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  1. I understand what you are saying and yes, knowing my kid, he would love either one. Thank you!
  2. Yes, he already has the swimming MB. That isn't required to do those MBs, is it? His friend doesn't have the swimming MB and are planning on doing canoe/rowing together.
  3. I thought it was ok. He liked going to the sustainable building supply store and seeing the different products. Definitely not buying one of those composting toilets. The rubbery toilet "bowl" looks like you would have to bleach/scrub it with every use. Gross. Also, because we are already pretty green due to having these exercises through the school and cub scouts, it was tough to reduce carbon footprint even more. We did for those few weeks but it was super tough and not something I would sustain.
  4. Oh! Got it. The people in our troop keep telling him to focus on rank and the Eagle track but he would rather do some fun badges too. Not sure he knew that sustainability fit the Eagle reqs. Thanks for the recommendations on Nature and Fish/Wildlife. I will suggest those to him.
  5. Ok. Thanks. Sounds like there isn't huge difference? He's ten, average size. Would either one be better than the other? We have done those huge canoes as part of guided tours but that is the extent of it.
  6. Huh? He picked out the sustainability MB. Not sure what that has to do with envir science? Is it similar? I could suggest that he look at that one.
  7. My son is headed off for his first camp out. He filled out the form for his schedule, but now he's second guessing what he selected. What is the difference between canoe and rowboat? He chose kayaking and rowing as his MBs this summer. He wants to do some other nonMB things with the rest of his time- snorkeling and fishing mostly. Thank you.
  8. Thanks for the responses. We will have a fun family discussion, I think, and then he can put down whatever he thinks.
  9. Ok, so my son asked my husband and I to keep track on a chart the things that we purchase. I've been doing that but now he has to say whether the items are essential or desirable. Kind of some gray area there. Would items purchased for possibility of emergency (like bug out bag stuff) be essential or desirable? Would items purchased to maintain house be essential or desirable like air/water filters or new knob to replace broken ones? What about new fence to keep in dog? What about new socks for son? Probably could have kept wearing the ratty ones, but they didn't look great. Certainly, w
  10. Hi, My son likes to fish and has grown up doing so. He is working on the fishing merit badge, which included learning knots. So, he can do them on the handle of scissors (he practiced them this way, not sure why). How does he go about actually using these knots while actually fishing? Thank you.
  11. Thank you for the input. I will show these to my son. He will not have the option of the snake, however. A bat house sounds much better to me.
  12. Honestly, most of the mammals we came across while searching were not ones I necessarily want more of (mice, rats, etc.). They were all over the camp we were at. Liked the deer though.
  13. Req # 5 Working with your counselor, select and carry out one project that will influence the numbers of one or more mammals.
  14. Hi, Does anyone have any ideas of projects that can be done to increase the numbers of a mammal? Thank you.
  15. Well, he is participating in lots of things, just not campouts. Almost every weekend, he is helping out at an Eagle's project or doing some kind of service for the charter organization. He says he loves Boy Scouts so I guess that's what we'll go on for now. I got a little worried because one of his buddies is dropping out because he thinks Boy Scouts is boring. My son is kind of easy to please. If you feed him at the end of the hard work, he's good. As for pushing to let him go on these campouts, he's never done anything like that so I have no idea if it would be a disaster or not. He's a
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