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  1. The Committee has already called council and of course said they would support whatever decision was made.
  2. I also would liek to go as a visitor, howeve according to Bob White Natl has not yet made a decision to allow them due to security concerns. I would just liek to gof for a cpl of days I couldnt make time for the entire jamboree.
  3. Actually I have thought about starting up a new troop but not sure what's involved yesterday I thought about making a phone call to council to see what the procedure was but decided nto to make the call. This definetly has cut a wedge thru the troop it's kind afunny the people who don't go on the outings or camp have the problem the people who camp dont't...go figure..From what I hear now the CC is stepping down next month and her son (SPL is also quitting. The SPL's decided to quit before this controversy. Having a parents meeting was mentioned but not acted upon, I wondered if I se
  4. No, really I'm not yanking anyone's chain I dont think I even could be creative to make it up. What part of it's not believable besides the entire part? But then again the unit is free to decide these policys.
  5. Dan.. I have not spoken to the two other ASM's since the vote, what they have told me is that they would probably leave if the rule didnt get changed they would probably would leave taking 3 more scouts with them. I'm really not sure what I plan on doing, In the process of working my tickets so I would at least finish that and probably talk to my son (Life rank) and see what his opinions were. No, the other parents in the troop are not aware of this, in fact the one committee member who voted against it suggested and e-mail be sent out to everyone for a special meeting to get every
  6. Worried that rumours would start, people would get the wrong idea, boys need male role models what happens if she gets hur on an outing? These were some of the items the committee was is concerned about. The real shocker for me is that the COR feels this controversy is hurting the program and at last months Camporee was "embarassed for the troop because we didnt win anything" ,and the year previous we only won 1 ribbon" Actually at the last camporee hardly anyone knew about this, it wasnt until the next troop meeting when everything broke loose.
  7. Well at the committee mtg.last night they heard from both sides voted 5-1 and decided to remain with their same decision and add it to the troop by-laws. A female (parent or leader) must have either another female or her husband on any "Troop only outings" excludes summer camp,Camporee,Scoutorama (district events) because other females would be there. At the conclusion of this vote the affected family decided that they would be transferring their two scouts out of the troop, and suggested we let future parents aware of this rule before they join the troop. The discenting committee p
  8. I can picture the form, It has a question like please fill in the bubble of your intersts and it gives you serveral options, archery, camping,swimming, hiking and then has stome type of followup like your son has expresed interests in the following items..is that it?
  9. No, the committee has not gone thru training for their positions (Troop Committee Challenge, and I beleive their is another course which escapes me New Leader Fundamentals?) but I think the later is optional
  10. Update.. After speaking with the CC Monday I she wants this rule in place for the following two reasons. 1. Scouts should go on outings with other men not women, they should be able to fart & burp w/o worrying about what a woman might say. 2. "I dont want rumours to start, I personally know of a situation in which the S.M.(male) had an affair with an ASM(female)at the same time her husband was also an ASM (they were also personal friends of mine) I overheard the C.O.R. state at last nights troop meeting "It's for her protection only" The committee members have agreed t
  11. What do you or the units you serve do, if anything for the new Webelos parents. Do you use a manual to help parents get used to the new lingo? I would be interested in your success in this area as the troop I serve currently does not do anyting.
  12. Bob, I guess they are not breaking any rules persay. I'll gracefully accept whatever decision the C.O. decides whether they reconsider or not.
  13. Dale, Is your SPL, PLC working with a monthly theme in the troop meetings? By using a monthly them it may spark interests in different merit badge or badges.
  14. Dale, Is your SPL, PLC working with a monthly theme? By using a monthly them it may spark interests in different merit badge or badges.
  15. Actually I think it's the C.O.R. that has the problem and had the committee vote on a new policy and then she presented it to the C.O. for approval. Now whether the C.O.R. represented both sides of the issue is another question. I would think that somehwere somehow a rule was being broken it seems discriminatory. We'll just have present our side of at least or objections and see if there will be any reconsideration.
  16. In response to your questions: Nielup.. I am not personally involved with the sponser and probably could speak to them directly. Twocubdad..were having an additional meeting on the 13th with everyone involved (not quite sure if the C.O. is invited) I also believe they rubber stamped this rule. When the CC advised the potential ASM (3 other witness) there is a difference of opionion what was said. The CC & COR state that shw was offered an ASM position but had the restrictons. The applying ASM and possibly another future ASM (she's a Cubmaster currently) state and q
  17. I respect and hear what you're saying Bob, it's just very, very unfortunate.
  18. Nielup.. The CC has never camped with the troop (she hates camping) only once in the 3yrs I've been with the troop has a committee member camped with us. The troop has had a female asst s.m. and no restrictions were put on her. She has since left the troop apporx a year ago.
  19. Well at last nights troop meeting it went down like this the committee upon receiving her application voted that she could be ASM but has tto have teither the second female or her husband attend outings due to they are afraid rumours would start. The COR then went to the C.O. stated what they wanted their policy to be and he approved it. Bob, I appreciate your answer but really? It's just hard for me to believe this can be allowed. Their is nothing in the troop by-laws restricting it. There is nothing that I know in BSA policy that restricts it and if the troop can override BSA then
  20. We recently just had an interesting situation happen in which the CC told a perspective new female ASM (she has two sons in the troop,W.B. trained and was a W.D.L. & Activitys Coord for the district) that she could not go on campouts with the troop unless she had a second female and or her husband attend. She stated that in the CC's old troop an inappropriate relationship had developed between two married people (can't tell you if it happened on a campout or Scouting was how they met) It would also appear that the CC rep has already gone to the C.O. and advised them of this and the com
  21. We have always referred to this as "Final Honors"
  22. What would everyone's opinion on having the leaders conduct a mock PLC as an example . I would imagine this would work better with start up troops than existing ones.
  23. I like to collect S.m. minutes and will look thru my collection to see if I can help you out.
  24. FOG..would it be a fair statement that you don't care for scouters that follow the program from the book?
  25. Nice dodge FOG bringing out the Sadam card..so why were 30% of your last 20 post personal attacks?
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