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  1. MrBob

    A letter from my SE

  2. And these AOL Scouts took advantage of prior year's AOL Scouts who raised funds for the Pack. Is some parent concerned that Little Johnny isn't getting his mom's perceived "fair share" of the Pack's bank account?
  3. MrBob

    Scouts as Free labor

    Depending on your lawyer's interpretation of the Fair Labor Standards Act, if the Landscaping Co. is having the Scouts do work for free that the company normally pays employees to do, those Scouts will be considered employees and are due a wage.
  4. MrBob

    Scouts as Free labor

    Not a service project, but might be a decent fundraiser opportunity if the landscaper pays the Scouts a fair wage.
  5. Got a photo of the damages?
  6. MrBob

    Keep an eye on your scouts!

    Great... one more thing to terrify helicopter parents into caging their children indoors this summer.
  7. MrBob

    Request for Summer Camp Suggestions

    I'm taking 500' of various colors of paracord. Found a cool weave pattern I want to try on the handle of a bullwhip. I figure 6 days 'ought to be enough time to plait a 4-belly whip.
  8. MrBob

    is it time?

    Spock: I was not attempting to evaluate its moral implications, Doctor. As a matter of cosmic history, it has always been easier to destroy than to create.
  9. MrBob

    Tour Plan?

    Maybe National should be forced to continue to use Tour Permits until they figure out the planning aspect of the program?
  10. MrBob

    Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award

    Anything run by your District has to be authorized by your Council since the District is an administrative sub-unit of the Council. I cannot see how a District event would not count.
  11. MrBob

    Can a Council take over a tree stand?

    Dead horses are the glue that keeps this forum together!
  12. MrBob

    LDS Dropping Senior Youth Scouting

    Don't want commit the mortal sin of "mansplaining"!
  13. MrBob

    LDS Dropping Senior Youth Scouting

    Cooking will be dropped as an Eagle requirement, because it'd be sexist to force a female to cook for her male patrol members.
  14. MrBob

    New merit badges "coming soon"

    That sounds similar to the Quantum Mechanics merit badge, which appears as all possible patches until someone actually DOES look at it, thus collapsing its wavefunction.