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    Venturing Leadership Award, Silver Beaver, Hornaday Gold Badge, Distinguished Commissioner, Dr. of Commissioner Service, ARRL Community Org Award, Venturing Advisor Key, Venturing and Boy Scout Training Award, Cub Scouter Award, Wood Badge - I used to be a Buffalo.
  1. Clothes lint combined with the hand sanitizer make good starters
  2. In this case there was adequate planning and development, it just did not make it into the report. I was glad to find out he had answers to my questions. The report is less important than the project. The project is also only part of the evaluation. I was just wishing there was better communication between the district and the unit after the proposal, and would not be opposed to the district signing on final report, yet that decision was made by national already...
  3. To close the loop. The board did pass the Scout. There was some good discussion with the Scout about writing as little as possible and leaving details out. Also was good feed back for the unit in that they thought the final project write up was reviewed by the council when the Eagle application was submitted. In reality it is only reviewed to see it has been signed off. Good feedback for the district to add the message in the Eagle presentation that they DON"T see the final until the BoR. Good feedback to the Council that there needs to be better communication between Eagle coaches and u
  4. So my real question is if the current process allows situations like this to happen, how do you avoid it? Does the District have to check in with the SM and see how each project is progressing? Should the Eagle coaches check in with the district advancement teams? Once the District approves the proposal, there is no check on the plan or the execution until the BoR.
  5. The District only approves the proposal. The Scout then plans, but the District doesn't see the plan until it gets to a BoR. When the proposal was signed, the scout was advised - these are things to make sure you address in your plan to assure success. All of which were ignored. This is also the second such project the District has seen from the same beneficiary, so a discussion will be had with both the Troop leaders and the beneficiary. When I spoke to the beneficiary about the amount of planning and development that was done by the scout he said - really very little as I hand led the s
  6. Yes, the problem is I am not the District Advancement Chair, and guess what? His 18th birthday is in 1 week! I would like to do just as you suggest however.
  7. No evidence of planning or development Routine labor is not normally considered appropriate for a project. How does this meet requirement #5 – no evidence of planning or development. No evidence of proper risk management
  8. When a District approves an Eagle project proposal, they usually don't see the completed project until the BoR. What would you do if you were to chair an Eagle BoR when after reading the project report knew that the Scout did not: Do any planning or development of his project. It was handed to him turn key from a city looking for labor. Did not follow any of the District suggestions for changes. Did not follow the directions of the city (to wait for 1 week after applying herbicide before planting - instead did entire project in 1 day) There are a few more points but that
  9. Our Council gives us the Eagle kit. Family pays for the CoH. Troop buys a small gift and the 1st year of membership to NESA.
  10. He would also have to get to 1st Class to be eligible.
  11. All, Yes the learning moment will be delivered to the lad about not waiting for last minute. Meanwhile the Council Advancement Chair has OK'ed electronic signatures and the SMC was done by phone. Further study of the GTA indicates the signatures are not required prior to the 18th birthday. - ... Note there is no requirement that the signatures of the Scout, unit leader, and committee chair must be dated before the Scout’s 18th birthday. - ... There is no requirement that the application must be completed or submitted before the 18th birthday. Councils do not have
  12. I thought I would relay this to the group for opinions I have a Scout that turns 18 on Wednesday. He just finished his project on Friday. What is the problem? He set up two appointments with the SM for a SMC and the SM forgot both. To make it worse, the SM left for a one week vacation. The Scout needs his signature for the workbook, application, and the SMC. Yes, the Scout did not plan well leaving it so close to his birthday assuming everyone would be available as he needed for the last items. Question is what can he do now? Anyone have ideas...
  13. @@DadScouts In the Northern Star Council, the Council provides a temporary Eagle patch for the photo shoot!
  14. The BoR is the date he is an Eagle, but he can't officially wear the patch until your Council gets the paperwork back from National. There is no requirement to have a CoH, and I would doubt anyone would raise an eyebrow if he were to start wearing the Eagle patch the day after the BoR - from the GTA: The Eagle Scout medal or patch must not be sold or otherwise provided to any unit or to the Scout, nor should the court of honor be scheduled until after the certificate is received at the council service center from the National Advancement Team.
  15. Only Hornaday projects look at the continuation piece. Eagle projects are supposed to be about demonstrating leadership aren't they? Not all Eagle projects involve construction after all...
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