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  1. Concur. That is why BSA doesn't do it. They give you the minimums. We use BSA directives to establish the minimums, and then rely on judgment, experience, activity or subject matter expert advice, committee advice, and the input from other leaders on the trip. It's a pretty good recipe for success.
  2. That is the secret sauce, my friend. We have a program wherein a Scout may earn First Class in one year. But, you would have to participate in every activity, and take responsibility for your own advancement. (Like seeking out older Scouts to show your skills to and get them signed off.) The vast majority do not. And, IMHO, they are better Scouts for it. Bingo.
  3. Agreed, that increasing the number is an achievable goal. But to target it at 50% may not be. Basically, the question is...why 50%??
  4. There is a potential huge error in that Churchill plan goal of "try to achieve 50% of your membership male and female" It assumes that females want the BSA program in the same numbers that males do. Or, another way to put it...it assumes that, of all the youth out there who want to do this Scouting program, that half of them are female. If empirical market research does not back that up, it is a doomed proposal. Do you think they did that market analysis? Here's some reasonably good stuff... https://rmsresults.com/2013/05/15/market-research-case-study-girl-scouts-needs-ass
  5. Lol, last question was "any other suggestions for improvement" I said something like, "Yes, don't send out a survey with a due date in the past, especially in light of the PR mess you are trying to deal with. That lack of diligence sends a bad message."
  6. @RememberSchiff Well, in this case, past performance is probably a guarantee of future results. But one can always hope, right?
  7. Here's a good one in the survey: ----------------------------------------- 9. Which of the following best describes you? Asian or Pacific Islander Black or African American Hispanic or Latino Native American or Alaskan Native White or Caucasian Multiracial or Biracial A race/ethnicity not listed here ---------------------------------------- I chose the last one....identifying people like this is part of the problem. Until we stop the underlying divisions, you will always perpetuate the underlying divisions. "Human" isn't one of the c
  8. Ha...just got this email this morning from council Dear Scout Leader, If you have not already done so, please take a moment today to complete this brief survey about your experiences with diversity and inclusion in the local Scouting program. Please take 10-15 minutes to complete this survey between now and December 31. Your responses will help us identify areas for improvement over the coming years. Thank you for all you do for young people in our community! Yes, this morning (31 Dec deadline??)...I'm going to do the survey now...
  9. @yknot No. We are not in any bankruptcy situation...that is squarely on a non-profit corporation called BSA. I am a part of the Scouting movement. BSA is just the current purveyor of Scouting I use. Current challenges? Too nebulous to address... PR...Again, that is on BSA and another non-profit, this council. The only PR we concern ourselves with is for our Scouts, our unit, and our CO. We are not here as showpieces for either the local council or National. and otherwise? Again, too nebulous. "Kind of irresponsible"...no. Parents are fully informed on the c
  10. 1:10 is lifeguards to participants for Safe Swim. Not for adults. Our Scouts were looking at Summer Camp selections one year....one had in their brochure a 1:10 adult ratio, and said that Scouts must stay in sight of adults at all times. Needless to say, we didn"t go to that camp
  11. @sunshinescout You said you were very close to completing your project... 1. Take all of your concerns to your Scoutmaster and Eagle Project Coach (if you have one.) They are closest to the fray, and may have dealt with these situations before. 2. You must use the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook. If you did, you should have also gotten your proposal approved by your unit, the beneficiary, and some district/council representative. If you don't have this signature page, then you have a problem. See #1. 3. When your project is complete, as long as you did not devia
  12. Dad-brag... Son has been with it since Tigers...Eagle BOR last December. Is 15 and has 143 nights with BSA. This does not include all the camping we have done just Dad and son. Dad-shame... I have failed to communicate to him the value in pursuing the NMOA. Just not his thing, it seems.
  13. Great discussion...perhaps for a new thread? I'm with @fred8033 on this one, in the frontcountry. Backcountry (more than one hour from definitive care), no way. I push for four adults, minimum. Primarily to help handle the psychological impacts of worst cases scenarios. "What experts do know is that children and teens tend to be more vulnerable to the effects of trauma than adults whose brains have fully developed. The underdeveloped brain is not mature enough to integrate the traumatic experience and process it in a way that facilitates moving on from it." https://paradi
  14. Ahhh...I see where the confusion lies... Commas matter! The requirement, as written in the 2020 Scouts BSA Requirements book (the source document) says for requirement 2a: "Cycling merit badge or Ranger Cycling/Mountain Biking elective and 100 miles of cycling" Grammatically speaking, this should be separated into two options, A. Cycling merit badge OR B. Ranger Cycling/Mountain Biking elective and 100 miles of cycling This is exactly the way this is parsed out in Scoutbook, if you can look there and see it under any Scout in their awards section.
  15. I have been listening. And have taken sides with reason and evidence. Developing the vaccine, if you will https://www.wsj.com/articles/social-justice-warriors-wont-listen-but-you-should-11570832255
  16. Not at all. But, your proposed statement doesn't fit the narrative BSA is kowtowing to.
  17. Agreed. And I believe you agree with me that the BSA is misguided (at best) in thinking they can address societal issues in any better and more meaningful way if this commission of "experts" and the US government has difficulty getting to the the meat of the matter. I do find this report, so far, to be a good basis from which to start the scrutiny of our human rights traditions and progress. I withhold final judgment until I have digested the entire report.
  18. Although I am still in the midst of reading it, I recommend this read to all. https://www.state.gov/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Draft-Report-of-the-Commission-on-Unalienable-Rights.pdf Recommendations to BSA 1. Change the name to Human Rights Merit Badge. 2. Rework the content of merit badge to encapsulate perspectives released in the Commission report above. 3. If you want to provide rank requirements, use an "ages and stages" approach to address increasingly complex views and examples of human rights issues, with regard to the prerogatives reserved to family and fa
  19. I wish I knew who said this...until I can find out who, I'll take credit. "When we disguise our feelings as reason, we make all nonsense possible." This is the ultimate problem in all of this... properly identifying the use of emotion as support for a position. It is a logical fallacy. The forces which push the current agendas (aka, the left) tend (I said "tend") to think with their emotions rather than demonstrable facts. You can see the results in the news every day. The greatest accomplishment of our Western civilization and thought is that INDIVIDUALS MATTER. "We
  20. But, pursuing diversity as an end, and including someone simply because they help you reach that end, is evil.
  21. A little tongue-in-cheek, bit maybe something along these lines, instead? Be a Decent and Stand-up Scout Merit Badge (aka BADASS MB) 1. Show that you can currently repeat the Scout Oath from memory. 2. Show that you can currently repeat the Scout Law from memory. 3. Define tolerance and acceptance. Explain the difference. Give an example of a belief or practice held by someone else that you tolerate, but do not accept. Then, tie a square knot. 4. List five different categories people often classify others or themselves into. Explain how excluding people based o
  22. The real question is, what is the minimum number of adults to charter a unit? Four, in five positions. 1 x COR (dual hatted as a MC) 1 x CC 1 x Additional MC 1 x Unit Leader (SM, CM, etc.) Everyone else is icing on the cake
  23. @Chadamus, an SM/ASM cannot be dual registered in the same unit in a committee position. You can be an ASM in one unit, and a committee member of another unit. So, for your original post, the answer is NO. The Registrar will not register one person in both those positions in the same unit. Now, theory and practice are two separate things. Are there SM/ASMs out there who fulfill functions of the committee (like advancement chair) simultaneously? You betcha. As @yknot points out, "We made decisions that kept our units alive and going. "
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