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  1. Noted..for sure! It could be, though, that this has an upside of setting a precedent for volunteers taking over the decision-making with regard to chartering, membership and a host of other things. Or (dare I say it?) expansion of local control. The logical next step is to start cutting 'professional' positions which are currently involved with these tasks. It could be 'win - win'.
  2. Why would I ask someone who wants to restrict guns for their opinion on what is the best concealed carry firearm for Scouting events?
  3. RememberSchiff, In response to your request I re-started a thread on concealed carry. Hopefully anyone wanting to discuss the role of concealed carry in scouting will move their comments to the other thread. I know I will.
  4. Stosh, I guess your statistical comparison translates to 'zero' mass-murdering psychos in scout camp dining halls for all of history. Yes, no? Anyway, when I revived the Concealed Carry thread in response to a previous request, I was stunned to see that it not only was IN the Program forum, but had remained there after a lively discussion.
  5. OK, someone asked for a new thread and I had a hunch that someone had beat it to death before. I was right. So...in the opinion of the gun nuts out there, what is the best concealed carry firearm for BSA outings?
  6. What are the statistics on psychos trying to commit mass murder at scout camps?
  7. While some of this probably varies from place to place, there may be a body of federal labor law that applies to this idea. If a scout is 'rented' to someone in return for compensation of some kind, then someone might be considered an 'agent' or an 'employer'. But definitely, those scouts could claim to be 'employed'. Seems like it would be far better for the boys to decide on their own to seek part-time work and just keep the compensation for their own purposes and if that happens to be for some aspect of scouting, fine.
  8. In that case he could not be an active member of this unit. The church leadership might allow him to attend services, I haven't asked about that.
  9. Because you crafted the title question the way you did, the Handbook seems to have provided the authoritative answer already. You asked about the troop in the title but you seem to be more interested in troop vs patrol in the text. If you're using the patrol method, then during actual activities (campouts, presumably) you will depend more on PLs leading their patrols. If you'll just let all this 'digest' a while in your mind, the hierarchy and the way its structure works will eventually emerge.
  10. LOL, if Clyde, TX is similar to the sleepy agricultural areas I've known over the years, the Sheriff would be getting a cut of the take. Nice comparison to Abilene. Been there many times. I had a friend once from Waycross, GA (a very sleepy town in south Georgia). We took him to a professional meeting in NYC and from about DC on, he was making comparisons to Waycross (the way we do it in Waycross, our train crossing signals in Waycross, you get the idea). He had never been farther south than Jacksonville, farther West than Atlanta, and farther North than the SC/NC border. We got a lot of laug
  11. I guess I missed the shift from criminal drug activity in BSA to ramblings about concealed carry. But as long as that's where we went, this CO prohibits concealed carry at any time or event. This applies to the congregation as well as the troop and pack. I support their policy. I add: this policy applies to open carry as well, pretty much all firearms at all times. The congregation seems to be solid on this policy as well.
  12. LOL, that makes it more of a 'Dumbell Curve', doesn't it?
  13. Not exactly a denier, but I am skeptical about it. There is no question that climate change is happening and has happened thoughout earth's history and there is no question that human activity has contributed to these changes, but if you run the IPCC models (and this is something I can actually do) and factor in the various claptrap that passes for so-called 'solutions' you'll see that even the most implausible combinations of political agreement and self-discipline on the part of humanity throughout the planet have tiny positive outcomes on what is likely to happen. To me the most we can ask
  14. Oh Great Horny One, you sure got that right! Hope this stays confined to PA.
  15. Really? So the church bus driver with the CDL must register even though he has no other interaction with the troop?
  16. I could argue that the POINTS of the Law such as 'friendly' or 'helpful' have long been loosely interpreted with regard to race (in the past) and sexual orientation up until recently. If that invalidates the whole thing then it was invalidated decades ago. 'Chiseled in stone' was probably what those racists thought they had back then as well.
  17. Hypothetically, if there was a forum member whose 'uber-leadership' was, in fact, superior to all others, touting that fact would be of little use or help to units that don't have him as the leader. It would come off more as gratuitous self-aggrandizement. Hypothetically speaking, of course.
  18. LOL, you don't need to explain yourself to me - I commend your latent 'flexible' tendencies. The uptight, selfrighteous crowd might think differently.
  19. "I may break a rule from time to time but it is never intentional." ROTFL You ought to be a politician!
  20. I would recommend door 2 or door 3 with a preference for door 3. The mixed gender nature of that experience is closer to society than the segregated versions.
  21. I agree with Krampus. It seems hypocritical for BSA to allow females into every part of the organization except cub and boy scouts. Apologies to SeattlePioneer...this infernal touchscreen 'took' an inadvertent brush by my hand as a negative reputation and I can't figure out how to clear it.
  22. I agree with Hedgehog and jr56. The only potential problem is if both you and the council are missing those records. That would probably mean a do-over. The merit badge counselors should also have records but in my experience it is rare for them to keep those.
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