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  1. Ours was: EAGLES RULE: The rest are just lunch! My husband was in the Beaver patrol and whenever we would see their patrol we would yell "Snack!"
  2. Moosetracker you got that spot on. We try to offer when people are available. We also live near a Big Ten College and have to also not schedule during football weekends. Between that and times the camp are available we are very limited in our time!
  3. Because we use our scout camp and it is in use from Mid June till Mid August. Plus people go on vacation when school is out. We have 36 registered for the course.
  4. Anyone in the Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Ohio, New York or New Jersery area interested in taking a WB course in the beautiful central PA area. We will be holding N4-497-12 August 24-26 and Sep 28-30 at Camp Seven Mountains in Spring Mills, PA. Cost is $265. Deposit of $25 due by July 13. http://www.jvcbsa.org/openrosters/ViewOrgPageLink.aspx?LinkKey=18359&orgkey=2038 for more information!
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