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    Eagle Scout Shown Leniency

    There is Justice, and there is Mercy and there is Grace. The three concepts are often conflated. Mercy is called for when the accused individual was not aware of his transgression, not aware of his situation. Perhaps not aware of alternative actions, or not responsible due to immaturity ? If a young child might somehow cause the death of someone thru their ignorance of the results of their action.... Grace is concerned with forgiveness, This is for the other person (if any) involved and with the accused's Creator, God, Spirit to consider. Can the accused be forgiven? Justice thru the courts and state is never involved with Grace/forgiveness, it should only be concerned with responsibility of action, with "making the injured person whole", if possible. Mercy? Perhaps, but not "officially". If the state, thru it's intelligence, has declared the punishment for a declared crime, then that is what the accused should expect IF HE GETS CAUGHT and CONVICTED. For a judge to declare the accused and convicted to be given leniency, in effect mercy, due to his prior good behavior or future possible good behavior is questionable. One's future behavior is predicted by their past behavior. Ya gotta change the future past behavior by behaving in the future the way ya want to be judged by your past behavior ! As I said before, for an Eagle Scout to behave as this fellow was accused and convicted , I still ask, From Whom Did He Learn This Behavior?
  2. SSScout

    Tree falls, kills 1 scout and injures three others. (IN)

    "If a tree falls in a forest..." Trees can fail at any time, seemingly healthy trees may give way to wind, rotted trunk centers, formerly dry ground now saturated with water.... I would drive to work at 3:30am (!) every day. I enjoyed the clear skies, quiet mornings, empty roads. The first road I traveled went thru a wooded area. One morning, I was surprised as a BIG Oak fell across my path , just as I went under it. It landed astraddle the road, with the hood of my car under it, the main trunk about 6" from my windshield. I was able to back out, car untouched, me only adrenaline excited. I phoned in the incident, and went on to work, on the wide shoulder of the road. I always urge my IOLS folks to consider looking up , not just around, when setting up camp.
  3. SSScout

    Eagle Scout Shown Leniency

    Priest, police officer, politician (pick a position), military officer, Eagle Scout.... Many are seen as role models, as examples of the "light side". When bad things happen and are brought to light, it is only right that their previous expectation of "good behavior" be mentioned. Yes. we need to make known the good stuff Scouts do. the 95% of the world that goes about it's business, treats their fellow humans fairly and respectfully is often ignored by the press. This young man learned what is right , but fell short in his behavior. He learned how to behave with the opposite sex from... who? Perhaps he needs to consider that. Perhaps the judge needs to consider that too. Good grades, school record, Scouting, and … add up to a soft slap on the wrist or a harsher punishment? "well, I got caught this time...." How often did this occur before he "got caught"?
  4. What Qwasze said..... Here's a summer camp: https://vimeo.com/66719272
  5. SSScout

    First New Troop Adult Meeting

    Bizarre. Sounds more like a GSUSA Troop. Without some "recruiting", who is going to be there next year? What's the use? Only the kids we have now? If Scouting is worthwhile, if the IDEA is worth promoting and insisting on for our future citizens (don't forget, your kids will pick out your assisted living facility), then you (YOU) need to get the Troop known. Sign out front of the meeting place, news article/ social FB thing about the service project, another one about the overnight on the old ship, another article about the Philmont Trip planned (and later accomplished). Demo table at the town fair, appearance in the 4th of July Parade, Little cards to hand out to other kids/friends/relatives inviting them to join the fun..... And make it impossible for the nascent Scouts to have any free weekends. Make your Troop motto "ALWAYS ON THE GO", and live up to it. See you on the trail.
  6. Best type of Scoutmaster? Takes no credit to himself, seeks no credit for what happens or "gets accomplished". The Scouts get the credit and feel the success. The Scouts make the plans, with some direction ('you sure about that? Have you asked What If here?"). It is never so much Scoutmaster Led as Scoutmaster Likes . Lao Tzu is correct. And B-P is correct. A Scout should feel the SM is a friend, and not a "boss". He should see the SM as a Senior Scout, someone who knows his Scouting, or if he doesn't in some respect, is man enough to admit it, and mature enough to know where to ask for help. The SM's philosophy should be reflected in the ASMs too. Socratic method (ask questions to lead to knowledge) is preferred. The SM of my youth sat at the campfire, smoking his pipe and sent the ASPL's and PL's to teach and sign off on requirements. And he told stories.
  7. SSScout

