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  1. "Scouting has taught me values that I live by everyday from the moment I wake up until I go to sleep at night. " Whether or not someone makes eagle,ranger or even 1st class if they get this out of the program that's good enough for me
  2. LPC....you're so misguided the best patrol would be the wise ole owls!
  3. I too feel that FOG's posts are unscoutlike and just outright hateful towards Bob White. Why FOG cant post without sarcasim and hateful comments toward other posters without just stating his postion. There is a way to say you disagree with someone in a scoutlike manner.
  4. I'm not in favor of by-laws...or maybe I just don't like ours. They can be too restricting in our case it is a requirement in the by-laws to attend Brownsea training before one can become SPL...this "rule" is now hurting the troop as we have no one that wants to go to Brownsea this year and the past SPL's dont want to repeat.
  5. Great advice everyone, last night during my trial run it seemed that the heat generated by the coals ignited the bottom of the box and after hosing it down the aluminum foil was fine. I'll try the box that reams of paper come in next time.
  6. Ok my first attempt was not very successful. My errors included 25 degrees for each briquet and just standard reynolds foil..try try again.. how have you introduced this into your units as an alternative cooking source?
  7. Does a CO have claim to the boy's scout accounts?
  8. Steve, I also an ASM in the troop I serve and currently in the process of working my tickets. As most people will say or at least have said to me that your tickets will develop while in the class but personally it took some stress off of me when I had at least 10 ideas already before starting. My tickets include: 1.Troop Newsletter featuring articles from the boys in their leadership position. 2. Attend 1 yr roundtables 3. Troop JLT 4. Fundraiser Coordinator 5. And for diversity we will be camping with a Polynesian troop Have fun, I did, and can't wait to return to Gilwel
  9. This might be a little off track but question forthe field When a Troop does a fundraiser does it need to provide a service or product? I think I read it somewhere and just want to confirm. The other half would be can Troops go to business and ask for donations?
  10. Laura, If the parents do go let them know that the boys will have difficulty and you'll probably be hearing "Hey Dad, I can't do this" inform those parents to resist the urge to jump in and help out advise them on what to say. The famous first lines from a NSP last year at Camporee was "Dad, I cant find my underwear".....I cant wait till he earns his eagel so I can bring that one up during his ECOH
  11. How great Bob, 3 unique programs within the same troop it should give new scouts something to aspire to when they reach the appropriate age and skill group and they may be building som frinedly competiton as to who can have the "Greatest Great Experience" I do agree that if your Venture parol is running the program correctly then boys would not seek other options unless...they just like to camp with the girls ! ?
  12. Fat old Guy...What else can you do but ask and stress the importance...heck even I go door to door to recycle Xmas Trees my son and I earned a combine total of over $700.00 this year. Can't wait to go shopping
  13. Personally I would count it provided he was not paid for helping out. I beleive it does say in the book that the svc needs to be approved by the S.M.
  14. Bob, What type of activity's does you Venture patrols take part in during the meeting?
  15. Fat Old Guy...Do you communicate in anyway to the parents that are just writing the checks? If not does someone in your unit communicate to the parents that we need to discourage this practice?
  16. In the troop that I'm proud to be a member of the requirement is 1st Class and Brownsea trained. However I'm not so sure it should be arequirement but I do realize would help the boy greatly
  17. Here are a few: Raising a guide dog for the blind Crutches,eyeglasses or wheelchairs in needy places of the world Earthquake kits for schools
  18. Priceless dan? I spoken with Bob White he had told me that his family had a great time with his family at Philmont but have you gone with your family to Philmont? My son is 13 is there enough to keep him and my wife busy for the week/
  19. acc040..if I may ask what is it costing you? I guess I better check 1st if I can afford it and proced from there.
  20. Ok you got me looking in the mailbox for it...how does one sign up for a course like this?
  21. Tks, Eagle in Ky,sounds great I think I'll try it before the meeting
  22. I've been asked to do a presentation at Round Table about the following subject does anyone have any tips ideas or recipes they would like to share? Any ideas on how to present the subject would be most helpful.
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