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  1. In addition to the concept of 'reverent', I would add: What does it mean 'to respect'? It seems that it means different things to different people. We sure seem to apply the concept differently.
  2. While I'm sure this is supposed to mean something, I have no idea what that meaning is.
  3. Sorry for sounding prickly. I don't mind dirt, the real stuff. I don't much care for being referred to, or seeing other people referred to as such, it's not 'friendly' at all. Don't drink coffee. Don't drink alcohol. Consider smores to be an abomination (those individual components should be eaten separately). No drugs (not even for headaches), pain occurs for a reason...it's only pain. No profanity. I don't allow violence in entertainment (which pretty much eliminates video games and television these days). Adverse to loud sounds (the natural state of the planet is near silence). And I'm not
  4. New member here. Was a scout back a few years but now I'm in an old unit as ASM. Interesting web site, here. I've been looking around and am amazed at all the different views and ideas. I enjoy a light breeze, blowing snow, and flowing water, either being carried by it or sitting nearby to just watch. I like good hikes where it's hard enough so the boys aren't yacking the whole time and when we stop they sit quietly to enjoy the rest. Favorite places: Southern Appalachians, Southern Cascades, Ural Mountains, Yellowstone, a few others here and there. Don't know what else anyone would like t
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