    Camp info packet

    Okay, Troop. Dump your gear in your tents and come back here to the table in five minutes.... Great. Is everyone here? Okay. On the count of three, everyone point to the campsite bulletin board.1,2,3.... uh huh. good. Now, put your hands down, on three, point to YOUR Patrol Leader... 1, 2, 3... Uh huh, you sure about that, Stan? Uh huh.... Alright, now on three, point to the SPL... 1, 2, 3. POINT awright then. Yep, that's Jake... Jake? I'll see you later. I have a Scoutmaster meeting at the Camp Office. Get the camp ready. Bye....
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    How to find out old rank?

    Record keeping: NCAC microfilmed old records, and if you know the approximate date involved, you can run thru the microfilm. The paper was destroyed after the film was made. When my home Troop decided (FINALLY!) to celebrate it's longevity, I went to the Council and did the search. It was very neat to see those long forgotten names again. Proof that, yes, the Pack and Troop were 50 plus years old... Finally, they held a celebratory picnic, media attention and all, celebrating our 61st anniversary. Yes, it took more than 8 years to figure it out and make it happen. Aside: When Scoutson graduated to full time Boy Scout Status, ( 2005) and I started attending the Troop Meetings (in the back of the room) and became a ASM, I thought something was peculiar about the flags as the Scouts did their opening ceremony. After one meeting, I went and inspected the USA and Troop flags. The Troop flag was cotton/wool fabric, it looked old. The US flag had 48 stars! They were the same flags used when I had been a Scout ! And no one had noticed ! The Scouts took'em out of the closet , marched'em up the aisle, and marched'em back and put'em back in the closet, without a further thought.... After a conversation with the CCh, we got new flags and folded and put the old ones away in the file cabinet.
  9. SSScout

    First New Troop Adult Meeting

    As in everything Scouty, "it depends" Another vote "NO" as to Web3. Give them the Scout Hnadbook, tell/encourage them to read it. Ask the local Boy Troop if they have some Instructors for Scout Skill stuff, willing to visit. Elect PLs, etc. SM sits down with the Scouts or PLC if you have one, and talks over "opportunities". I like the previous idea of a local parent property for initial camping. Back forty type place. That is how the Troop of my youth started. One of my favorite stories involves a PLC I sat in on, with the SM encouraging a new SPL and PLs. The SPL finally said "You mean I can make that decision"? " to which the SM said "DUHHH . . . ". Troop numbers. We were initially told the new girl Troop number could be A) any number at all, not already owned, or B) a "variation " of the number already of the Boy Troop at our CO. So they chose XYZ2... And the papers were signed and sealed and turned in . Congratulations ! Later, we were told the first instruction was incorrect, that the charters and records would note XYZG(for Girl) and XYZB ( for boy) Troop. *sigh* SO we still are the proud Scouters of Troops XYZ and XYZ2 .
  10. Price of a milkshake went up a quarter at the local B&R. 

  11. SSScout

    Faith and Chaplaincy Issues

    Thank you. I appreciate the effort and dedication you and Terri exhibit for all things Scouty And now, inspired by Groucho Marx, let me say,,,, and now, on with the forum. Let joy be unconfined, let there be Faith in the streets, Chaplaincy in the camps, and hiking on the trails. Play Don.....
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    Icarus dilemma

    Oldisnewagain1 : Maybe you don't really want a … back pack.... Maybe you're asking the wrong question... https://74fdc.wordpress.com/2013/01/18/woven-backpacks-design-rooted-in-history-and-tradition/
  13. SSScout

