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  1. Iwas reading this thread agian after some time away, and some rumination. A thought struck me:the mood for Cubs to be coed seems to be lukewarm-ish, the Boy Scout program is where a lot of the hang ups come. so, Make Cubs coed, drop the age limit for Veturers to match Boy Scouts, and give boys the choice of Boy Scouts or Venturing, and Girls go to Venturing, add rank to Venturing to parallel Scouts. . .then we can Have Eagles and Venturing Hawks (or whatever you name the award)
  2. YES!! http://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/Religious_Emblems.pdf
  3. Welcome! Grab a cuppa and enjoy the warm glow of the virtual campfire!
  4. My son, a trumpeter in his school band and now has all the pieces he needs. He got a Bugle for Christmas, he has the Merit badge book, a MBC in the Troop, and a soon to be educated SPL who will have fun making his new Bugler work, and he and I downloaded all the music for the MB required calls, 15 in all.
  5. My favorite is still the Bobwhites of N1-330-15, who I had the privilege of being Troop Guide for: Bobwhite, Bobwhite, we do it right! But, it still tastes like Chicken!
  6. The thread seems to have broken down in a "T-FC skills vs Merit Bdge" type argument. Unless I am wrong, and I know you will correct me if I am, the goal of every Scout is First Class. Which requires ZERO Merit Badges. So I guess I am missing the point of this discussion. It is as it always has been. The boys should be instructed and mentored to achieve First Class, then it is up to the boy to decide what, if any, interests, through Merit Badges, and Rank advancements he decides to pursue.
  7. Nope, Male Venturers CANNOT join OA, unless they are also registered in a Boy Scout Troop and Elected through the Troop. The way to OA is through a Troop.
  8. And to add to the confusion, for better or worse, at the Lodge level there can be waivers for any and all of the requirements. I know, I was Shang-Haied in by the Lodge Adviser and the Chapter Adviser after almost deliberately avoiding summer camp.
  9. Greetings and salutations from a fellow New Englander, Unit Commissioner Wannalancit District, Daniel Webster Council, NH. I wish you all the best and hope you get lots of information from this virtual campfire, Grab a cuppa, warm up next to the glow and have fun!
  10. Welcome! I was an Assistant Cub Master then Committee Chair, what I found worked well is that the Cub Master and I "traded" sons during Scouts. I watched his son for him to be the ring leader he needed to be and he watched my son so I could be the boring paperwork guy (as CC) that I needed to be. The boys both "got it" soon enough.
  11. I feel the same way! I think sitting down for a cuppa around a campfire would be entertaining! If you are ever in New Hampshire. . .I am buying.
  12. OK, If anyone was insulted, offended, or felt I was un-Scoutlike in any way: Mea Culpa Maxima. I am sorry. Paul
  13. "Ignorance" is simply a lack of knowledge, it is not an insult.
  14. I will allow you your ignorance, wish you well in your endeavors, hope you continued sucess in being an "all around trouble maker" and bid you good day. I SAID GOOD DAY!
  15. I pray that you never have to see the anguish, self loathing, depression, confusion and struggles, that a transgender person feels, having watched it first hand, having it leading to the death of a very good friend at her own hand, I know what she went through. Essentially disowned by her family, shunned by the public, and called every name you can think of, I can only think that if this policy change allows ONE youth to LIVE to be happy and well adjusted as an adult, then it is a success. This is not a choice that they make. They do not choose to be outcasts in society, they do not choo
  16. SO again I will tilt at windmills. . . This policy applies to BOYS who live, act and identify as BOYS (regardless of genitalia). IF you get a TG scout applying to your Troop, you may know that they are TG but you also may not. If it is up to the TG Scout enrolling, they most likely would NOT want you to know. THEY ARE A BOY. THEY WANT TO BE TREATED AS A BOY. TREAT THEM AS A BOY. The rest is adult crap.
  17. Having read through this, the crux of the posts are a variation of "SHE SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED" (emphasis is mine). Now, if this is a trensgender boy, having lived as a "boy", identifying as a "boy", acting dressing and playing like a "boy" are you even going to know who this is? that is the point of this. Right now we are excluding boys who want to be in Scouts because their birth certificate does not match their gender identity. Aren't we in this to help the boys be boys. That is what this is allowing, that boy, who happens to have "wrong" genitalia, to be included with his friends in a f
  18. One I realize I am guilty of often. . .Standing in the back of the room looking at the back of the participants head. Usually done as a part of my roaming around the room. I hate standing still to give a presentation.
  19. Yes, you are 100% accurate regarding the fact that BSA can remove a leader for all of SCouting, thus removing them from ALL units that they may be associated. For an individual to be removed from a SPECIFIC Unit that power lies within the Chartering Oganization. See, we are both right! Can we stop splitting hairs now? ;-)
  20. Yes, but not all rectangles are squares, I was specific in my language. As Ms Cantara, my Freshman English teacher use to tell me: words mean things.
  21. I am referring to a Scoutmaster, ASM etc, The Chartering Org is the only one who can remove a leader from the UNIT, BSA can remove the from SCOUTING all together.
  22. Shift, After reading this post, from what I have gleaned, I have a question: Are you expecting the BSA to fulfill the role that the Chartering Organization contracturally agreed to fulfill? The Chartering Org signs the Charter every year agreeing among other things, the assumption of responsibility for the Unit and its leaders. The Chartering Org is the only group with authority to remove a leader from a Scouting Unit. If the CO has abdicated their obligation, it is not then the responsibility of BSA to pick up their slack If there is proof (at this point we have allegations) present it
  23. WOW, I don't know what to say other thatn this is a very long, at times heated, and passionate discussion that has nothing to do with 99.7% more or less of our Scouts. . .why do we let the extreme minority dictate to the majority? Just a question for thought
  24. I am a very active Unit Commisosioner and active at the district level. My son is very active in his Troop, so I try to stay out of his way. This year at Recharter time I asked my son to come and help during the day (running errands and helping to eat the donuts). On the way home I was asking how his day was, he told me he had a good day but wanted to thank me, I asked for what, he said for "doing all that boring paperwork and stuff so we [the Scouts] can just have fun." ​ PAID IN FULL!
  25. So let me get this straight. A ​Magazine article​ is your source of knowledge on this?!?!? The article does reference the Troop Leader Guidebook as to where the excerpt came from, but if you are basing your argument against EDGE on a magazine article, then I am not even to engage in further discussion as you are equating a magazine article​ to training, Hey I read an article about brain surgery so I must be able to do it right? Maybe read the referenced materials in the article, maybe, here is a crazy idea, take EDGE training and learn about it, or heck maybe even look up the syllabus on
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