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  1. " If I tell little Johnny to join the rest of the group so we can keep an eye on him and he refuses to and his parents do nothing about it, then I can only do so much for his safety." Yeah I get it, but that is when you explain to Johnny's parents, that either he can participate with the group, or they are free to leave. Those really are the options as when Johnny is at a Cub Scout function even if he is off with his parents playing in traffic, we are still responsible for him. Yes, I totally agree that the problem is not Johnny but his parents, coach them along as to what is expe
  2. "I don't think that the leaders should be held responsible for every single pack event to constantly watch all of the boys" and this would be your response to Johnny's mother when she picked him up at the emergency room minus an eye because Billy had shot him in the eye with his wrist rocket? Like it or not WE ARE RESONSIBLE for these boys SAFETY AT ALL TIMES! yes it can be challenging, yes it is frustrating, but as Cubmaster, it is also part of what you signed up to do: put on a SAFE program.
  3. "An aspect of the med forms issue, in our troop at least, is that med insurance won't let you have 2 exams in the same year. with many doctors requiring a recent exam to sign the form, the turn in for a given family gets later each year as scout progresses through his career (adults too)." Be Prepared covers this. I have my physical generally in Dec/Jan, bring the form and have the doctor complete it.I am set for the year and just make copies as neccessary, or two copies in the case of Wood Badge, when they lost the first one.
  4. "I'm the CM. The problem was there weren't any leaders that saw this because they were busy with running the activity" I don't want to sound snarky or rude but, part of running a Cub Scout event IS watching the boys. some leaders need to run the stations or set up or whatever, but SOMEONE needs to watch the boys. Even if the parents are there, they often look to the Pack leadership in these settings. I think the lesson learned is you need to make sure every event has someone whose primary role is the safety and supervision of the boys. /soapbox rant
  5. Congrats, I just returned from my second weekend at Gilwell. I used to be a fox. an out training we had (between participants and staff, Beavers, Bobwhites, Eagles, Foxes, Owls, Bears, Buffalo and Antelope. so I guess we spread it out. . . Working my ticket. . .
  6. Not sure where (if anyhwere) it is in the G2ss, however, wrist rockets were part of the curriculum for my Cub shooting sports qualifications. Yes treat them EXACTLY like BB guns and bos and arrows.
  7. Moose, not saying your wrong but save proof, I for one will go with the information from the Sercretary of Sate's office rather than the "Union Liar" a paper that has bee held up for decades in Journalism classes across the country as how NOT to run a newspaper for it's blatantly (albeit right wing) bias. It has improved since Bill and Nackey have passed but it had nowhere else to go. I will no finish packing, say good weekend and continue this Monday (will you be at the Committee meeting?) as I am Off to Gilwell.
  8. Moose, not to pick nits but points 1a, 1b and 1d are the same thing just (kinda) restated point 6 is JUST PLAIN WRONG!!!! http://sos.nh.gov/voterid.aspx Acceptable Forms of ID for 2012 Drivers License issued by any state (even if expired) ID card issued by NH DMV (Division of Motor Vehicles) U.S. Armed Services ID card U.S. Passport (even if expired) Valid photo ID card issued by federal, state, county or local government Valid student ID card Other photo ID deemed legitimate by the supervisors of the checklist, the moderator or the clerk Verification of identity
  9. "I can't agree with your arguement PChadbo.. Personally if JFK lived I see hem evolving with the Democrats like Ted Kennedy and all the other Kennedy's who stayed in politics." I did not say IF he evolved, IF he changed or IF anything, I said his positions and policies IN 1961-1963 would put him to the RIGHT of Romney, I have no crystal ball and no way to know if he would have stayed on the far left with his brother Ted or gone another way. He is dead and it is a philosophical argument. My point was to illustrate the movement of the political spectrum to the left. "I think he wo
  10. "Republicans are so radically right, and refuse to swing center for a compromise.. It makes it impossible to do anything in Congress." Moose, the entire political spectrum has moved, if JFK were alive today with his agenda and policies, he would be a Republican, to the right of Romney and heading towards McCain. What you call "radical" are the policies that the Republican party has been espousing for 50 years. They did not so much radicalize as were left behind in the shift to the left politically in this country.