    Troops Chartered by Churches

    The answer, as in much of Scouting is... "it depends". Yes, the CO "owns " the Unit. Yes, if the Unit, for what ever reason should fold up and blow away, the Unit's assets would devolve to the CO. Legalities.. Yes, the CO has oversight for the Scout program, legally. The BSA programs are a franchise operation, if the program should not pass muster by the BSA folks, or by the CO's folks, the Unit could be in trouble. Budget? Events? Leadership approval? Public view? Does the Scout Unit really show the CO to it's best ? All considerations if the CO so chooses. But... A Scout is Trustworthy. There must be a certain understanding between the CO (thru the COR and the IH , yes?) about who is in charge of the Unit's operation, events, money, Scout stuff and the Scout Unit Leaders. Yes, there is such a thing as too much micro-managing. But it is also a good thing if the CO takes an interest in "their" Scout Unit. Many (most?) COs have a hands off attitude (we don't bother them, they don't bother us) toward their Scout units. "Isn't it good, we like Scouting, looks good on our publicity, XYZ organization sponsors a Scout Pack/Troop" sort of thing, without a thought of "doing" anything about it. Sign a piece of paper once a year, how ya doin'? Good, see you next year... I would counsel looking on this as an opportunity to foster trust, knowledge of the wonderfulness of Scouting, seek to gain more support and (!!) Volunteer Leaders. Service to your church? Good publicity? An involved COR ( he/she is the voting member of Council !) is a VERY good thing. Smile and answer their questions. Submit a budget? Plan for the year ahead? Talk about the wonderful young people you work with? The Church has Eagle Scouts in it's history? I hope you have a plaque on the Church Social Hall wall listing these accomplished young people. Is this new concern an annoyance? An obstacle to your Scouts being Scouts? Or is it a blessing in disguise? A Scout is also Loyal , and Cheerful and.... Oh, and GrammaScout? Welcome to the forums, thank you for your concern for your ("your !" ) Scout Troop, and Good Scouting to you ! Notice how realistic the virtual smoke is as it follows you around the eCampfire, no matter where you sit....
  14. Doesn't Scouts Canada have a highest rank, equivalent to the BSA Eagle? If she earned much of her Scout Skills in the Scouts Canada program, perhaps Ms Ireland might pursue that ? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Queen's_Venturer_Award
  15. SSScout

    Faith and Chaplaincy Issues

    Always good to see questions concerning religious bias here in the Faith and Chaplaincy forum. Oh, wait...
  16. SSScout

    Duty to God question

    Always good to see reasoned discussion here in the Faith and Chaplaincy forum. Oh, wait....
  17. SSScout

    Eagle Workbook questions

    Yeah, pity the poor Assyrian Scout. That cuneiform is a real bear to get straight on that clay....
  18. SSScout

    Duty to God question

    While I have your attention, I am reminded of the agnostic, dyslexic insomniac. Poor man lay awake all night wondering if there is a dog....
  19. SSScout

    Duty to God question

    *sigh* "By their fruits ye shall know them". Most Scouts do their DtG without even knowing it. This is, as has been said, not a pass/fail thing. "Tie a bowline" Yep. "Point out Poison Ivy". Yep. "Recite the Scout Promise". Yep. "Live your life according to the Scout Law and Promise." ummmmmm . . . When I served as a Scout Chaplain at the Jambo, one of my duties was to sit in the "Relationship" pavilion and be "available". The Scout could earn a patch (!) by coming by and visiting their faith's exhibit. If they didn't have one, (didn't profess a faith, faith wasn't there) they could speak with the "Chaplain di jour" (me). In my 5 hour stint, I met Scouts with unique faiths (Jain? Taoist? Sikh?) and learned alittle myself. And I met a few Scouts that said, in essence, "I'm not so sure about this God stuff." and we would talk. My fellow Chaplains told similar stories. Draw them out. Logic? Science proof? Is humanity the final power in the universe? Is Catholicism/Hinduism/Buddhism/Taoism/Protestantism (choose and -ism) the final word? Define religion? I heard talk about searching, asking, wondering, finding problems without answers, that's what a Scout should be about.... Now if the Scout poo poos the idea and naysays religion and denigrates any faith, then I have a problem with his/her abidance with the twelveth point....
  20. SSScout

