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  1. Just Update you Gentlemen The boy never showed up for SM Conf for 2/5. the matter has now been turned over to the troop advancement committee for them handle it from here. Again Thank you for your input.
  2. Gentlemen thank you for your thoughts I have set up SM conference (05 Feb 04) with the boy to discuss this advancement and let him know what has to be done in order to earn this rank. I will let him no that any help he needs the Troop and Committee will be there to help him. But it will be up to him to meet the requirements. I will keep you posted on what develops.
  3. Gentlemen thank you for your input. My profile should have said SM. I can tell you a little about the boy (15) he came into the Troop all ready Life rank with no Blue Cards he has moved here from another Council. The parents unfortunately dont remember the council but I have traced to him the Midwest. I have tried contacting that council but have not received any information yet. The boy has told me that in his old troop no one would listen to him and there were no PLC meetings or planning sessions. He has told me that he held Patrol Leader and Senior Patrol Leader positions, this has not been verified. They basically just hung around the bldg. In our troop he has failed to show for any of these meetings. He told the members of the troop not to put him in any position since he wasnt interested and wouldnt do the job. Even Troop activities he shows up and then leaves right in the middle. The last excuse he used was he needed a break to go play some video games, so he just left (with his parents) and came back 4hrs later. The parents go along saying that it is his decision and they support him. The father achieved Eagle rank himself so that is why this is so puzzling. I have tried to schedule SM conference but usually hes a no show. He receives (including his parents) all newsletters and email info from troop weekly. Still we are going nowhere. The Troop committee is very supportive of all unit members. They have talked with the youth and are just as puzzled. So we are picking brains from every where to see what we can try to do to turn this situation around. Thanks Again
  4. I have a boy who is Life rank and has moved from troop to troop. When coming to our troop he stated he wanted no leadership positions he just wanted to get his Eagle and be finished. He hasn't gone to summer camp with the troop but has worked at summer camp as staff. He has participated in only 1 campout with the troop this year. He rarely attends weekly meetings maybe once or twice a month. When he does show up it is out of uniform and usually doesnt participate. When talking (informally) about his Eagle project he decided that 10 hours was enough time to do build his project. When explained to him that he needed to lead the project not do the actual labor he decided that his project was shot down. Now discussing with him the subject of being actively involved with the troop he states that he is just interested in getting his Eagle and not interested in that requirement. Has anyone ever dealt with this situation or have ideas on how to help this boy.
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