  11. "Is there a plausible exit strategy to avoid endless entanglement? this one always gets me, the fact that anyone believed that Iraq or Afghanistan would be short wars was sniffing some good campaign fumes. I would ask what our timely exit strategy is for Japan, Germany and Korea, oh yeah, we did essentially the same thing to them that we did to Iraq and Afghanistan and are still there 60+ years later. . . to me it was not about the exit strategy or the reason we went in it was more about clear expectations in how long we would be there and what "victory" would be. Not done now we slink
  12. "I am relieved that my 4-year-old daughter will not be denied insurance in her adult life due to having a brain tumor removed when she was 1" just for clarification purposes, pre-existing conditin protections have been in place for at least 9 years (not sure exactly but it was part if HIPAA) and that limited it to condiotions that had been treated or diagnosed within the 6 months prior to joining the health plan and limited the non-covereage period to a maximum of one year from joining the plan. Also required group policies to waive pre-existing condition clauses if the member had creditibl
  13. To quote a great legal scholar (I don't remember which one though) "I can't define it but I know it when I see it."
  14. this will severely affect the adults in the Troop. the have a professed goal of cooking something on the smoker wrapped in bacon on each camping trip. . .this will make things harder. . .
  15. well, Moose and Scoutingagain, I was not referring to Reagan, although I do think had the Democrats in Congress spent the money faster tan his tax cuts brought it in (yes taxes were cut and revenues increased) my Fiscal hero of a Presedent is the one the made the single largest tax cut on the wealthiest americans and took the top marginal tax rate from 97% to 68% on the wealhiest americans. Who is this conservative rich man's friend you ask? John Fitzgerald Kennedy. NOw, if you ask me the presidential candidate who has had the best tax policy idea in my lifetime, I would go with Steve Forbe
  16. OK Pack, so you do seem to enjoy tilting at windmills, in the interest of offering some support to a fellow conservative here on the forums: While Mitt may have stepped on the old candidate's crank a couple times, I see him as much more fically conservative that our current president (anybody looked at the national debt lately?). I am not enamoured by either candidate but I am much more inclined to vote for the guy that did not double our national debt in three years by selling our grandchildren's future to China. Now as far as who I would rather sit down and hoist a few with, I would pro
  17. Pack, I think that you are giving way too much credit to the population at large. Ask your Scouts what happened at Jonestown and I bet you get "a flood" or blank stares. Most of the population uses the phrase "to drink the Kool-Aid" as a buy in to a potentially questionable arrangement. While yes, historically, the reference comes from Jim Jones and his miguided activities, most people I have run across do not know the historical reference any more than people know that "the rule of thumb" is a reference to how big the stick could be when you beat your wife (no bigger than the man's thumb
  18. First: Full disclosure, I am a Member of the District Committee. I am also a Pack Committee Chair. I am also a Fox (second weekend of Wood Badge this weekend). Next, reading this thread, the argument seems to be boiled down to this. Units don't want to support the District because they do not provide anything of value and the District cannot provide anything of value because they have no support form the Unit. Seems a circular argument that begs the question, why don't we all work together at the extent of our abilities and limited time resources and help ALL THE BOYS and maybe ge
  19. What do you see that causes Cubs to leave Scouting? Sports? Not cool any more? Not having fun? Weak program? Family issues?
  20. Baden, and Beavah, I think you may have missed a word in Pack's post, he prefaced the situation between Baevah and himself with "hypothetically". It was just a "for-instance" not an attack against Beavah (I think). Edited because I still can't type(This message has been edited by pchadbo)
  21. Congratulations! I am a Fox, and a good ole Fox too 9 more days till weekend 2 back at Gilwell
  22. " Right, because people should be more tolerant of bigotry and prejudice (rolls eyes)." . There is a distinct difference between bigotry and prejudice and deciding who is allowed to be in your club based on joining requirements. I am not allowed to Join the American Legion or the VFW so they must be prejudiced against non-veterans I am not allowed to join the Knights of Columbus so they must be prejudiced against non-catholics I am not allowed to join B'nai B'rith so they must be prejudiced aginst non-Jews I am not allowed to join 9 TO 5 NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF WORKIN
  23. "Personally, I have a hard time finding much of a use for "The Law of the Pack."" So, you can't find a use for this: The Cub Scout follows Akela. The Cub Scout helps the pack go. The pack helps the Cub Scout grow. The Cub Scout gives goodwill. what part of this is hard to incorporate into EVERY MEETING? The Cub Scout follows Akela. The Cub Scout follOws their leader (parent, den leader, cubmaster, den chief, etc.) this happens in EVERY MEETING. The Cub Scout helps the pack go. The Cub Scout help fundraise, participates in meetings, helps his Den enterta
  24. I am now a fox. Wonderful first weekend. Now to work on my tickets. . .
  25. Ahhhh. . .the circle of Wood Badge, I leave tomorrow morning for my first weekend. Congratulations! I look forward to being there someday. . .
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