    Lightweight Rain Jackets

    Choices: Over the pack, large poncho is good for standing around in the rain. I hiked with one , and concluded the sweat incurred while hiking with pack condensed on the inside of the poncho. It was almost like not wearing one. Standing still, not much problem. I have a gortex clone Marmot over the hip jacket that I like. It breathes, and sheds water. I will say, as it ages, the goretex Teflon stuff gets "dirty" and eventually passes liquid water. Ventilated vinyl ? Coated nylon? Gortex breathing fabric? Helly Hansen foul weather gear? When I rode my motorcycle regularly, I came to love the heavy duty absolutely rain and wind proof Helly Hansen rain suit I bought. Buy BIG, so it has room for breezes and even a sweater if it gets cool.
  21. SSScout

    Who's got these Boy Scout Movies?

    Do cartoon tv shows count? Rowan Atkinson, animated....
  22. SSScout

    Got acronyms?

    IOLS Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills BALOO Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation WWend Webelos Week End ASM Assistant Scoutmaster UC Unfortunate Commish DC Distinctive Commish ADC Assisting Distinctive Commish DDC Deputy District Commish RTC Round Table Commish ARTC Assistant RTC PPFF Purdue Perpetual Fudge Factor
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    On a less serious note....

    Scoutmaster’s Song (with apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan) When A Scouter’s not engaged in his employment (his employment) or planning to go camping with his Troop (with his Troop) his capacity for innocent enjoyment (-cent enjoyment) Can easily be knocked off for a loop (for a loop) Our feelings we with difficulty smother (-culty smother) When some Scoutmasterly duty’s to be done (to be done) Ah, take one consideration with another, (with another) A Scoutmaster’s lot is not a happy one. Ooooohhhhh… When Scoutmasterly duty’s to be done, to be done, A Scoutmaster’s lot is not a happy one. When the helicopter parent is not hov’ring (is not a hov’ring) When the Scout is not a-cutting off their thumb (-off their thumb) He loves to hear the bug-a-ler a-bugling (bugler bugling) And enjoy his tea while sitting on his bum (on his bum) When the PLC has finally decided (has decided) Where the Troop should hike on weekends yet to come (yet to come) Ah, take one consideration with another (with another) A scoutmaster’s lot is not a happy one. Ooooooohhhhh, When Scoutmasterly duty’s to be done, to be done, , His duty is often not a happy one. (happy one).
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    Icarus dilemma

    Thoughts? I never got to hike in Philmont. The senior Scouts from my Troop used army surplus plywood packframes, made their own tarp tents out of 8 mil black plastic , duct tape, and grommets, came back hyped up. Our Troop went camping a lot after that. Since the older Scouts used 'em, dad and I went out and bought the M4 plywood packframe for me, lashed the BSA Yucca pack to it, and that is what I used thru the late 1950s. No hip belt, canvas, cotton cord. When the canvas backpad started to give way, I found a open mesh one that fit and that made a world of difference in comfort. Then a friend brought a Swiss rucksack. Aluminum frame, hip belt , nylon. Wow. Instant conversion. I got a Kelty/REI packframe, and then even tried to convert the M4 with a homemade heavy hinge hip belt thingy, which bent under the load. The M4 is ready for the museum.... When my friend invited me to walk the Camino de Santiago with him, I went out and bought a new Deuter pack. I think I had a max 20 kilos . Very comfortable, extra roomy, served very well. I crafted some rings on the bottom of the pack to lash the sleeping bag to, keeping the light weight stuff on the bottom. I believe I still would favor an external frame as being more adaptable, but the internal frame Deuter was very nice. Pockets on the outside for small stuff... Rain cape, Such choices available now. "Ya pays yer money and ya takes yer cherce."