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  1. From Camp Staff: "We love when your Pack comes, you not only don't need us to help you with your boys, but you make sure to help the other Packs here." I just thought we were being Scout-like, guess it stood out. Hmmm. . .says something about the other Packs. . .
  2. "The exception might be the Senior Patrol Leader, as that can save us a lot of steps in a large scout camp" ephensl, not to be flip or sarcastic (ok I will be, but not in a mean way ), there are these really cool inventions from like forever ago, called walkie talkies, the new ones have a usable range of 1-1.5 miles over rugged terrain and out to 5+ miles line-of-sight. Get some of these and give 'em to your PLs and they don't need a cell phone and you can still get a hold of them without hiking accross the camp. Problem solved.
  3. " a pack should work with their COR's troop and present the troop as it's partner. Similar in that the troop should work with the pack and be there for the pack" Well stated Fred, however the operative word in that sentence is SHOULD this is someting that is done well in some places and poorly in others, my son is a Webelos I and I anticipate that he will be going to our sister troop at crossover time, that does not mean that we will not visit other troops in the area to see if they are more what he wants out of his scouting experience. I am the Pack CC and have made sure that the troop
  4. OK, let me get this correct, he is acting upset because he was asked to leave an organization after he wrote a letter saying that he did not meet the stated requirements to be a leader in the organization? This to me is the equivalent of a preist being upset about being asked to leave the Catholic church after writing a letter to the Bishop telling him that you do not believe in God or His Son. Seems like a publicity act. On the opinion side of the equation, why do we care who is sleeping with whom? Are they of good moral character? do they meet the twelve points? Then who cares what t
  5. I know here in "New" Hampshire in "New" England we are going to be participating at the Lawrence L Lee museum in Manchester, I hope to attend with some of my cubbies but details are still being worked out. . .
  6. Base, I would expect some changes to start this year and more next if he is committed to the changes. From talking with our DE the first year would really be getting an idea of what is happening and seeing what works and what doesn't then developing his plans to change what he sees as moving toward his vision. This time frame might be shotened some if he comes from within the Council but I would expect at least a year to start the beauracracy that is the BSA moving.
  7. This may not help much but shed some light, I am in NH and we do a state Jamboree every 4 years, so depending on how often the surrounding states do one that may explain the lack of info
  8. My wish list is very short and very specific. Make sure that the charter information and registration information is up to date! I have dropped the same adult leader from my charter the last 3 years, never paid for him but he keeps showing up. . .
  9. Welcome fellow New Englander!!! over here in the Daniel Webster Council there are plenty of training options for you and the Council and district websites are pretty up to date. If you go to www.nhscouting.org you can find training schedules for each of the districts and hopefully you can find something that fits your schedule and travel needs.
  10. What we do in our Pack is at the beginning of the fundraiser we determine what portion of the Pack's "cut" will be going to the boy. For example for popcorn, the Pack gets 35% of total sales, the boys get 35% of the Pack's 35% for what they sold (Johnny sells $100, pack get $35 Johnny gets $12.25 of that). We do that for each fundraiser in advance and it is made Public. This makes the process transparent to the parents and all others. As far as uses, it is for Scouting activity fees (camping, overnights, special events, etc.) if the boy leaves the pack, the money is returned to the Pack,
  11. From the name, I assume that you are also enjoying the wather here in the Daniel Webster Council. Greetings from the Wannalancit District. Hope all in the Abnaki is going as planned and hope your transition continues smoothly. Good luck and happy Scouting! pchadbo
  12. ""speak to the owner (Apu?) or mangager about it," What the the hey? Seriously?" LisaBob, -- There was this show on TV called the Simpsons, it had a character who ran a conveinience store, his name was Apu, this was not racially motivated or otherwise hateful (from what I can tell) comment, just a funny pop-culture refrence.
  13. If I read the OP and follow up correctly, I think the question was, with all the complaining that has been done about Trail's End being too high a price point, if they had a single serve bag of say triple chocolate, for $2 would you buy and sell it? My response to that would be an enthusiastic "Heck Yeah!!!" sell it alongside the larger bags, they buy the little one on the way in, eat it in the store shopping and buy the larger one on the way out if they like it. Sort of getting them to pay for samples.
