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  1. I sorta see Stosh's point. That bitter taste is going to remain for a long time after the satisfaction of attaining rank wears off. OTOH, that bitter taste is also a valuable incentive to avoid something like that in the future by being better prepared. Hey, that would make a great motto: "Be Prepared". Some youth organization ought to adopt that as their motto.
  2. I'm personally glad to see the Scouting 'presence' in the cabinet, but not all that surprised. My only observation after the grotesque spectacle of the campaign, and especially the things Trump said regarding women, he would find opposition to a leadership position in this unit. And if by some means he managed to attain such position anyway, I'd advise the women to consider wearing cups.
  3. Tyke, Joe would be welcome here too. Looks like BSA hasn't noticed what happened in NC. If they really want to be true to some ill-defined principle, they need to require a karyotype for all members who might be disqualified because of gender. For Cubscouting in particular, it seems that being a woman is just fine after the age of 18 and in a leadership/role model capacity. But NOT if age 8? Right. Yes, as a society and with the help of technology we're finding previously unknown situations faster than some people can accept. But BSA is in a position of resistance to one more 'local option'
  4. And the purpose of a policy that allows him to 'have' the patch but not to wear it is...?
  5. I'm curious to know how many times has a boy passed the EBOR but was denied the rank by National Advancement Team?
  6. Yeah I agree with WAKWIB. It depends. If you want to move fast, it takes time to break camp, at least for our guys. We've done it that way plenty of times but on occasion, if the trip limit puts us in an urban area, we've stopped at a motel with a swimming pool as well. My favorite is heading to the Keys and stopping at the springs areas and other great parks in Florida. The travel becomes part of the overall adventure experience. But if time is tight, OTOH......
  7. Actually, I think Richard has good instincts. The flow rate is relevant mostly if one also takes into account the cross-section, gradient, roughness, and a good personal knowledge of the stream combined with good judgment is what is needed, not some arbitrary discharge number. I have watched several near disasters after the trip took bad advice from people who are not familiar with the stream. No one should take lightly the power of moving water, no matter what, and if there is any hesitation on the part of the leader, it might be time to seek one of those other plans.
  8. Wow, ad hominem attack extraodinaire! No hint of scout spirit around this post! I have (taking vumbi's advice for once) restrained myself from attempting to enter this 'conversation' and if there had been any doubt about it before, the above post confirmed it. To me it is clear that there is a problem. The above post is a good indicator of where to look to define it.
  9. I disagree, NJCubScouter. The OP didn't provide information that Beavah thought was needed. That kind of information void is (as you well know in these forums) likely to be filled with speculation in responses. Beavah provided as well-reasoned a response as he could given the background he had to work with. There is another clue that is also available. I think everyone knows that both Beavah and Stosh may seem to be full of themselves at times but both are well-meaning and, each in their own way, as thoughtful as they can be when they offer their ideas. Neither deserved negative votes as a
  10. Agree with TAHAWK. I think of experience as information that can't be communicated any other way. The two, information and experience, compliment each other and can be applied in either direction, information first or knowledge through experience. I sometimes wear two knots. I have earned many. I don't care much for the 'Russian general' approach so I don't employ it. If parents tend to base their opinions on something that superficial, then so be it.
  11. One drawback that I've noticed for the retired volunteers I've observed is that while the council places no value at all on volunteers whom they don't pay, it is the retirees among the overall volunteer group who seem most freely to decide when or where they feel like volunteering. I can't blame them really. The closest camp to us does not 'employ' retirees at all for summer camp, or really even any volunteers during summer camp other than unit leaders, as it should be.
  12. Had a conversation with Vumbi. He asked me to do a favor and thank everyone in this thread for (I'll paraphrase here) providing another example in support of his (ahem, low) opinion of I&P as a forum. I think I'll leave out the rest of the details. Favor done.
  13. I'm beginning to like Mrs. Stosh...maybe Sainthood for her for that matter...considering....
  14. Really Stosh, are you going to try to argue that you must be right, based on a Google search? John-in-KC, lol, at first I read your 'apologetics' as 'apoplectics'. Somehow my version seems to work better.
  15. LOL, Stosh, they don't HAVE to go into politics.... "It's okay for the boys to associate with liars, cheats, gossipers, adulterers, homosexuals, bullies, etc. the kinds of morality that doesn't show up on a background check. "
  16. Acco40, I like to ask them what evidence or observations would it take for them to change their minds? Usually that's the end of the discussion because they think they know what they know 'absolutely'.
  17. Seems like summer staff isn't exactly part of a mature career...more of a way to get a little experience and maybe 'test the waters'. When I was a camp counselor I was paid $5 per week. I had a bed, got fed, had electricity, etc. And I made $5 in addition to the experience and even some elements of education. Based on that personal experience, I doubt that staff like me would be considered in this whole issue. I sure know I wouldn't expect 'overtime' pay, whatever that is. I freely decided to apply as a counselor knowing what the pay was and that was that. If I was in it for big bucks I would
  18. LOL, gumbymaster, I think vumbi had the 'short answer'. Mine isn't much longer. He should live by the scout oath and law, especially in the tough times when the temptation is to engage in destructive behavior. He's competent in the woods and is an all-round good citizen.
  19. We don't. Checks only. We tend to like the paper trail.
  20. This looks like an appropriate thread topic for this. I got a PM from a member/moderator and after thinking about his message, I think he's right and I should not have left just because of some jerks who do not live by the scout law. I should have taken them to task. I apologize for leaving. It wasn't for the best of reasons.
  21. I sent a message to NJCubscouter explaining my decision. I'll be going now.
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