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  1. Wowzers. I'm guessing there are no past rank advancements, are there? Yes, by all means, wash your hands of it. That Eagle registrar either is crazy or has no idea what he is going to get into. Now, I work for a council, and I've seen kids go for years without being registered. Usually a slip on someone's part. And yes, during that time, stuff gets written down by some one in the troop with the good intent of eventually officially recording it. This is a wild case where it happened pretty much on purpose, but I can see how it can get that far. First off, any back registratio
  2. Has ANYONE heard of this or have any idea what it is? Our Scoutmaster is insisting it exists and is trying to find a counselor for it. It is not American Cultures. It is not Disability Awareness. It is not any of the Citizenships. I've Googled it, but there doesn't seem to be one that ever existed. So I'm assuming it's a different name.
  3. As a registrar (who happens to deal with registration only and sees no Eagles, training, etc.) I say to never hand a registration form into anyone put me. I actually have a system I've been complimented multiple times upon. And it works so much better for volunteer and employee when those involved in the exchange can speak face to face rather than going through the rumor mill.
  4. Most of the time, we have someone call/email/walk into the office and tell us so-n-so has changed positions within the unit. I pull up the unit roster and change the position right then and there. I think I might look for a little more clarification if we didn't serve so many LDS units (where the information on changes gets passed around at church without too much thought on any process). I suppose that would depend on your council, whether or not you can just let someone know "hey, so-n-so changed positions". But National doesn't seem to mind. I've never had to deal with a dual regist
  5. And no, one should NOT need another form to simply change positions within the unit. However, in Hawk's defense, some units work so closely together that no one bats an eye at the decision to move Joe Scouter from the Webelos Leader to the Assistant Scoutmaster. Unfortunately, as these are two separate units, a new application is needed and that's where problems can occur. The only solutaion I can think of for that problem is to have a better alternative to a "brand new application" that is a more obvious transfer form.
  6. As for SCOUTNET records, I've been told that councils only have access to the ID numbers they create. They do not have access to other councils' records. Hence you get a new number everytime you move. Tis most irritating true. I really have no way of accessing information from another council (other than calling/emailing that council). Still, the standard should be that one should have no more than one ID# per council. As for those numbers, I guess I'm still not sure what they have to do with Great Outdoors having his myscouting password changed on him. I can't fathom who bes
  7. Wow, ntrog. Bad move on that registrar. In my mind, I can't figure out why her choice would have been "easier". Seems like it would have taken more time.
  8. My favorite camp recently expanded its range... there would be plenty of room for everyone and their guns.
  9. BSA24 is kind of right... As far as I in my office am concerned, all your district does is determine which file drawer your stuff goes in. And since we're largely LDS units, your district might affect what slot your stakes' receipts for billing goes.
  10. BR: I assure you, multiple registration numbers are not only possible, but not that unusual. Believe me, I can testify to that! At my office, it's like playing detective to confirm someone has NOT been registered before, and it still happens. The biggest influx of duplicate registration numbers usually happens during online chartering, which is what my council is going through now. I'm running a duplicate list everyday to help me check for things. We have a lot of intra-council movement, people going from unit to unit, and that's when we try to encourage people to use their given name
  11. Short answer: Yes. The technical process (on the computer) is very simple. Further: You will probably need a good reason. There's usually rhyme and reason to districts.
  12. Nike, thanks, those are great tactics. Get Outdoors, how did they change your account number? I'm assuming you did your training on myscouting... which only National can touch and change things in...
  13. Having seen very similar situations in both your BSA camp setting and your standard crew... 1. Camp thing: In my experience, let 'em share a married couples' cabin. I've seen it time and time again with 21+ and not-quite-21 couples--without any drama over anyone turning them in. Seems the marriage rule does indeed trump any others in that scenario. I could be dead wrong in my advice, but I've yet to see anything go wrong there. 2. I agree, this will be a variation on #3, though I'm not opposed to a simple "have one of them drop out of the unit". If marriage would be the trum
  14. We have, currently a total of 2 girls in the crew. They are pretty much just another addition to the boys, but I've talked to other crews and found this comadry is rather rare. How do your boys and girls get along?
  15. Late to the game here... Bouncing charters sucks for everyone involved... if you are positive your leaders will get trained (but schedules and whatnot are creating delays), I would check to see what your council's policy is. We will post any and all charters with the deal training will be done in 60 days, and our DEs are pretty good about seeing that through with everyone.
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