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  1. Re: swimming, I'll accept a current "buddy tag" from summer camp showing the boy completed the BSA swim test as proof of 1st class requirement 6a (blue) or 2nd class requirement 5b (red), and I'd sign off the rest as appropriate after a discussion with the Scout. Re: first aid, the 1st requirement is to satisfy your counselor that you have current knowledge of all first aid requirements for T21. Unless I was the boys First Aid MB counselor, I would not sign off on the first aid requirements until after the Scout demonstrated them to MY satisfaction (or to the satisfaction of the person(s) delegated to sign-off) Part of that is that I know the guys who run aquatics at the camp we go to, and I know they won't mark a Scout as blue or red unless its legitimate - for safety/liability reasons - and because the testing is done one-on-one. First Aid is taught as a "group", so I don't have quite as much faith. I'll accept the signed blue card, because those are the rules. But there is no rule saying I have to blindly accept the blue card's implied satisfaction of rank requirements.
  2. he did mention a few pages back that it applied equally to both boys and girls, and since there are no girls in a boy scout troop, one can conclude that it applies to more than just Boy Scouts. by "extracurricular", I meant "anything and everything not specifically and exclusively related to Confirmation". e.g. "extracurricular to Confirmation"
  3. His Church doesn't want its parishioners participating in "extracurricular" activities during Confirmation. Its not a UNIT ban, and its only tangentially a "CO" ban (tangentially, because this Church would still have that policy, even if it wasn't chartering a BSA unit). We may not "like" this Church's policy, but lets not mis-characterize the situation.
  4. eh.. Churches will do what Churches will do - that's why there's as many flavors of Christianity as there are flavors at Baskin Robbins.
  5. Well, technically Stosh, even if one of David CO's scouts left and joined a different unit, that boy would still be prohibited (by their Church) from participating in service projects during the time he's a confirmation candidate. Granted, the new troop's Committee would most likely be completely unaware of that prohibition, and it would be up to that Scout to be Trustworthy on his own. However, said Scout could also honestly state that he's not interested in confirmation, and do so without fear of reprisal.
  6. Those who are "unchurched" probably DON'T want to be evangelized at - otherwise they'd be IN a church already, no?
  7. so... in the future, when you use the impersonal pronoun "we", please make sure WE know which "we" you're talking about
  8. In neither of these cases is anyone violating the "No council, committee, district, unit, or individual has the authority to add to, or subtract from, advancement requirements" rule. There's a big difference between (paraphrasing) "our UNIT will not approve an Eagle project unless the scout has been Confirmed" and (paraphrasing) "our CHURCH its prohibits confirmation candidates from participating in certain extra-curricular activities until after Confirmation". One is a blatant violation of BSA rules, the other is not, even though they both may have identical outcomes.
  9. Doesn't really matter what your position is, if it at all runs contrary to the published BSA documentation.
  10. If it was the same injury, from doing the same thing, both times? yeah, probably... I got the impression from the OP that this was four similar injuries from doing the same thing four years in a row.
  11. No, you don't "gotta love 'em". If your son's gotten injured that badly four years in a row, I think he, you and Dad need to re-evaluate what he's up to.
  12. Sounds like you found a new "volunteer" to be your Pack's Media & Mass-Communications Specialist.
  13. Well, Executive-types have to DO SOMETHING to justify their continued existence. Just maintaining the "status quo" is boring - they need to be REVOLUTIONARY!
  14. MrBob

    Closed Toe Shoes

    If you make it a "Unit Policy", then whether or not its a BSA Policy is irrelevant.
  15. Seriously, guys... what part of "No council, committee, district, unit, or individual has the authority to add to, or subtract from, advancement requirements. There are limited exceptions relating only to youth members with special needs. For details see section 10, “Advancement for Members With Special Needs.â€" are you not understanding?
  16. Official policy? Nothing that I'm aware of, aside from the 1st Class rank requirement: 10. Tell someone who is eligible to join Boy Scouts, or an inactive Boy Scout, about your Scouting activities. Invite him to an outing, activity, service project, or meeting. Tell him how to join, or encourage the inactive Boy Scout to become active. Share your efforts with your Scoutmaster or other adult leader. Haven't seen anything stating boys can't do #10 more than once.
  17. In my opinion, there's no need for a specific "bullying" statement when we already have - "On my Honor, I will do my best to ... obey the Scout Law", and - "A Scout is ... Loyal, ... Friendly, Courteous, Kind, ..." That pretty much covers it.
  18. Make sure your parents sign the "talent release" portion of the A/B/C Health Form, and don't ever use the boys' last names. Other than that, there's no issue.
  19. $0.14 per mile, 50% "bonus" if you're the bloke haulin' the trailer.. Got sick of chasing after people for receipts.
  20. NYLT is not a listed requirement for Eagle, so I don't see what the issue here is.
  21. Times change, laws change. And there's no time for all those side jobs when you're playing football, soccer, basketball, lacrosse, baseball, band, orchestra, and trying to squeeze Scouting in somewhere. Oh, and school. Can't forget school. If parents would quit trying to live vicariously through their offspring, maybe said offspring would have more time for menial labor... but not my kid, he's the next Troy Aikman!
  22. $60/year dues, which just barely covers registration, Boys Life, and badges. We do targetted fundraisers for specific needs on occasion. Campouts are $25, summer camp is whatever summer camp is depending on where they want to go, paid out-of-pocket. I'd love to have $480 per Scout per year to play with - we could plan an expedition to Mars with that kind of money - but I nearly got lynched when I moved to raise the dues from $48 to $60 a few years ago.
  23. Click Here for the Modified Snell Knot You will be taken to a google aggregator.
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