are a PA resident for 10 years, you turn in an affidavit of such and that you have not been convicted of a list of child abuse charges...
  4. No, not locked in concrete. A council could always give more of their own volition...but they won't. And even if they did, it would probably only be used to reduce the share of the other councils. What's the current total to LC's...$600M?
  5. Hoping (against hope) and working for change at our level... For example, at the local unit level (the only place I have most influence), we have implemented more stringent YPT measures. #1, ANY adult who wants to camp with us has to have background checks done. #2, a personal promise from me to every adult on an outing that, if they harm one of the kids under my care, I will risk prison for murder or attempted murder. #3, encouraging as many registered adults as possible to attend, not only to better supervise the younger Scouts, but to be able to provide the older ones t
  6. So, having slept on it... Does Johnson's presser yesterday affect anyone's thoughts on remaining affiliated with BSA until more of these changes are manifested? Over the years, I have become more aware of how the BSA "professional" side operates, and have grown more and more uncomfortable with their modus operandi. Johnson's revelations yesterday only confirmed my interpretations of negative experiences accumulated. I think my frog may be boiled, and, as we are nearing recharter time, I'm wondering if the thing to do is to decline renewing my BSA membership... Anyone else
  7. Oh no!! I make a new one every day, as every authentic tinfoil hat wearer knows to do...the aluminum loses potency throughout the day as it wards off the toxic energy and thought control waves. I use heavy duty...but I do recycle!
  8. DM'ed you with the story... I'm not comfortable pushing his name out publicly, as he is exonerated.
  9. I know a man who was convicted (wrongfully) of murder, later exonerated and released, who petitioned BSA to be removed from IVF. The answer was "No." Image before ethics.
  10. No misconceptions... is says that clearly in the G2AI link above... "Religious emblems are not considered Scouting awards. Instead they are earned by members and then presented to them by their religious leaders. Each faith has its own requirements for earning their respective emblems. A list of the emblems and more information about the programs can be found at www.scouting.org/ awards/religious-awards/."
  11. I think it gives more ammunition to the forces that think Chapter 7 is the right way to go. Dissolve the organization and start over.
  12. OK, so there are actually two "awards" here. First is the "medal" based on the grade-appropriate program the Cub Scout completed. Jesus and Me - K-1 God and Me - 2-3 or God and Family - 4-6 https://store.praypub.org/ Again, someone has to purchase that medal (and/or a handsome patch). Each of those medals is $12.50 plus shipping, etc. As stated, this is most approriately done by the Scout's place of worship, but I recommend you call the parents and/or pastor, and/or mentor to coordinate and find out what's the what. Second, there is the Youth Religious Awa
  13. And that's probably why they never hired someone from outside the organization...
  14. As far as recognizing the award, that is most appropriately done at that Scout's place of worship. But, that is up to the Scout. Ask them how and where they want it presented.
  15. BSA does not sell the awards...and it depends on the award. Most Christian awards are available at https://www.praypub.org/ You may have to establish an account there to purchase. Some religious organizations may order them as well. Which award is it, may I ask?? You can get the religious emblem knot at your Scout store, though... item 5007, for $1.99 https://www.scoutshop.org/youth-religious-award-knot-5007.html That depends on your unit policies for purchase of awards...
  16. Yes, recorded...you can watch later...it's just over an hour long. https://www.andersonadvocates.com/boy-scouts-of-america-is-not-a-safe-place-for-children-today-congress-must-take-immediate-action/
  17. "I'm fed up with people in that organization telling me what to say, where to say it, and what to believe." Ouch
  18. Not really...we do this, for overnighters. Wanna camp out with us? Gotta have a background check...
  19. Done Wonder if MJ gave National a heads up...so they could prepare for the potential excrement storm?? P.S. OOO Reply from SE
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