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  1. Definelty have to have adult supervision. As much as we want and need to trust them their are situations that may get out of their control. For insurance reasons isn;t it a must to have adult supervision with the boys throught the trip? (maybe a question for Bob)
  2. Sounds like this question is Proffesional Baseball a business or a sport? is there really one answer?
  3. Good meetings are were the boys are working towards advancement and having fun doing it same goes for campouts.
  4. Was the brother the merit badge counselor for all 18 merit badges?
  5. A Chat room would be the next step for this site, a great idea
  6. Other non Eagle Scouts....Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, John Ritter
  7. If I remember correctly it was about 5% of the total, the rest went into the boy's Scout Acct.
  8. Any Scout 1st Class in our troop and above can sign off on individual requirements. I would think that you should be able to also.
  9. The boy and parent should be removed from the troop especially after the threat of violence.
  10. Loved the story, I'll be sure to use it someday when I become Scoutmaster
  11. What about going to the schools during "Back to School night" and having a display w/scouts to talk to the possible applicants or make a personal visit to the Webelo's 2 dens in your city, take a couple of boys to talk to the Webelos and invite them to a Troop Meeting. Then at that Troop meeting maybe set up a mock campsite complete and have different stations 1. How to set up a tent 2. How to pack a backpack 3.Lashing station and then as they complete have some Dutch Ovens going for some desert for all who attend. This is what our troop is going to try to attempt this upcoming year for rec
  12. Our Troop is considering teaching this merit badge during the summer does anyone have any tips?
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