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  1. Our committee chair just passed over the weekend and I am putting together a memorial service for Scouters and Scouts in our Pack. How do I find out what awards that she may be eligible to receive that can be posthumously awarded?
  2. The up to date training is now on my.scouting.org
  3. Believe me, belt loops ARE ON INTERNET ADVANCEMENT!!! I just updated my Pack's records...more like am progressing nicely on it. Belt Loops are recorded on Internet Advancement.
  4. Sounds like my '06 snub nose...LOL We're planning this route for my pack. Either myself or my girlfriend will drive (volunteering our time), pack gets a 50% discount
  5. What about those of us that have a position in one pack, another position in a second pack, and on the District Roundtable Staff? I can't really afford 3 shirts, and I don't really like my left sleeve looking like a giant strip of velcro (with badge magic behind the velcro)
  6. Our pack gave our WEBELOS 2's that crossed over (our Blue & Gold was today) a Scout handbook. They also got the "Arrow Career Plaque".
  7. Right now, I just want to know if we can wear them!!!!!!!!!!!!! During September, I try to wear either my BDU Kilt or my Army tartan anytime that I am not required to be wearing pants to raise awareness for the male specific cancers (aka Kilted To Kick Cancer)
  8. While you wait to get on the committee, with the permission of the committee chair and the Council Executive, you'll also have to do the following: -If you're not already a registered Scouter, pay $35 to become a registered alumni. looks like on the website they want you to pay the $35 even if you ARE a registered Scouter. A worthy investment
  9. I'm old school enough (as I stated earlier) to tuck the collar under like I was taught.
  10. When I was a Cub and Boy Scout many moons ago, we either a) tucked our shirt collar in and wore the neckerchief w/slide b) got a BSA shirt without a collar Now some 30 years later, I see the collar being worn over the neckerchief, which made me yelp like a dog getting its tail stepped on. Which is correct? Under the collar? Collar tucked in? IMHO, if you want your collar out, get a bolo.
  11. The main difference between the two is ADULT LEADERSHIP (I know it's an old joke, and I was a Scout, AM a Scouter, and also a Retired Soldier)
  12. Ok. They were phased out. Thanks. I now let you resume hijacking this thread (already in progress)
  13. Whatever happened to the belt loops that we got in the late 80s as Skill Awards for T-2-1? I miss seeing that old "Boy Scout Armor".
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