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  1. Instead of Councils and Districts, we'll have cell towers with really crappy coverage and frequent communication outages... oh, wait... not much of a change.
  2. So step up? If you have time to post on an internet message board, you have time to help your son cut some holes in a cardboard box (bean bag toss) and learn to tie simple balloon animals. Invite your pack's Tiger den over for some hot dogs on the grill, throw some bean bags around the yard, tie a balloon dog or two, and call it an adventure. It doesn't have to be Disney or Six-Flags (or even State Fair) quality carnival rides and clowns painting faces to "count", though extra points to you if you paint your son's and his friends faces with some Halloween makeup to look like clowns.
  3. well, if you've started 40 units from scratch, with my award idea you'd be walking with a severe list to the left... probably not good on the knees/ankles.
  4. Simple.. you build a robot and send that robot out to enjoy the outdoors on your behalf, while you sit in the A/C drinking root beer and watching it on a TV monitor.
  5. I doubt anyone here cares about "perfect attendance" at Den meetings. As long as all the requirements have been completed, what's the issue? Even a kid in sports seven days a week can crank out a requirement on a weekend with some help from his parent(s). Missed a den meeting or three? Guess you have some "homework" to do, right?
  6. Does he say, "Holy cow!" a lot, too?
  7. Obviously we need a series of pinned devices that can augment your "New Unit" award... perhaps a Bronze Tent device for the 2nd new unit, then a Gold Tent for #3, and a Silver Tent for #4. Fifth new unit established, you'd wear a Silver Tent and a Bronze Tent, etc., kinda like Eagle Palms.
  8. It shouldn't. Being selected to be PL isn't a "promotion", its a task assignment, and all tasks come to an end (eventually).
  9. kinda looks like a "gun" to me... besides, I'm sure you've all read about the inherent dangers of Dihydrogen Monoxide, right?
  10. ok, you owe me a new keyboard... coffee everywhere
  11. Hopefully, nobody took an arrow to the knee...
  12. I stayed on as Pack Committee Chair for a year after my eldest went to his Troop, then I took a year off of Scouting altogether... and got roped back in as a Tiger leader when my youngest joined up. "Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in."
  13. I know what I would have done... GET SHOT DOWN! On topic, tho... I don't personally care whether the boy is a 12-yo Eagle Scout or he's 17 years 364 days old and finishing his EBOR via phone while driving to his college dorm. As long as he's the one who fulfilled the requirements, and we're not pinning a medal on his helicopter parent.
  14. There isn't anything to explain. "[H]ow the decline of pirates is causin' global climate change" is a matter of faith to the devout Pastafarian.
  15. Ah... an Introduction to Moral Relativism. Very nice.
  16. Well, there should be plenty of liberal organizations willing to sponsor Scout units now, right? I'm sure the LGBTQIA Society of Greater Bismark will step up where the Catholic Church has withdrawn.
  17. naw, just have one of your Unit Key-3 log into my.scouting.org and mark them "trained". No DE involvement.
  18. Caution: Life may be hazardous to your health.
  19. "its sunny today" == "hazardous weather" ???
  20. no, that's not correct at all.
  21. So... 3H won't have a council camp, it seems. Neither IMR nor ODKT are set up to be Boy Scout camps - they're Cub-focused. Neither has legit archery, rifle, or shotgun facilities, and the dining hall at IMR seats maybe 200, tops. I hope they're successful in buying-out the property and re-purposing it.
  22. Hundreds of thousands of people die every day. Some way too soon. Some in "good" physical shape (for their age), some not. Not enough of them are lawyers and politicians, but I digress. When the Good Lord says its your time to go, you're going, no matter what your doctor said during your last colonoscopy. Pray YOU get to go out doing something you enjoy, surrounded by people you love (or at least, people you tolerate!) rather than rotting away in a nursing home, forgotten.
  23. Well, y'know what?... too bad! Perhaps the Bishop should do a better job of selecting the right man for the job? Just because he has the power to assign someone the task shouldn't let HIM off the hook for making a crappy selection. If the guy's legitimately "too busy", someone else should get voluntold; otherwise, suck it up, Buttercup.
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