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  1. Hey Wheeler is discriminatory he forgot to count us Sincerly, Girls and Women
  2. Wheeler, Did you really look up all these references in the books? Are you really involved with a scouting unit?
  3. I'm new to this one and have never attended an ECOH, who plans it? is dinner usually served? How many speakers do you usually have?
  4. Yes, besides slow or maybe it's just me but when I rank a post with the thumbs-up or down it requires to put in your account number but you can never tell if your vote went thru
  5. Sure he can..... provided he is a completed merit badge counselor training, is a counselor for every merit badge and the scout has successfully completed the requirements. Ok now I will be ducking from paper wads being thrown at me..ha ha
  6. mk.. Sorry if I seemed to imply I want the committee to do everything for the boys that is not my intention, it is my opionion that everyone who is involved in the troop better understand their roles and how to serve the boys and the troop better by going thru training for their respective positions.
  7. Mark, Was the training valuable to the committee? I have a similar situation in which the committee in the troop I serve has not gone thru training in the 3 years I've been a part of it and probably not ever.
  8. Don't quote me but I think it's at least 1 week of consecutive camping but a total of 15 or 20 nights total only 1 week of that consecutive camping counts
  9. I've attended many mangement classes for the company I work for and have found that Wood Badge touches on alot of the points...team building ,learning to listen, working with others.
  10. Last year during a difficult time for the troop a couple of outings were cancelled due to lack of interests. The PLC planned the outing however when it came time to go nobody wanted to or maybe just a couple of boys. We no longer cancel an outing if only two boys want to go, we go and have a great time
  11. Great idea Bob having seperate ceremonies for each group of boys
  12. As an adult leader I personally wouldn't mind wearing the overseas cap also
  13. We have had 1 new boy off the streets and two confirmed webelos that will be crosssing over. During last weekends outing we had 4 other boys come by and visit and bring ice cream and hot fudge after their Pinewood derby. Our meeting room is aalso tight on space but this is a problem I would like to have of too many boys, rather be working on how to find more room than hear from "if I cant join your troop than I'll just quit"
  14. I sometimes wonder where our committee gets their questions from. I would like to sit in during one
  15. Bob, Would it be safe to say then the BOR process is a way or method to determine if the program is being followed? Not by having the scout repeat the knots and the 1st aid or naming his 10 plants and animals but to ask how he went about it?
  16. Made is as far as AOL, none of my friends wanted to continue on, I cant remember if I had anyone actually approach me about going into Boy Scouts
  17. Bob, Was it a tough decision to make? for myself who may be honored to be asked to serve as scoutmaster it would be tough because I really want to do it however on the other half all of the other ASM's all have sons in the troop also.
  18. Tks for the thread Eagley in Ky You posted the question is there any other ideas..not saying this is good or bad or you should be but during a meeting or outing what does your son call you? Dad or Mr. Eagle in K.Y? I always wondered if I should have taken offense to that question posed to my son or if I should have questioned the committee of the purpose of that question.
  19. I think the store called "Best Buy" also carries it in stores. Has anyone seen it? What did you think?
  20. During one of my son's BOR he was asked "How many merit badges has your Dad signed off on for you" appropriate? the answer was only 1 (non-eagle) of course. Allthough I know I can sign off on eagle required merit badges I dont by preference
  21. Explain what "he' needs to do if he wants to be eagle. Not everyone is going to be eagle this kid clearly doesnt want to do whats necessary.
  22. I just recently finished a TJLT it was our 1st in about 4 years. We did it at our normal meeting place. Doing it during an outing would be nice but I dont think the participation would have been as high
  23. Personally for me I wish they had told to have an idea of what your tickets might be before starting, then you can sit down with the SM and or the CC as to best help your unit. Everyone told me that your tickets will develop while your there but again for me it was better to have an idea or list of ideas before starting.
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