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  1. This is what happend to a troop I was associated with, it completly destroyed it and was disolved 8 months later from everyone leaving
  2. What kind of Eagle ceremony?

    simple gathering with pictures, items he made in cub scouts, old uniforms and then present him with the rank
  3. Liability insurance during an Eagle Project

    So when a patrol does an activity on their on without adults then it's not a patrol activity
  4. Liability insurance during an Eagle Project

    However this is not a boy scout outing, no tour permit filled out we approve the project simply that he can use it towards his advancement. The project sponsor has already approved it first
  5. Liability insurance during an Eagle Project

    The council would not be providing the insurance the project sponsor would. This is not a boy scout project thats why you dont do it for them. This is a scout using the leadership skills gained thru scouting applying it towards a non profit project and using it towards his boy scout advancement
  6. MB counsolor in Bayarea CA

    I'm in the east bay if I can help
  7. Question about banned leaders/comitee members

    If you are asked about her membership your response "so and so was denied memberrship" that's all If you went snooping after learning that, that part was inapropriate
  8. thoughts on a "1st year" patrol

    Best idea keep the new scouts together with an older troop guide, let the patrol develop on thier own, remember during patrol time they will be working on a different skill set then life scouts, oh and btw that's the way the program is designed
  9. Rain Gutter Regatta Help

    Have a seperate sibling race
  10. Rain Gutter Regatta Help

    Have a seperate sibling race
  11. Rain Gutter Regatta Help

    Have a seperate sibling race
  12. Individual Scout Accounts

    Nothing special, the treasurer would keep a log but, let me remind you that the money belongs to your charter if something bad was to happen, unless your opening seperate bank accounts with the scouts name on it
  13. Once Receiving Notice About Eagle Award

    No, Our council sends a postcard to the SM to p/u the scouts credentials, thats it
  14. Blood Drive for an eagle project

    I recently turned down approving a project (yes I'm the 4th signature) at best he is a promotor of the event, nto a project leader. Steer him in another direction
  15. Raingutter Regatta--Looking for Ideas on How to Do One

    Another addition you could do is a sibling race