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  1. I do wish I could get across to all...the loss of the BSA does not mean the loss of Scouting (the program). Please separate the two "entities" in your thinking. Scouting was around before the BSA appeared, and we can continue it just fine if the BSA disappears. Is your loyalty to Scouting, the movement? Or to BSA, the corporation? (Or neither, or both 😜 ??)
  2. I think you may have missed the point... They already ask for the Scout's email in another section... In the section where they want to have info from you (Your Information), as the purchaser of a Gift Membership, it would only go through when entering the Scout parent's email instead of your email. And I go NO email confirmation of the purchase.
  3. OK, so, this is new...I figured out that, if you are purchasing a Gift Membership for someone, you must put in the parent email address in on the section where is says "Your Information" Never had to do that before.
  4. It's lame, that's what it is...don't really know where that came from, but I have a good guess... My old PB card says, "Demonstrate how to fell a standing tree 4 inches or more at the butt..." I recall an old OSHA regulation saying anything more than 6 inches required safety gear, but I cannot find this reference anywhere now. Apparently OSHA applies to felling any standing tree now (https://www.osha.gov/laws-regs/standardinterpretations/1998-03-04-0) (maybe ridiculous?) And, you will be hard pressed to find any references in modern BSA literature to youth felling a tree (Fieldbook inc
  5. You are most welcome...it says it was updated October 2020. I had not seen it until very recently...
  6. Moving large logs into position for cutting, and for moving rocks when doing trail work. See requirement 7 in the Paul Bunyan...you would use this to meet the requirement to build the retaining wall or irrigation way. The long prybar (rock bar, crow bar, tamping bar, lots of other names and configurations...) could be used for both logs and rocks. I also have, teach, and use a cant hook (would like to get a Peavy one day) for the logs, but you can't (pun intended) use it for rocks. https://woodmizer.com/us/how-to-choose-a-cant-hook-vs-peavey
  7. Well worth the investment for your woods tools box. https://www.magidglove.com/ellwood-safetyr-4-carbon-steel-toe-guards-702-tg?gclid=Cj0KCQiAzfuNBhCGARIsAD1nu-9EYQhWJytibMWSJT6oIQ3be4SXTMINkJYYZNhEr8IyHkljK_tBRoAaAhhZEALw_wcB
  8. BTW, Here's an awesome Forestry Service resource for axes...mainly for use by adults who want deep knowledge... https://www.fs.fed.us/t-d/php/library_card.php?p_num=1823 2812P
  9. After proper training, practice to proficiency (I don't see this a lot..."one and done" is a really bad idea here), group discipline to maintain the standards, and the behavioral example of adults and older Scouts in proper tool usage. One good practice is to have Scouts look at the pictures in the Scout Handbook and describe what the sawyer is wearing for safety (correct) and the pictured saw technique (which is iffy...hard to tell if the sawyer has the end off the ground or resting on the ground...will potentially bind the saw...page 382 of my early 13th edition) And there are so m
  10. Asking a question is not reading anything into it. If anything was read into the post, it was your supposing the job was delegated. And, it does matter. You and I generally see eye to eye on things, but we may diverge here... The requirement says, "...serve actively in your troop for xxx months in one or more of the following positions of responsibility..." Now, of course, the devil is in the details....what does "actively" mean?? That's a whole other discussion. But, from OP, if a Scout vanishes like flatulence in a zephyr (paraphrasing), this is absolutely a situation that nee
  11. Stay! But, you are there to observe the bigger picture... 1. Who is running the program? Scouts or adults? If Scouts, awesome! If adults, then, on the side ask the SM corps what's the deal? Find a way to help the SM corps put meeting program planning and execution into the hands of the Patrol Leaders Council. At the BEST Scout meetings, the SM is the only adult who says anything, and that is for the SM's Minute at the very end. 2. Are the SM and ASM's keeping a "distant eye" on things, or do the inmates have free reign? SM/ASM should only step in for matters of health and sa
  12. Please tell me the resume builder did not get credit for a term as SPL??
  13. Anyone having issues purchasing a new membership?? "Error Whoops!It appears important information is missing from your Eagle Scout profile.Please contact your Eagle Scout council updating the following information." All data is correct...and it does not tell me which data is triggering the error message....
  14. Lol...it's not an in-your‐face kind of thing. Tactfully done, and usually one on one. Serious, grave, chivalrous even. But never loud and public...that"d be weird bravado and very off‐putting, no?
  15. No. Nothing wrong with letting everyone know you will defend, tooth and claw, those who cannot defend themselves.
  16. If I could see into everyone's heart, I'd probably never have to say such a thing. But you have no idea what motives people have until you spend a good deal of time with them.
  17. I tell every adult at the beginning of our camping trips, "If you intentionally hurt a child under our care, I will hurt you, and I don't care if I go to jail." And they know I mean it, and there are others who back me up
  18. I got an email reply from them on a separate issue about two months ago...basically staff cuts and no one monitoring the communication channels, so your situation sounds about right. Same here on the Eagle Directory postcards. For the amount they have spent to send me forty postcards, they could probably have just printed and sent the book for free. Better yet, make it digital...but no, gotta have that revenue stream 😜
  19. Sounds like football, cards, camaraderie, camping, and cooking were accomplished! So...what do they want to accomplish...and what do you want them to accomplish? Guarantee they will not be the same! Remember, "This will be the hardest part for you to accept." And put yourself in their shoes...probably every minute of their lives is scheduled with some activity. They need unstructured time to develop. There are a hundred studies that show this... Do not be a slave to the "activity." If they are camping and cooking, then those "activities" will lead to advancement. Be availa
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