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  1. Unfortunately the ultimate hurt from us all is the question as to 'why' would any person who wants nothing to do with a scouting group, just not let them go with all their belongings and funds? Why go through so much trouble to squander less than $50.00 and sell off camping/fishing gear donated to the pack of boys that could not experience the outdoors without it? The boys have worked so hard for everything they have.
  2. @@Ankylus, there is no need for us to keep a charter with this particular CO what so ever. And accusations are not part of my daily routine. This Pastor has done it to many before. Business and small group alike.
  3. @@Beavah, our district has gone through 4 DE's in the last 2 years. All young, no training. Only 1 had ever participated in scouting, he has moved to Arizona. The rest have been 'floaters' 'helpers' as we do not truley have a DE, much less an acting 'floater' that knows what to do or all the rules and regs. One DE, very young, no children, no scouting experience, fresh out of school accepted the job and quit a month after. So you can see now how we have no answers and or resolution unless we push for something ourselves. And a BIG FYI for your big headed unnecessary comments..... to pe
  4. @@frankpalazzi.....any felony????? Where the hell has this conversation gone? How dare you. So let's take one nasty assumption/allegation/suggestion and replace it with something equally disturbing. NONE OF OUR LEADERS HAVE DONE ANYTHING WRONG LEGALLY OR NON!.......AS STATED BY BSA.
  5. I have edited this post. Your comment against another forum member is out of line. This is the only warning I will give. You are free to explain your situation. You are not free to verbally assault another forum member. Sentinel947
  6. @@mashmaster, I think this might be the way we go. Veterans have so much to offer the scouts and vice versa. Thank you for your response.
  7. @@Beavah, I apologize but I have reported you and requested that your comment be removed. It may be your opinion, but creating speculation of wrong doing towards a child in any way, shape or form from an innocent party is very damaging and I won't allow you to do it to good people. If you are part of scouting what so ever you should know how hateful and damaging comments like that could be. The people you speak of have children in scouts and in fact have done nothing wrong. Its a matter of greed from the new church wishing to liquidate assets and absorb/appropriate the good neighborhood r
  8. Pardon me but would you mind elaborating on your answer David CO? I am here seeking help for our boys and details would be appreciated.
  9. Please help our pack! Our new pack (1 year old) has thrived with great success not only in our community but leadership as well. The boys are best of friends and we continue to grow. The Scouts have been publicized for all their community involvement and also offered many opportunities, donations and accolades from the neighborhood. I started this pack after leaving a previous pack that let their personal problems enter the group setting with children around. Their morals and values did not align with my own, or the way I wanted my child to be raised. Myself as well as all our leadersh
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