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  1. Are you sure BSA doesnt require it?...I thought you had to be "properly dressed" for BOR's. I'm finding in other situations units can determine thier own policies ie:attendance & 30 day waiting period between BOR's can uniforms be another?
  2. Used to be an Owl WE32803 just completed my 5th and final last night and will be beaded on the 2nd weekend of this years class
  3. In the unit that I serve..a completly untrained committee (Troop Committee Challenge) which is composed of a disgrunted ex s.m., a COH that is way to involved in the program ie: calls the SPL (S.M.'s son) to remind him of the PLC, advancement person who told a scout he had to wait 30 days between BOR's, does not return scouts calls for BOR's a CC who doesnt like confrontation and discriminates agains other women from attending campouts. I think I covered everything.
  4. Sorry for the repeated posts, my computer was running slow and didnt think it went thru. Tks
  5. Ed, Any chance of getting that skit published here?
  6. Ed, Any chance of getting that skit published here?
  7. Ed, Any chance of getting that skit published here?
  8. Are the chinese characters that Eagleky provided what you need? I also dont understand what your asking on the english version of the chines word...isn't that what you already have in an earlier post?
  9. mk9750, Did you need this translated into chinese characters?
  10. Only 1 of the two adults attending a campout need be 21? i thought both had too.
  11. I've always thought theat these were conducted by a seperate group of individuals outside of the troop committee, however recently our own committee conducted on for one of it's own scouts. Is this correct?
  12. I agree with boleta, the scout can be encouraged to keep a record and to practice 30 days later improve on his numbers that were previously recorded..he's done
  13. For some reason my other questions didn't post. The other questions I had is it reviewed on an on going basis or just once a year? How are changes/updates communicated to the units?
  14. How often is the G2SS updated?
  15. Are there any scenes in partiqular in each of the movies listed?
  16. Eamonn, tks for the input..when all else fails pull out the book I'll be doing that to see if that stirs any ideas
  17. Eamon, How were you able to reach out to the parts of the community that are under served by scouting? What organizations did you contact in order to present what scouting is and what it can do for youth?
  18. My original diversity ticket idea is not working out, and I'm drawing a complete blank on what to use instead. What have you woodbadgers done for your units, just to spark some ideas.
  19. 2Eagle, I dont see how regular relates to active, a scout may attend meetings but may not participate. Let me give an example we recently had a Life Scout transfer in, this kid rarely talks to anyone, does not interact with the other scouts, does not play in the patrol games however just because he walked in the door your unit would call him active. You say your unit calls active, regular and you mentioned that under 50% isn't regular and if your not regular your not active. Please correct me if this is not accurate I may have misunderstood but isnt that putting a number too it?
  20. 2Eagle says "I find "active" to be a fuzzy word but don't attach a number to it in our by-laws. We use the word regular. Less than 50% ain't regular." But arent you doing just that putting a number to active or are you putting a number to regualar ? Does regular mean active to your unit? Active means that active not regular, or should be here or participates or better be here and no where else.
  21. As long as the appropriate personel and guidelines are followed..why not. Oh forgot make sure it doesnt interfere with summer camp
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