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  1. I also took this year's course and during the 1st coplof days tickets were not mentioned that much. Then during the second weekend everyone in my patrol was hammered to get them written up. A cpl of fellow patrol members went thru the training bu decided to just not do them. A pre meeting about tickets what is acceptable would have been better at least for me. My only advice for new woodbadgers is not to start anything until the course is over just in case you were planning on using it as a ticket. To me, yes the tickets got in the way.
  2. Laurie, Den Chief training can be done within the troop or as in our council it's done at Pow Wow
  3. It would have to be that it is a "contact sport" or contact being made to another person that could injur them
  4. Have to be 16? What about 40yr olds who act 16?
  5. Sounds like your heading in the right direction, It's great that you had the "boys" voting on what to wear as far as uniform. Have you considered a troop level JLT ? Why are you waiting 2 weeks for elections?
  6. My opinion...any contact sports are not allowed
  7. Hey OGE...this book of skits your putting together..any chance of etting a copy?
  8. When I was a Webelos Den leader I had three boys earn all 20. The patch is similar to the Webelos den leader patch. Has your Scout shoip tried calling other council shops? I'll see if I can try to find a picture of the patch and link it.
  9. Cpl of questions, does anyone know the name of the B & W movie about a Scoumaster that takes over a troop which meets in a church basement and a younger boy follows them on an outing and then gets lost? Anyone know when "Follow me boys" will be available for purchase. I have yet to see this one but I saw it on Blockbuster's web site for $16.95 for DVD but said it was out of stock. Also looking for the name with Gary Coleman as a Cub Scout Is there any other movies I have missed? I would like to start a personal collection.
  10. Tks Bob, this will be a great idea during a troop meeting to see how the scouts react to the situation.
  11. I bought mine at the Scout shop..Hey Sct ldr you were able to buy an eagle knot with no questions?
  12. At our distict there are two options 1. Your choosing 2. At the next Wood badge's course during one of their campfire's. I hope to be beaded next year. I used to be an owl
  13. What's the purpose for a Troop to be using a cannon? I never got that. It seems so unncessary for it to even be involved in Scouting.
  14. Ok if I'm the BOR member I say nothing to the scout but mention it to the S.M. to suggest to the SPL and or PLC that maybe a backpacking lesson may be in order during the troop meeting's instrucitonal time. Further thought Is it a question he doesn't have time or doesn't know what to bring?
  15. Tks scoutldr, I'll use that for next quarters newsletter
  16. Bob, I thought it specifically says they couldn't drive other scouts until at least 18, under what conditions could they then? parents approval?
  17. If I remember correctly licensed scouts may drive themselves to meetings and outings but cannot driver other scouts to any troop function until age 21.
  18. Definitions of the Scout,Patrol & Troop Spirit can be found in the SPL handbook pg 25 it may be used as a reference
  19. Does anyone have any good storys that would center around this topic. As a ticket item I am doing a newsletter for the troop I serve and use this as the headline story. I have two allready one being the American and Japanese soldiers (scouts) and also the one called "The Buckle" this story centered around a Germans soldier and a boy in WW2. If you don't have these story's please let me know and I'll e-mail them to you Owls Rule
  20. If anyone wants the picture of Beyonce send me a private message with your e-mail address.
  21. I believe it's the expedition hat has BSA in front with U.S. flag behind it. I have heard of other "stars" earin BSA uniforms but can't remember who exactly
  22. First I don't think it's supposed to be measurable, you may during your S.M. conference thru casual conversation ask him about it and maybe provide som examples. Now can you hold him back from it if he has been dishonest..I think I would or at least delay it if a Scout had been dishonest with me (using Trustworthy as an example) I also would be very interested in what others thought.
  23. This may be a little off topic but have found a picture of Beyonce Knowles wearing a BSA uniform w/District Commish patch and BSA hat.
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