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  1. I ran across a scouter a few years ago at summer camp that did just that. Guy had at least 8 of them going up his sleeve. I really should have taken a picture but I was too stunned
  2. at the risk of getting ripped a new one, let me just add to the general consensus that it would be best if you release whatever attachment you have to your unit number, along with the less than $50 and camping/fishing gear, and move to create a new unit elsewhere with the members and leaders you have. Hemming and hawing is wasting valuable time...you are NOT going to be able to change this situation with your current CO. That may upset you but its just the cold hard truth. and yes, its very unfair. while Im offering opinions I wasnt asked for, I think you were a little hard on the Beave
  3. my son is having his ECOH in a week and a half....part of it will be an OA ceremony (consisting of the team leading him to the stage and reading an OA ceremony script that includes the meaning of eagle, candle lighting, etc). All other aspects of the ceremony are troop related, such as master of ceremony and honor guard/flag detail, etc. In our troop, each ceremony is different based on the boy's wishes and they borrow bits and pieces from each one to make their own unique
  4. I feel your pain...in the same boat as we speak. Second time doing this for summer camp and made the mistake of thinking the adults would take responsibility for their own while I take care of mine. So now with two weeks to go I am chasing parents to get it done ASAP. I can only say hopefully you learn lessons and develop a process that makes your job easier next time
  5. lifes gonna hit these kids hard if they think taking 10 minutes to fill out an app and 30 minutes to take an online course is too much of a hassle and is taking the fun out of everything. Or are we saying theres more to their complaint than that?
  6. agreed. Maybe national could find the time to create meaningful online training for the boys instead of seeing how convoluted they can make adult training. And no, I did not manage to type that out with a straight face
  7. I wanted to inspire some conversation about this, and you guys did not disappoint (I love this board). I left the details out because I didnt want it to sway the debate. So heres the deal: scout was taking the Personal Fitness MB. He's an active kid and has no problem with physical activity, but has no interest in sports or any career related to fitness. His first attempt at answering the question (via written correspondence since the MB counselor is rarely available...a pet peeve for another time) was woefully inadequate, and included the "not interested" comment. Scout was advised to
  8. interesting so far. Im focusing specifically on the "explain why this profession might interest you" part. If the scout did all the previous portion of the requirement with the counselor, and the scout believes he is answering honestly with "it does not interest me", is that good enough? After all, the requirement does not state "find out about three career opportunities, at least one of which interests you" or "hypothetically discuss with your counselor why this career might interest you". Further, if the scout has zero interest in the subject, why is his honest answer not good enough?
  9. Is "It does not interest me" a valid answer? curious as to others thoughts on this thanks
  10. We use TroopMaster and Mytroop in one of my troops, Scout Track in another. My previous pack used Packmaster, and Im still deciding what the pack I just started will use. The more I look at the options, the more I feel that there isnt one cookie cutter solution out there, but rather many products that fill needs based on the dynamics of your unit. I did just check the Scoutbook site, and I appears BSA has been busy rebranding them since the acquisition.
  11. and, strangely, the previous policy did NOTHING to prevent those 80 years of files. I dont recall reading anything that says sex with a minor is now an approved activity, or that it will be treated any differently than any of the other cases in those 80 years of files (in fact, the policy changes of the last 10-20 years make it likely that those incidents will be dealt with as harshly as they should be)
  12. obviously mom needs a timeout and the troop (boys and adults) need to see that behavior like that will not go unaddressed. And rude boy prob needs to be counseled in some way too but that probably should have happened during camp. So no excuses all around. That said, if a gigantic meeting is ill advised because there may be parents that are on crazy mom's side...well, then there might be some truth to her complaint about how the troop handles bad behavior. So my advice to the OP would be to have a good self-examination of the troop (after the camp issue is dealt with)...seems like somethin
  13. Ive tried to type out several replies, and find myself uncomfortable with every one. I truly do not wish ill for this man...if his claims are true then he has my sympathy. I dont mean to question his motives, but rather what a sastisfactory outcome would be. He doesnt seem to just be in this for the money, as far as I can tell from the article. If his claims are true then I hope he gets what he wants as thats whats really important here.
  14. the cynic in me agrees with your suspiscion of the timing. I can understand the law's intent of getting justice for victims...just not sure how justice can be served in a case where no complaint was made, no record of the incident was made and the perpetrator is dead. Moreso, Id imagine most of the leadership of that council and even BSA from 40 years ago are either dead or close to it. Its generally agreed that BSA had its issues with this subject during the time in question, but theyve made great strides in working to eradicate abuse from the organization. Other than money, Im just stump
  15. this issue definitely highlights how terrible the structure of the BSA organization is.
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