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  1. Sorry it took so long to respond. My notifications got caught by the spam filter. Thanks so much for all the input! It's really reassuring to hear other opinions and experiences and not feel so alone in this. I ended up asking someone at the council office when I was in the other day, concerned maybe I had overstepped. Just about every person in the office took turns lecturing me about being too lenient. There are an absurd number of people in there with health issues caused by sun damage. They want all our leaders and youth to take hazardous weather training (or repeat it) before we can h
  2. The scouting I get, but the people confuse the snot out of me. I would love some wisdom on this one. Our crew holds a monthly airplane wash fundraiser. It's like a car wash but with planes. Working hard together out in the sun. Last month, it was very sunny. I offered sunscreen to the kids but didn't push it when each and every one turned me down. They all went home burnt, one with some nasty looking blisters. None of the parents held me responsible, but all commented that the kids should have used sunscreen. I told the crew members, at the next couple meetings, that they needed sun protec
  3. I understand where you are coming from. LDS troops follow a very altered program. I'm LDS and love scouting. My kids participate in their scouting themed youth groups with the church, as well as real scouting programs. According to our registrar, there are only a handful of non LDS units in the state. Up here, in the Logan area, there is a single non LDS troop and a single non LDS pack. There's also a tiger only pack for LDS members that want their kids to do the whole cubs program. I'm the Advisor for one of two non LDS Venturing Crews. Both were formed by the perseverance of one of
  4. I didn't know there was even such thing as a Venturing commissioner. I'll see who I can find. Training run by someone other than myself would be great! I was told the crew is responsible for it's own training. This area only seems to hold roundtables once per quarter, and other than that leader training is held at camps while the kids are doing other activities, and "units handle their own training". Though, if I can figure out when they're running it, we're generally welcome to join. The 30 seater is the BIGGEST we have access to. I have no idea what kind of plane it is. I haven't seen i
  5. Thanks for the tip. Our council doesn't seem to care much about that, so I think I'm going to have to be really persistent.
  6. Our sponsor is THE business at our local airport. They hold a monthly breakfast that folks fly in from all over the country for. It's kind of like a car show for small planes. We're holding an airplane wash fundraiser during the breakfast each month. We have some local aviation students teaching a Jr ground school a couple times per month. There's an aviation jamboree a bit south of us next month that we're planning to fly in and attend. We're trying to set up our first flight toward the end of July though. We're doing our annual seminar in conjunction with the airport open house in a couple w
  7. Hi there. I'm the advisor for a brand new aviation crew in Logan, UT. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed and hoping to find some wisdom and encouragement from more experienced leaders. I ended up as advisor kind of by default. None of the other adults involved in starting the crew knew anything about scouting (out here all we really have are LDS troops. At their best, those are more like BSA themed youth groups than real troops. At their worst, they're just handing out awards - even eagle - for nothing more than attendance). So, I'm in the position of teaching and training not just the youth,
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