  14. My take on this as a Pack CC: I am in charge of all the adult stuff and dealing with those headaches. My CM is in charge of program and having fun with the boys. In other words I push the paper to make sure he can have all the fun that we planned. That being said, I am also the Camp coordinator and make sure I get to go with him to camp each summer (he can't have all the fun!!!)
  15. one other "service project": when we had a collapse of organization for this year's Pine Wood Derby, the OA stepped up to sponser and put on the Derby for the Cubs! Did a great job too!
  16. "Divorcees Anyone that has had sex before marriage Anyone who has has sex using birth control Since it is the thought that counts, anyone who has had impure thoughts glancing at the bikini adds on Scouter. Gamblers, including anyone that has wagered using lottery tickets, played pool or put money up on a golf round. Anyone that eats pork" boy, I'm out on all counts, hope someone knows sombody looking to be a Pack Committee Chair
  17. BSA24 Please do not feel I was "trolled" (see my post in your other thread). I too enjoy a good semantic argument and happen to agree with the spirit behind your post. If we are going to "die on the hill" for this issue, why not others. As a CC I do not care what my adult leaders do behind closed doors, nor do I care with whom they do it. I do care that they show up for the boys, are good people, and help the pack go. That goes for all lifestyle choices. Happy trolling! pchadbo
  18. "Anyone who has an XL or XXL size anything in the scouts should be thrown out" So much for the Draft Mike Rowe movement, no way he fits into a men's large shirt, or Tom Brady, or most any professional athlete HEHEHE End troll feeding
  19. "These people can be detected because cigarette smoke gets in their clothes and hair. Their teeth turn yellow, and their faces age prematurely. They are always offering lighters when we are trying to start a fire, and their cars our youth ride in smell bad." "There's no way to hide the fact that someone is an immoral smoker and a bad example for our youth" 'If we are going to ban adults who are a bad example or who are sinners, we have to get rid of the smokers" OK so you are against smoking, I get that. You have called smokers, immoral, irresponsible, smelly, ugly and sinners.
  20. The new tents that our Cub camp just got would meet these requirements, they are basic A frame tents with velcro closures on the flaps (open on either end) and at 6'1" I can stand at the end of the tent and look out and the tents are 6' or more wide.
  21. Hey, while we are plugging, Daniel webster Coucil is holding a course Sept 14-16 and 28-30 and the cost is $275 at Hidden Valley Scout Camp on the Griswold Scout Reservation here in Beautiful NH!!!
  22. The last two years at Cub resident camp it has been 90+ and 90+ humidity. Last year we instituted a rule and carried it forward this year. A better guage for Cubs is not the color of the pee (are you checking or asking? think of YPT) but whether or not they have to pee. We told our boys that if you do not have to pee when we pass a latrine usually every 1-2 hours, you are not drinking enough. We hd 17 boys and we all were well hydrated and familiar with the latrines. Sent them all home happy and healthy.
  23. Absolutely!!!! If you are a member of your Lodge, wear the flap proudly!
  24. I was the camp coordinator again this year. I thought I'd be smart and proactive. Sent the Med forms out (email and hard copy) in February, again in March, April and May. Follow up calls to all going at the end of May for June 1 Turn in with the friendly reminder no form, no camp. Began seriously pushing people through June (we left for camp July 1). With all this effort and time by me, out of 23 attendees, cubs, Den Chiefs and adults, I turned in 7 med forms the morning we showed up for camp. If it wasn't for the last minute, nothing would evere get done. . .
  25. OK -- never though this would go down this road but I will supply more information to set at ease those that feel the staffers are telling tales out of school, the staffers that told me this were, respectfully, 2 eagles out of the sister troop that the adult leaders going had known for over 4 years, a personal family friend of mine that I have known for 15+ years and a former student of mine that I have stayed in contact with through scouting for the last 5 years, these were not people we had just met and no idenities were released to protect the guilty. It was more friends talking about they
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