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  1. My son is a sailing mate and he uses a boat cushion. He bought a $9 pool float from Academy and took it with him. Guess it's too much hassle to blow up daily. Highly recommend some type of light cover.
  2. This whole thing is really pretty simple. It starts at the top and filters down to all leaders and parents. "Never do for a scout what they can do for themselves". If the scout cannot handle a task then the PL or SPL needs to address it. Perhaps the scout or a group of scouts need training or need to be paired up with a patrol member that can help.
  3. You're a winner! The BSA is already co-ed at the leader and youth levels.
  4. Agree, your backpack should be bags within a bag. To drive that point home the troop roped off the end of a lake cove and set-up a tote line. The scout had to get himself and his backpack (with everything he brought for the trip) from one side to the other.
  5. In 2014 at Philmont we saw a bear but he wasn't interested in us. He went his way and we went ours. At Philmont, you bear bag all food and anything with a scent. All food waste is strained and the wash\rinse water goes into a sump (plastic piping that goes into the ground). Because of the amount of waste Philmont no longer permits you to use turkey bags (over your bowls). The only time I felt unsafe was when we were heading up to the top of the Tooth and we had to use lightning protocol.
  6. You will not go wrong with an Osprey; you'll thank me later. The Aether 70 will serve you well on a day hike or multi-day backcountry hike.Go to REI and have them weight it down and adjust it for you.
  7. I agree. The BSA could tweak the Eagle requirements by simply doubling the number of nights required to earn the Camping MB. 20 nights (that can include a week at camp) is simply a low bar to achieve. I can live with the other requirements but the outdoor program is where you build and practice skills. That includes leadership; you cannot lead if you're never there.
  8. While I agree with a lot of the points made in this thread there are some that are getting to be just way off base. The Eagle rank was never meant to be "the best of the best" or represent expert level outdoor and leadership skills. T21 are basic outdoor skills. So a scout doesnt have these basic skills then deal with it before awarding FC, dont wait until he is applying for Eagle rank. The leadership requirements are meant to give boys the opportunity to practice, develop, and demonstrate their leadership skills. The BSA is not awarding PM certifications as part of the Eagle rank (get ov
  9. I really wouldnt mind convenience stores and dealerships flying these huge American Flags if they would take them down at sunset and in bad weather. And they should replace them when they become ripped or worn. Passing a convenience store today that was flying one, the lower red stripe had been ripped and it made feel as though theyre being disrespectful. It also makes me wonder if they are really only flying it as an advertising symbol.
  10. There's just too many variables to say let it die or fight to keep a unit going. In the 70's when I was a scout in a rural area there were around 15 regulars that had been with the troop since it's inception. Most of us were also active in sports and around the time we all starting turning 16, fewer and fewer people came to our weekly meeting and eventually we died. So at the rank of Life, my troop quit on me. In a rural area where there's not another troop within a 30 to 50 mile radius as a kid you don't have any options. In my case I wish someone would have stepped up, tried to recruit,
  11. Now for a lighter topic ... I've discovered flashlights are great for storing dead batteries.
  12. Well I would not ignore this, I would also caution against having a knee jerk reaction. It sounds to me like more of an over the line prank than willfully trying to hurt someone. Too often we adults make the punishment worse than the crime itself. Rather than trying to single out individuals, I would take the approach that everyone present outside the patrol should fix it. That will likely remedy the problem and with the grumbling of the not guilty; the offenders will learn its not cool to cross the line with pranks.
  13. I see no problem with counting it; doesnt matter its done on the CO property. Just guessing but the issue may be because its a local trip. On occasion, I have seen issues were guys would leave, go to a soccer\baseball game and come back. Sometimes bringing their fast food bag with them on their return. Others would come for the day but not spend the night, etc. While you want to be accommodating and understanding it can be a distraction for the guys that are there for the long haul. In the scenario I just described, who gets credit? If you did not spend the night you certainly dont
  14. Re: Ultimate Trop Trailer Why not just by a Coleman pop-up. Most have a refrigerator, stove, heat\air, seating, table that converts to a bed, sleeps 6-8 then you can really ruff it. One for each patrol. Highest rank and seniority get priority on using. Three or four of these would outfit most troops. Gets the boys outdoors, promotes excitement and retention. At parks just hook into to their electrical system. Nice way to unwind and relax after a hard day of hiking. All worthy BSA goals and you would be the envy of every troop at Camporee. Guys Im joking. Dont need any hate ma
  15. Outing participation really varies for us. Seems to me the season and the type of activity plays the major factor. This past Jan or Feb we only had around 40% on a Mtn Biking trip. Maybe it was the season or maybe its because Mtn Biking is very strenuous, Im not sure. Maybe both played a factor. It seems as some of the older guys have aged out, climbing is not as popular as it once was and there has been a minor drop off. Although recently weve had an option for a group to go to a different site during the day and do bouldering instead of climbing. We typically invite another troop when we hav
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