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  1. Looking through posts got me thinking. Going to Cub Scout camp for the first time at the age of 37 (I'm slow ok?) and use a CPAP. Not looking forward to a week of no CPAP (tent camping no power) and am looking to those with this experience for help as to my options Thanks!
  2. OK on the raising money front: our pack takes what I would think would be an obvious choice. Our cake raffle at the Blue & Gold (based on that year's theme) are raffled off and the monies rasied go to Friends of Scouting.
  3. Finished ACM training a month ago and was given a red one by our district trainer
  4. Howdy from the great (soon to be frozen) northeast!
  5. This seems to come also under the bent of polotical correctness. One of the reasons that I was overjoyed when my son was interested and then loved Scouting is that while all participate and "do your best" not all succeed in the end and it has definite goals and challenges that need to be met. Call me old fashioned but I believe that success is earned and not everyone deserves to "win" that is just life.
  6. OGE I don't think anyone suggested that the ONLY way to entertain the boys involves bathroom humor but it may. The whipped cream skit in the beginning of this thread, remember, where we started, is possibly offensive through a certain adult prism. But as Beevah pointed out, this by boys for boys. Audience members should remember to look at this through the prism of the 8 year old. And by the way, Mr Rogers and Sesame St do not hand have not entertained my 7 year old son for years. They are geared toward toddlers through 5 and as far as lack of bathroom humor have you seen Shrek? pchadb
  7. At the risk of being berated for my ignorance, I will ask a question: How does one form a skit that is entertaining to the boys who think a fart noise is the funniest thing they have yet dicovered, and yet not offend ANYONE in the audience who may have had a pesonal experience that has forever tainted and skewed thier views on bathroom homor? We have to look at the audience the skit is intended for. The same audience we all strive to entertain, educate and help grow: the boys. If they are having fun and a parent is too uptight to follow the best advice I have recieved as a new scout leader
  8. Joined last year as a new Tiger Parent with my son. Volunteered this year to be our Pack's new ACM Volun-told that I would be the new Pack Committee Chair when our current PCC steps down in June. Kinda scary for someone who did not do Scouts as a kid but I have a great supporting cast.
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