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  1. Almost I would contend that referencing is a tool in the toolbox for the "E" in EDGE. Don't always have to use it, but I do in most cases. Also think the "E" should include explaining WHY we do things, versus just the HOW. Why do we wash our dishes this way? Why do we use a particular knot? Why do we go 200 feet away to dig our cathole? Why do we use the EDGE method???? ðŸĪŠðŸ˜œðŸĪŠ Most people respond better to learning when they know the "why." Gives them a sense of purpose more than just "Because that is the requirement!" yuck...
  2. Yes, do. But the same essential problems rear their head: 1. No one reads. (This includes adults.) 2. Many do not learn from reading. (This includes adults.) When I give rides to Scouting events, we always use the drive time productively. Scouts who want to cover requirements, discuss merit badges, troop or patrol business, often jump in the car with me and the SPL/ASPL. I point the way, and the SPL/ASPL or senior Scout does the instruction and sign off...it is a beautiful thing. The Scout/SPL/PL Handbooks (my personal copies) are staple items during the ride.
  3. Preach it, brother!! This is the same with parents For adult leaders, take a moment and ask yourself, "How would this decision violate the Scout Oath or Law?" If you do not come up with an answer that you can reason through and articulate to another adult, give the Scout the leeway to pursue. And yes, you will often be tempted to say "I've seen this a hundred times, and it never works out, so do it the way I recommending to you." Don't. Pick your battles wisely. Bite your cheek, swallow the blood, and resist the "I told you so" when the time comes. Your Scout will grow, and
  4. Guide to Awards and Insignia, pages 15-17 https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/33066/33066_Guidelines_for_Custom_Patches_And_Emblems.pdf?_gl=1*b4ey4f*_ga*MTgzNjYxMTcxNC4xNjIwOTkzNDI1*_ga_20G0JHESG4*MTYyNjE4NTU3OC40Ni4xLjE2MjYxODY4MTEuNTI.
  5. @SiouxRanger and others, please read Section 1 of your Scout Handbook The model is there...
  6. We have Scouts plan outings...tooth to tail, using a one-page checklist from Troop Leader Guidebook, which is pretty good. They have to report to PLC at each milestone...3 months, two months, one month at the formal PLCs, and then the two weeks, one week at short PLCs after meetings See page 20 in the pdf... https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/512-150_appendix(15)_web.pdf
  7. Who is held accountable for any of the other items?? One of the most often repeated ideas to parents is, "Stand back, shut up, and watch..." Of course, in much nicer terms than that Leaders don't develop until you put them in the hot seat. Scouts are amazed, at first, when you "Train 'em, trust 'em, and let 'em lead!"
  8. Even more evidence requiring...DuctTape for National Commissioner!!! #DuctTapeIsTheMan! #DuctTape4NationalCommissioner
  9. Yikes... Nothing wrong with have more than one Quartermaster, Scribe, Outdoor Ethics Guide, etc... Heck, we have an Eagle Board of Review tonight for a Scout who has only held a Den Chief position for his entire time. At one time, he actually thought he was required to hold some other positions. When we told him he could do what he loved and still develop as a leader, he was very stoked. We told him his ultimate aim was to instill in all of his Cubs/Webelos a desire to continue on to Scouts, whether they joined our Troop or not. Then we helped him set SMART goals every six
  10. Ha! Just went mountain biking this morning, and cut loose buddy pairs on over 10 miles of loop trails. "You have a map, water, and a first aid kit?" "Yes!" "OK, have fun..we'll be here at the picnic table if you need us ;)"
  11. -The smile and look of absolute, pure joy from the Scout (with a single mom) with cerebral palsy who caught his first fish! - The grin from the small-statured Scout who learned to handle a canoe solo and completed Canoeing Merit Badge... - Running into an Eagle Scout at Philmont, now a Scoutmaster, who I hadn't seen in 20 years, and he tells his Scouts there, "This is Mr. X!", and the look of wonder from them that I really do exist...I can only imagine the stories he told...like how he felt when he finished his first 50-miler in our old Troop, or really learning to navigate and orien
