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  1. I heard that there was some software out there specifically for scout accounts. Has anyone heard of this? Is so, please let me know. Thanks
  2. I agree with a lot of the others on here about starting on time. My meetings run about 45 minutes because I am limited by the school. I get there early to setup and I have two denners to help me setup. They are required to be there early to help setup. I start with the opening ceremony and then every month, I elect two new denners. If I started late then the ones that show up late would just show up even later. It's the same ones every time and they show up late to the pack meetings too. I am a firm believer in starting on time even if only two boys are there. For my pack meetings, I give raffle tickets to the boys that are there on time.
  3. I came up with an idea to make a custom sort of plaque. I'm going to get a piece of oval wood plank from the craft store and glue their position patch along with the pack patch numbers. Then I'm going to woodburn 2012 - 2013 and get an engraved plate with their name on it. The last thing is to drill a hole at an angle and put a small $" x 6" flag in it. This will be more personalized.
  4. I'm looking for some ideas for Leader appreciation awards including DL's, ACM, and CC. I know there is a Den leader appreciation plaque from the Scout store, but this is specifically for den leaders. I was going to get knives engraved, but that cost $35.00 just for the engraving. Thanks
  5. I'm looking for a good summertime activity to kick off the summer. I know there is bowling and skating, but I'm looking for something different and interesting. Any ideas? Thanks
  6. I have a parent that brought up that we should allow the boys to wear class B's at den meetings in front of the boys. The reasoning was that they get sweaty when they play games and the den meetings are more relaxed and that Class A's should only be worn at Pack meetings. Personally, I feel that they should wear the uniform for several reasons. This shows that they are proud to be part of a group and it shows respect. It also shows what awards they have earned. The uniforms are made to get dirty and are rugged for this reason. The parents should help support the fact to the boys that the uniform should be worn to den and pack meetings. I also think that if they wear Class B's to the den meetings then that will eventually change to wearing no uniforms at den meetings and then that will move to the pack meetings and we will lose all respect and importance of being in uniform. Anyone else have this issue?
  7. I hear an Ichabod Crane Halloween story that involved a cub scout in the story. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of this? Thanks
  8. The first time that I gave them to the boys, I added the beads by stringing the bead on and then looping it back through the same hole. At the next den meeting, I handed them the beads. They went back to the table and either played with them or dropped them on the floor or tried to put them on. At the den meetings after this, I put them in a sandwich bag with a post it that had their name on it and what the beads were for. I then called them up presented their beads and told them to give the bag to their parents to put on at home. For the most part they stayed on unless they pulled at them. I did end up handing out some extra beads at the end of the year.
  9. fauxc

    Pack cooking

    Currently we cook individually at our Pack campouts and I would like to try cooking as a Pack for several reasons. 1) It teaches teamwork and cooperation with the boys. 2) They get involved in the process 3) It makes it easier to cook at the same time and allow more time for other activities. Has anyone tried this and has it been successful or any suggestions on how to start it? I was going to start with my den by cooking as a den and then the rest of the pack would see how easy it is. I know that there will be some push back because some will say, my son is very picky or we have tried that and it didn' work. Thanks
  10. >>OK, first of all, a slingshot/wrist rocket is WAY different from a toy gun that does nothing>Your slingshot problem at your Pack derby event is NOT a "toy gun" problem, it was a supervision/behavior problem.>What happens when those same boys (or others) find sticks in the woods, and, pretending they are swords, start stabbing, and hitting other kids? Will you ban all sticks? What happens if some of the youth start throwing acorns/pebbles/rocks/shoes/water bottles/etc at other kids pretending they are grenades of some sort? Will you ban touching anything that can possibly be imagined to be any type of weapon? You need to address the BEHAVIOR involved. >I would also mention that BSA considers wrist rockets/slingshots to be the same thing as BB guns. As such they are not allowed at any kind of Pack event, and can ONLY be used at district/council events under TRAINED instructors. >I am also a bit concerned that you brush off the comment you made that a den leader is willing to quit the Pack over the issue of toy guns, by stating he is just "stubborn". That is not being "stubborn". This sounds like you have stirred up quite a hornets nest that has divided your Pack.
  11. >>Obviously lots more going on here than just a Scout bringing a toy gun to an activity. >What kind of gun? A full size replica AK47?>What function? Pack, or council? Campout, or den meeting?>Why MUST the Scout bring it?>Why would the den leader quit over this?>Care to share the parts of this you left out?
  12. I have a den leader threatening to quit unless his son gets to bring a toy gun to a cub scout function.(This message has been edited by fauxc)
  13. I'm curious to see what other packs do about toy guns being brought to a scouting function such as a campout. Do you allow it or do you think it falls within the guide to safe scouting: Pointing any type of firearm or simulated firearm at any individual is unauthorized. Scout units may plan or participate in paintball, laser tag or similar events where participants shoot at targets that are neither living nor human representations. Units with council approval may participate in formally organized historical reenactment events, where firearms are used and intentionally aimed over the heads of the reenactment participants. The use of paintball guns, laser guns or similar devices may be utilized in target shooting events with council approval and following the Sweet 16 of BSA Safety. Council approval means the approval of the Scout Executive or his designee on a tour permit specifically outlining details of the event. (However, law enforcement departments and agencies using firearms in standard officer/agent training may use their training agenda when accompanied with appropriate safety equipment in the Law Enforcement Exploring program.)
  14. I should have made that clearer. I don't think that we should be held solely responsible. The parents still need to be held accountable for their own children. We are all volunteers and can only be in so many places at one time. If I tell little Johnny to join the rest of the group so we can keep an eye on him and he refuses to and his parents do nothing about it, then I can only do so much for his safety. I try to keep as safe as possible. I currently have a parent telling me that it's ok to bring toy weapons and toy guns to pack events even though there are families around and other children so you can see the responsible parents that I have to deal with. My argument there is that if we allow that then we are pretty much saying violence is ok and where does it stop. Not all parents agree with either one of us, but you have to draw the line somewhere.
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