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  1. I have personally coordinated completion of our last three charter agreements. Much of the time, we didn't even have a DE, so the Field Director was grateful for my walking the document around and working the Charter Agreement signatures. I'll wait until our recharter goes through at council before I work the next one. Yes, our council registrar has renewed unit charters without a new Charter Agreement in hand...don't know how they can do this, but they do it.
  2. This is exactly what we did just last fall in changing CO's. Get it in writing, and no one can really argue otherwise...
  3. Are you with a Methodist Church?? If yes, then they are not renewing charters just yet, but extending them until March 2022 (I think)
  4. Like this?? Cool enough for you @Eagledad?? 😜 And, yes, that is the idea...a few weeks at different summer camps each week...much more exposure that way...
  5. OK, some initial thoughts, but many of these would have to be fleshed out, so take them with a grain of salt... Need: No, the Scouts don't need a Chief Scout, per se, but they do need an advocate who THOROUGHLY understands the program and remembers what the adventure is all about, and looks at things through that lens. The Chief Scout is more like the nation's Scoutmaster. BSA may not need a Chief Scout, but they sure do have an image, professional reputation, and PR problem, which they have not been able to solve for decades (?) Having a Chief Scout could be a positive.
  6. LOL! I had written quite a treatise to answer your request for requirements/duties/etc., but my scouter.com editor went wonky on me... I'll spend some time and write them again... Definitely should be a contributor to the Scout Handbook! As a Scout's Scout, the Chief Scout would bring the eye and viewpoint of someone who has been "in the trenches" with the manual, and make it more approachable and readable. (Should also contribute to MB's and awards requirements, where Chief Scout has particular knowledge first, and then from the viewpoint of the Scout's Scout for other MB's...)
  7. Right now, a Scout can complete requirements for Scout through First Class concurrently, although the ranks must be earned in order. That is, technically, one could finish all the requirements for First Class before finishing the requirements for Scout rank. But, the youth will not be awarded First Class until earning Second Class. Theoretically, a Scout could earn all these ranks at the exact same time, having saved a single Scout rank requirement as the very last one to complete. This practice produces less than desirable results...but that is another post. Hope this h
  8. Transformational...hmmm 1. Want quality local leaders? Find a way to incentivize it. The program is sufficiently complex that, to do it well requires more time and knowledge than the average group of people can devote as volunteers. Imagine a sort of professional Scoutmaster/teacher role... 2. Council and National senior position term limits. Five years as SE (etc.) and then out. Would require looking at career progression and making some sense of this. Maybe board limits, too, but probably a longer term. 3. Subsidize costs of adult training and support. (see #1) (Lea
  9. Yes, you are very likely correct. My gut says another likely scenario is that the bankruptcy fails due to negative votes of claimants, judge not ordering a cramdown, and existing lawsuits (currently on hold) proceeding (with more likely to be filed) after the Chapter 11 proceedings are abandoned. Chapter 7 is definitely still a contender, sooner rather than later. Two to three years maybe... If Chapter 7, then what for the 200+ separate corporate council entities? Corporations without a united identity...will a coalition of a few powerful band together to form a more perfect union
  10. So, Genesis 18:16 is the start of that story...and Abraham pled mercy from God to not destroy it if 50/45/40/30/20/10 righteous in the city could be found. God continually relented and agreed if ten could be found, he would not destroy it. Abraham did not plead lower than that. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. So, I'm having a little trouble with the analogy to your situation. Do you see yourself as Abraham, pleading with God on behalf of the city? Or do you see yourself as one of the ten (or the one), on whose account the city will be saved? Not to put too fine a point o
  11. Why, yes, I could do that. Would prefer to do it with a musk ox, though, as we have those in Alaska...
  12. I'd do it. And I have the pedigree, the time, and a healthy dose of skepticism when dealing with the professional side 😜 Cover my expenses for travel, meals, accommodations, uniforms, etc. to fulfill the role, and I'm in...
  13. Not if you are shot out of a cannon!! Enough initial velocity, and you could wrap around that bar no problem...of course, the force required to get to that velocity would probably injure the rider... Now, to help that kid in the video, he had the counterweight on top...no such thing on the chain swing...
  14. Yikes! At $500K per (or five years in the hoosegow, pokey, slammer, etc.) that could potentially bump up the victim fund. But, I believe, since this is a federal court, monies from fines imposed only go to the US Treasury, and, so, only Congress could direct the disposition of those penalties to fund the fund. Good luck with that! Literally, an Act of Congress.
  15. @SiouxRanger, Where you stand depends on where you sit 😜 The correct answer, from where I sit (at the unit level), is that the CO owns everything, and ultimately decides the disposition of all property and money. I'll elaborate on that, so that others can dissect the argument if they wish. From a legal standpoint (I'm no lawyer, but I actually did sleep in a Holiday Inn Express a few nights ago!), only persons and corporations can legally own property. Therefore, some corporation owns that property, including the money. Only two corporations (hopefully) can make a claim to y
  16. Awesome! Always need strong committee members working the administrative side! If your want further advice, sing out 🤪🤪🤪
  17. Now on to seven or so years of Scouts!
  18. We would do a "dog pile!" for fun and celebration. When a Scout did something great, someone would yell "DOG PILE!" If the celebrated was a smaller-statured Scout, then, usually, one of the older Scouts would be the first to tackle the celebrated person and be on elbows and knees to help bear the weight of the jumping and wiggling crowd on top. We also had a safe word, "PINEAPPLE!" If anyone yelled it, we had to stop immediately. It was usually the older Scout if the weight began to be too much for him to protect the one on the bottom. This was never used as punishment...only for cel
  19. Yes, looks like a medal from a historic trail. What council is the Scout in? You can find what your local trails are here, then look up the medals on Google to ID it. https://tap.scouting.org/bsa-historic-trails-index/ Or here... trailmedal.com
  20. Yes, looks like a medal from a historic trail. What council is the Scout in? You can find what your local trails are here, then look up the medals on Google to ID it. https://tap.scouting.org/bsa-historic-trails-index/
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