  12. One of the prizes for our uniform inspection contests is you get to take one CSP from my collection
  13. So, will they just tack on a $150 price hike to HA tuitions as a "make you pay for our sins" tax?
  14. All, you would do well to review the CDC recommendations for treating backcountry water. Bottom line up front: When in backcountry, best option is boiling. When in possible chemical contamination/heavy viral load areas, filtering AND chemical treatment are recommended. https://www.cdc.gov/healthywater/pdf/drinking/Backcountry_Water_Treatment.pdf (Main page link https://www.cdc.gov/healthywater/drinking/travel/backcountry_water_treatment.html ) https://www.msrgear.com/blog/water-treatment-101-viruses/ I teach classes on this at our Scouting University, with discussion
  15. Agreed...there is more a focus on the "management" side of things in Scouting, than in leadership. https://www.forbes.com/sites/terinaallen/2018/10/09/what-is-the-difference-between-management-and-leadership/?sh=6fe40a4774d6
  16. - We only mandate that they camp by patrols, and select their own buddies. (Many summer camps do not set up by patrol sites.) If there is an "odd-man out", that Scout may tent with another "odd-man out", if the two-year rule does not prohibit. There are some Scouts who prefer to tent alone. If there are conflicts, the Patrol Leader (PL) works it out. If PL cannot resolve, take it to Senior PL. When I am the SM or acting SM in camp, I only ask that they tell me how they resolved any issues, for the sole purpose of making sure that a Scout is not being ostracized or bullied in some way. S
  17. I have this discussion with Scouts when they are earning their Cyber Chip. Here is the gist: If what you are doing with your device would violate any part of the Scout Oath or Law, don't it. Now, Johnny, let's talk about some examples... 1. The SPL says bed time is 10 pm. I do a walk-around at 10:15 and see the blue glow of your device through your tent. What part of the Scout Oath or Law applies? 2. Your patrol mate is giving a talk on how to pack a backpack, and you are playing a game or watching a video on your phone. What part of the Scout Oath or Law applies? 3.
  18. Be careful with this. You must consult with your local council for their interpretation. Our council interprets this as a registered leader with that unit, having been approved by the CO/COR. I made this same inquiry to National for interpretation and was skewered, btw... Tread with care...
  19. Vs none!...always need a third option.😎😎😎
  20. In all of my years as a youth in OA, we did pretty much what we wanted. In hindsight, it seemed like the inmates running the asylum. When our local lodge conducted our last two elections, the youths representing the lodge gushed on and on about how cool it is that everyone brings computers and play stations so they can game all night at lodge fellowships. Parents certainly don't want to hear, nor necessarily have their Scouts participating in that.
  21. Granted, but those aren't requirements up to First Class... service projects, yes, and all units should be providing program opportunity for those.
  22. I have recommended that we never do a "First Year Program" at Scout Camp again...based on my last five years of observations at different summer camps in our region. Here are some things I have noted, in general... - Most "instructors" for the programs were first year staffers without the requisite skills to teach. I observed many of them demonstrating incorrect knots and lashings, incorrect safety precautions for Totin Chip (or outright skipping items like ax use and care, yet still "signing it off"), poor map and navigation skills, inability to identify local plants/trees (ID'ing anim
  23. Oooohhh, just looked at CalTopo...very nice. I might be switching
  24. Google Earth with USGS topo data overlay. https://www.earthpoint.us/topomap.aspx You can toggle back and forth and get an exact satellite image of the area as well...plotting waypoints and treks is easy...gives you exact distances and elevation profiles on tracks and trails plotted. In Google Earth, you can also go back in time on the satellite shots for some excellent older satellite photos, shot at various times through the year, to make out features better. I also use a UTM grid overlay for those badges needing UTM discussions. https://www.earthpoint.us/Grids.aspx
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