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  1. Eagle 92, First off as someone who has very nice pics of my son in full uniform taken at the Pinewood that were in the paper I can tell ypu that it is great PR for the Pack. I have seen enough of your posts to "get to know you" and from what I know you are (as I am) a huge fan of proper and full uniforming as a part of Scouting and this was one of the unexpected benefits you saw from the Uniform and wanted to share what you saw as a serendipitous occasion for your son to get his picture in the paper and be a good Scout-like example for the public. and "Yep "A Scout is Hungary" is the
  2. Welcome to the Forums Al! Were I in your shoes, I would worry more about making sure that the boys were advancing and having fun first. If they are then fundrasing and new equipment, uniforms and the rest will come. The first priority will be to make sure the boys are on board with the changes. If they are happy hanging out with the old (or no) equipment and you come in and try to make them Eagles in the next 6 months you may lose them, if howevere they are the driving force behind the adfvancement you may have to hold onto the reins and go along for the ride. Let the boys set the pa
  3. It takes a lot of faith to believe in science. No it doesn't. You don't need to "believe" in something that can be conclusively proven, reproduced, and independently verified. most science I would say absolutely but using that logic, there is no "proof" that the missing link exists thus (for now) disproving evolution.
  4. Moose, I am still the soon-to-be and the current CC is uestioning a little about the time frame and OMG 15 each for one pack meeting?!?! can we spread this out a little? So Bear den leader is aware of CC questioning that many.
  5. Video would be a good approach if he can't get up in front of people for the prsentation but I would still encourage a Q&A period afterward (with you if neccessary) to help him stretch that comfort zone a little.
  6. Not sure if it is possible for your son (based on comfort level) but the presentation would be WAY better received by the boys if your son could do it himself, because at that point it is "hey guys this is me and why I am the way I am so lets all get along" not "this is why you need to treat my son special andI need to protect him." It is something he will need to deal with for the rest of his life so if he can "learn to deal" in the safer environment of Scouting it is bound to help in the larger world. Just my $.02
  7. Saschuster, Not sure if I can be much help but I will be watching for an answer as we had a Bear den leader turn in a list of 15 beltloops for each of her Bears that have been "earned" in the last 4-6 weeks and now she wants to present them all at the pack meeting Fiday. Not sure where this is going. . .
  8. Reading between the lines, I think the question the OP was asking is if nobody from the troop watched him in action how do they know that he displayed leadership? "this Scout did NOT ask any Scout or Leader from our Troop to be apart of his Eagle Project." Just my take on the question. and as for an answer, I think Beavah hit the nail on the head.
  9. I am a BIG fan of the Opinels but remember if you are looking at the little ones the No 5 does NOT have a locking mechanism. . .
  10. Greetings and welcome to the virtual campfire. Grab a chair, a cuppa and enjoy the skeeter free glow where all the scouts are above average>
  11. used at the den meeting last night and got snickers and groans. Perfect reactions
  12. No Pack meeting but I will sure share that with the Wolves in my son's den tonight!!!
  13. Moose and MIB, I know the outgoing Pocorn Kernel in my district, he will be my asst Tiger leader next year and is an ASM with the troop. He is leaving ONLY because if the lack of support that he and his wife got from the DE, District and Council. They were just expected to "make it happen" and were not given any meaningful assistance or gratitude for the MANY hours they put in for the cause. They did all of the logistic work and made sure people had what they needed while the DE demanded more from them while helping less and taking all the glory. Just my $.02 from around the water cooler
  14. OK Wingnut, thanks for that story and congrats!!! A huge honor and a big dose of respect and love thown in. But now the people around me at work are looking at me strange, wondering why I am a little teary eyed. Lost my grand mother and my best friend in the last year and almost lost my brother so it kinda hit home. Good luck and don't worry, real men (even Scouters)cry
  15. OK I will let the cat really out of the bag, I know his mom in real life and know where to find her. Moxieman, Moosetracker and I are actually both active in the Wannalancit district so you can find her at the roundtable most months!!!! Sorry moose too good an opportunity to pass up.
  16. Very cool and congratulations!! What IS the E. Urner Goodman Camping Award? a non-arrowman is curious. Paul
  17. "an intelligent, well spoken candidate (WHich ever sex they are) who can get their points across easily who explains what they stand for, demonstrates it in their daily life, guides others to do the same and enables us to see the plan? Is that to much to hope for?" Hey OGE, in today's political environment, yes, yes that probably is too much to hope for.
  18. PJ, Sounds like a great weekend and some good cross-pollination among scouting programs. and just to twist your tail, I would seriously hope a bunch of sailors would know how to tie knots;) and as a Cubbie leader I am as curious as you are how four troops or patrols could finish first.
  19. As a fan of the late great George Carlin, someone who works with the public all day long and part-time cynic, I have always enjooed his theory on the public at-large: Think about and get a good picture in your mind of how smart the "average American" is . . .when you have that picture clear in your mind, realize that by definition: Half the population is dumber than that just a bit of perspective when dealing with this type of issue
  20. Welcome to the forums! Grab a comfortable chair a cuppa your favorite beverage and gather round our beautiful skeeter free virtual camfire where the scouts are all above average.
  21. Obi-Wayne, Not sure about the PM of your post to me, If you re-read my post you might notice that I was qouting another post from earlier and responding to that post tounge in cheek (notice the ) on the same side of the aisle as you I too am of scottish (with irish in the mix too) heritage and am a fan of the tartan
  22. "The kilt is a fad that I wish would just die. contrary to what kilt wearers beleive it does not look good." A fad by definition passes quickly, as this thread was resurrected after 3 years might cause some to say this is more than a fad.
  23. "An individual CAN be a registered volunteer in multiple units, so it is allowed to have another Pack's CM hold a position in your Pack, they just are not permitted to be registered for multiple positions in the same unit (although functionally, this often happens off paper)." OK we are having this debate in our unit(s) now. I am CC of a pack that shares a CO with a troop. The question came up as our current Web II leader went with his grandson and registered as an ACM with the troop. We were under the impression (not backed up by anything other than common sense and faulty memories) that i
  24. I agree with shortridge . . ."plus all must have completed Leader-Specific Training" seems to cover ALL training, and on a slight thread hijack and vent. . .got our numbers for recruiting for the JTE goals at roundtable last night, and have already accepted the fact that we will be missing those goals. We have 35 boys currently registered after a large crossover and some attrition. Our goal for gold level JTE recruiting is 31 boys. REALLY!?!? doubling the size of the pack is an acceptable goal?!? thanks you for letting me vent /end hijack/
  25. Welcome! I too was volunteered when my son was a Tiger, only you made out better rhan I did. I went from being an assistant Cubmaster to "help out" where needed to being the soon to be Committee Chairman. Enjoy the warmth of the virtual campfire, find a comfy chair grab a cuppa your favorite beverage and look around and toss a log on every now and again.
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