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  1. So did our creator envious us mowing each other down the way we currently do. I assume you are asking either did He "envy us" or "envision us" mowing each other down, either answer is the same: God gave man free will and with it man can do good or evil it is up to the individual to decide which path to take. While he/she/it/they are all knowing.....what exactly is the lesson we are being taught by owning these rifles..... Personal responsibility sounds like a good lesson to me. It would be an interesting discussion folks who drafted the constitution. So fellows. About t
  2. Basement, do you not understand the concept of "rights"? These are those things that are bestowed upon us by our Creator and not by the government (to paraphrase the Declaration of Independence). These are not things that can be given by the Government as they belong to the People independent of the Government. 1. Complete and on going Background check, paid for by the speaker, voter, writer, protester, advocate, thinking every other year. 2. Mental health evaluations on going, paid for by the speaker, voter, writer, protester, advocate, every other year. Would you tolerate
  3. "Paying for their own background and psych check is simply a tax on ownership. Just as other suggested" just what part of "shall not be infringed" confuses you? We do not have to pay for our Rights in this country, priveledges such as driving, and automobile ownership yes, rights such as voting and gun ownership, NO!
  4. "Waiter as vocational training when they are waiters Watermelon comments on lake game nights when water melon is served. Ya those boys just didn't think them up on their own, they heard them from mom and dad." These sound like problems/issues for the Scoutmaster, parents or camp director to address, not National. Idiots are found in any organization and BSA is no different. These sound like problems/issues for the Scoutmaster, parents or camp director to address, not National. Idiots are found in any organization and BSA is no different. "My local communi
  5. "Statistics are dependent on "opinion"; they do not make opinion. Experts can make anything seem to be supported in one direction or another. The actual "study" subject, the questions, the people queried, how they were queried (and even where and when), individual bias, the size of the study, and many other variable all are part of the outcome." Heard a different version of this: Figures don't lie but liars figure. I also agree that the tradition of thoughtful and informed exchange of ideas, that a debate orginally was in the Socratic tradition, has been reduced to "I can shout loud
  6. and Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton, and George HW Bush, and Nixon, and Obama, and. . .
  7. "Heard about the priest, rabbi, G.W.Bush and Boy Scout in the crashing airplane?" Nope but I heard about Jimmy Carter stealing a Boy Scout's backpack. . .
  8. "This game was the suckiest part of my WB experience." "On another WB topic...As a woman I also found some often good ole boy mentality in it a little offensive. I would suggest that course directors need to realize women who sign up for WB aren't usually the shrinking violet types, heck most of us have had babies and not afraid of some dirt and hard work." Both of these go back to the course director and how it is run. I had a great experience at Wood Badge and enjoyed the Game of Life, having found out here what it was first gave a different perspective, and no I did not pass along
  9. Calico, To qoute a tshirt I have seen recently: "Anybody can be a father, but it tkaes someione special to be a daddy"
  10. 'I think the mother is very much liable for her sons actions and I hope there is at least 26 law suits against her estate." BD, let me see if I follow your logic. The mother of and (albeit troubled) ADULT child, is murdered, then robbed after her death and it is HER fault? So as an extension, If someone broke int my house, murdered me and used my firearms in some horrible manner, it is MY fault? To qoute Carl Braeshear when seeking reinstatement as a Navy Diver after losing a leg, "if I die I will make every attempt to float in a Navy-like manner." Should she have tried to do
  11. out of the way but. . .you asked. . .The Daniel Webster Council in NH is looking for 2
  12. "Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect every one who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are ruined.... O sir, we should have fine times, indeed, if to punish tyrants, it were only sufficient to assemble the people!" -- Patrick Henry "Another source of power in government is a military force. But this, to be efficient, must be superior to any force that exists among the people, or which they can command; for otherwise this force would be annihilated, on the first exercise of acts of opp
  13. "Family vacations after scouting can include the whole family and not just the men" JoeBob, That is what Venturing is for.
  14. Not to take away from the thread or hijack these great American Heros in any way, but: "And who says Eagle scouts at age 14 are too young/immature....." Yes, in some cases this is the truth, however, it is more the exception than the rule. . .
  15. As a resident of a state that has fewer residents than most major metropolitan areas, I am not a fan od doing away with the electoral college. If we went strictly on popular vote totals, California, New York and Florida would pretty much decide the president and the other 47 states would have little or no say. . .
  16. And. . . Today is the tomorrow we were thinking about yesterday.
  17. "Seems like we'd do da nation a favor by promoting state constitutional amendments across da country which required congressional districts to be drawn along county lines in a way that minimizes perimeter to area ratio." Beavah, that is a great suggestion and would work perfectly, now we just need to get the people to live that way. In my state (NH) more than 50% of the population lives in just 3 counties, we have 10. Theoretically, it is a great idea, practically, it falls on its face.
  18. As a member of my District Committee I get to work with quite a few of the professionals and have gotten to know them well. The volunteers that come in disgruntled are often the ones who have had many things disappear into the black hole of the Council office. Registering for Wood Badge this year, they were able to process the application and the check but the med form in the same envelope was lost??? Had a popcorn check of $20+ K dissappear for a week in the Council office. It is from experience that most of us look to the Council office when paperwork SNAFUs happen. The experienced among
  19. The llama I have at the top now is telling me that a cat knows that 2 is too complicated and to vote no on 2. I have no idea what state this llama is for nor do I know what this llama is supporting or opposing. I think the cat wants a llama.
  20. Well spoken and heart-felt, now is anyone in Irving listening?
  21. Now that it is in I&P: Why is anyone surprised when this happens? BSA policy (for whatever it is worth or waht you think of it) is anti-gay. What makes you think that you would be awarded the Eagle award after coming out? Sort of like a man in seminary, completing everything and then being surprised when they don't ordain him because he announced that he was married. If you want to join the club, you have to follow the club rules. Personally I think the club rules need a major overhaul but until then: "A Scout is Obedient"
  22. "we found out that you could not offer climbing wall, or BB/Archery to Cub Scouts unless it was a district event, but if Webelo woods is district event, how can Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts spend the night together and do the activities? You can do one of the other, just not both at the same time." Sure you can just two seperate events running simoultaneously runn a camporee AND a Webelos Woods together.
  23. Yes it is strange, yes you are correct. Yay for the G2SS!!!
  24. "I have a den leader threatening to quit unless his son gets to bring a toy gun to a cub scout function" WOW!! not a hill I would choose to die on on either side if the issue. My question to the den leader would be "why does he need to bring it and will he have enough to share with all the other boys there?" It may be a case of Dad not wanting to tell Johnny "no". That being said, generally I am with TwoCub, much too many activities to dom don't need this to be Pack sponsored.
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