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  1. Socrates and Plato both grew during their carreer in Philosophy. Dan mentioned that Xenophon recorded Socrates younger days as a flaming homo. But in the later dialogue of Plato, Plato has Socrates denying a homosexual union. I believe Socrates grew out of it. People do change. The early dialogues of Plato can be said to be Socratic. Socrates was such a tremendous influence that Plato invented the dialogues for people to discover who this character was. Yes, in the Republic Socrates called for women in the military and as guardians. But in the Laws, it is very different. Women do
  2. This is from ASM1 in another thread. Someone needs to alert the moderator of this board and contact the FBI about this WHEELER fella. He sounds like the next Ted Bundy to me. How the hell did he ever get into Scouting? You really hate women don't you WHEELER? PS. I think my wife would be the one woman who would love to wax your rails! But it would take a real man to stand up to her. You do not qualify. I was replying to this. Sorry.
  3. I meant this of all the boys in Scouting. Do we harden them while they are in the adventure of Scouting? I am not saying do away with "Fun and Adventure" but it needs to take its proper place and in the right proportion. "Fun and adventure" has overwhelmed all aspects of Scouting. I am bringing to light other aspects of it. I meant of all the boys.
  4. But the question still remains At what point do boys become men???? At what point do we start demanding manhood from them?
  5. OGE you started this question in the thread of "The Scoutmaster, the Efficient cause". I went back and retrieved my answer because apparently you never went back to the thread to read it." Socrates was a citizen of Athens. He refused to escape his death sentence in order to be an obedient citizen. From An Introduction to Greek Philosophy, by J.V. Luce, l992 pg 66. This is about Anaxagoras "...when someone asked him, 'Have you no care for your country?' he replied, 'I have a great care for my country', (pointing to the sky." Mr. Luce remarks immediately "The anecdo
  6. Right on. This trait can be clearly seen in many Greek Orthodox Churches as well. "Greek mothers" are terribly mothering also. I've witnessed my own relatives and the Greek Orthodox priest I mentioned before. Mothering destroys the masculine.
  7. Seperation is the Second principle of Male Paedogogy. This paradigm of separation exists throughout reality. Skin for leather must be separated from the flesh. Meat must be separated from the bone. Wheat must be separated from the chaff. Juice must be separated from the grape rind. All minerals must be separated from the earth. Gasoline must be separated from oil crud(crude). We live by separating. This physical pattern is also evident in creation where God separated light from darkness, land from water, and living from non-living. God separated man from non-being to bei
  8. How the saying, "I am citizen of the world" you said is attributed to Socrates. It was actually said by Anaxamender. But I still don't see your definition of love OGE. To NJCubScouter, I also attend the Battle Creek school board meetings. One of the teachers proudly displayed her students who were studying Mexican immigration. If John Adams, quoted hugely from Cicero in his "Defense of the Constitution", then how come not a single public school student reads Cicero? What does Mexican immigration have to do with the price of tea in China? I sat next to a freshman in High sc
  9. This is great and it needs to continue. The question is though, when the going gets tougher, will he continue and tough it out. Provide all the adventure, hiking, camping, and whiteriver rafting. But while he is doing that, is he becoming hard or remaining soft? Is he learning virtues? Does somebody challenge him when he starts to complain---"Quit yourself like a man". Does he hear this charge? Does he wear Boy Scout approved hiking shorts all the time with the knee socks so his legs are exposed to the weather to harden him or has he become mommyized by wearing long trousers?
  10. The flippant behavior of most of these people here really is a sign of childishness and not gravitas. OGE, I know for a fact that you do not know the first thing about love and you definetly didn't know that saying belonged to Anaxamander and not Socrates. Define Love for me OGE. You and the Catholic Church don't know the first thing about love. See I study which is a virtue and you do not.
  11. "When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I thought as a child, I reasoned like a child; when I BECAME a Man, I GAVE UP childish Ways." Let me ask the community, AT WHAT POINT DOES A BOY BECOME A MAN!??! If I gather from the official handbook and official literature, it would seem that Manhood starts at wha 30 years of age, or 40 years of age or maybee its 50 years of age! AT what time Executive Committee does the boy take up THE MANTLE OF MANHOOD and put away childish ways??? If I understand the mentality, it is never. Look at the Zulus the boy is 12 or 13. Look at the B
  12. I have worked two and half years at a Jewish Synagoge. I have read their magazines and literature. I was friends with many of them and invited to their houses and the rabbi's house. At one of these visits, my Jewish guests said that the huge percentage of homosexuals are Jewish. They wondered why? Jewish communities are the bastion of liberalism and therefore feminism. Well, in my observation of their family interactions, their mothers are extremely mothering of their sons. Jewish culture has an exceedingly notorious reputation of the "Jewish Mother". She is overbearing and extr
  13. In the Boy Scouts, "Fun and Adventure" have now become the formal cause and the telos, the end. "Fun and Adventure" are really "the marketing tools" and the "chisel" of the stone mason. "Fun and adventure" have assumed such a high priority that is has DWARFED everything else in its path. Why do you think, boys and men are into video games---to escape reality and keep feeding themselves this ideology of "fun and adventure". Most things men do are for "ESCAPISM". Liberals do want boys and men to be completely absorbed by "Fun and adventure". This is all about effeminizing
  14. Do you walk into a mechanic's shop and tell them what to do? Do you walk into a doctor's office and tell them what to do? Are any of you trained in philosophy. Before I arrived, you couldn't give a rat's patuty about philosophy. None of you use philosophy because none of you use any philosophical terms or methodology. None of you are trained in philosophy and could care less. Just because you have a mouth you think you know what to do and you do not. Opinions are not philosophy! You don't know what virtue was! It is in the Federal Charter of l916. And then you want to
  15. The other verse is from Matthew 18.3. Jesus said, "Unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of God." Children here in the Greek is "Paidia". Paidia also has another connotation and in a slighty different form as SLAVES or servants. "Paida" and "Paidiskin" from the Septuagint Ex 20.17. Accents are probably different. Childlike is to be servantlike.(This message has been edited by WHEELER)
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