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  1. I as MBC for Leatherworking, if the scout came to me and said he had lost the card, this is what I would do and have done. I would ask him to bring his projects (or evidence of them), go over the verbal requirements to see if he remembered them and then go on to those he needs to complete. Basically I would work with the scout and try to reconstruct what he has done and go on from there. If it is camp partial, I know our camps and most other camps keeps attendance and requirements list (ours in computer data base besides just paper). I call up the scout office of the council that owns the
  2. There is a district committee training. In our council it is offered once a year just after all the elections are held. It is combined with a council wide coordinated meeting usably held all day Saturday.
  3. Looking in SM Handbook (2001 revision) p. 13 it says concerning a SPL Each troop sets it own requirements and schedule of elections (p.13) . The hand book does not even make suggestion on the requirements but does on the length of term. Just to be thorough I checked the handbook I had when I went through SM Basic ( 1981) it reads All Scouts that meet the requirements of the Patrol Leaders Council are eligible. A new troop might have few requirements while an older one might set a minimum of First Class or Star Rank and 1 years experience in the troop for eligibility. (p.50) It looks like th
  4. Dan please cite where that is in the SM Handbook. I don't remember it being there. For the rest of us it is nice to say something is in such ans such, but put a citation in or say "I believe I saw it in" or like wording. Thanks
  5. I do believe in recognition right away --- But our Troop it seemed that the 'deadline' of the up-coming Court of Honor would create slew of BOR just with a enough time to get the badges.
  6. Having a Scout up front does not make it "boy led". The PLC should plan it with the Scoutmaster advising it. In fact there is requirements for in a merit badge for the scout to plan one. When I was scoutmaster sometimes the SPL and PLC would ask some scouts needing that requirement to plan one and they would then approve it. The adults should only request time from the PLC not plan it.
  7. They own the unit and therefore it is their money.
  8. It is doable. They only need to be in the Webelos Den for six months. If you schedule them with both first and second year Webelos den and they and their parents want them to earn the AOL they can do it by the end of fifth grade.
  9. I have Follow Me Boys in DVD, got about a year ago. It came out in VHS back when there still was Beta so I think there might still be some in that version. It got so hard to find vhs version that e-bay prices were sky high. Quite a campaign to get Disney to reissue it. It took about 15 years. I don't think they reissued it in vhs. I also have Tex Ritter and the Boy Scouts and a classic Jetson episode with Elroy as a scout and only George taking them on campout on the moon (pre G2SS or post?). Years ago I heard that Spielberg (whose is an Eagle) made young Indiana a Life Scout in honor
  10. It is interesting not dumb, in fact I can think of two spots in the Bible where we are warned not to seek the evil that someone did if he has suffered misfortune. The book of Job is one and when Jesus pointed to a disabled man and asked Did he sin or his parents sin.
  11. There is not much more for a young boy to do in Cub Scouts after his Arrow of Light. He has visited his troop; he has filled out his application and the way the current Boy Scout joining requirements on age and the age requirements for Arrow of Light mesh there is not much reason to stay in Cub Scouts. The AOL is not like the Eagle. The purpose of the AOL is to get the boy to move to Boy Scouting. While the Eagle is a goal and can be earned in their early teens, there is a lot left in Boy Scouting for Eagle Scout.
  12. You will very rarely see it worn on Cub uniform (blue or tan) -- Most attend their next BSA meeting as a Boy Scout. That is maybe why the instructor incorrectly stated that.
  13. One of the first things that our camp doses when A boy turns up missing is a couple of staff head down the road heading out to the main highway. A lot of the 'lost' scouts are upset and want to head home any way they can. Others tend to hide out, to show those 'mean son-of-guns'.
  14. There is also a video for older Scouts and Venturing. I can't remember the title, but deals with older issues such as harassment and date rape.
  15. I've had my posts rejected and then I retry and I have two posts. I started to check back to the thread and found that even though it said it was rejected, it was posted. So now I check every time before I try again.
  16. A loss of the 501c3 designation would cripple the BSA, not only would donations no longer be tax deductible, but most taxing units determine the tax exempt status of property based on it 501ce status of the owning organization. If Im not incorrect the BSA ultimate governing body is the members of the national meeting, that come from every council just like the local council ultimate governing body is the annual meeting of the charter partners representatives. This how it is supposed to work not where the power is. For example I believe that not to many argued with James West, I dont
  17. BSA does allow persons with felony convections to be registered leaders. First they must be upfront and put in on their application, finding out in the background check is not a good way to start. The age of the convection and the type of convection are the conditions that determine the acceptance. The charter partner signing off is important too. For a person in his thirties who got in to drunken brawl at 19 and committed felony assault, did his time and has been clean, would most likely be accepted. Any kind of crime against children or sexual assault would not be allowed. A DUI or automobil
  18. Regarding heat related illness/injury --- Up here in the Northwest when it gets hot our bodies are not quite ready. At the summer camp that I have staffed at when it gets hot we preach about drinking plenty of water, water coolers go out to all activity sites and pitchers of ice water are at all meals. The old verbiage that you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink applies to Boy Scouts too. If we don't have 3 or 4 boys (and staff) a day out of total population of 300+ showing some sort of heat distress I would be amazed. I think 300 of 40,000 sound like about the same percen
  19. The total of the pins may not exceed your total service in Scouts. For example: you have 3 years in Cubs, stayed in Boy Scouts till you were 18 -- so 7 years but joined Sea Scouts at 14 and stayed there till you were 21 so 7 years there and now you have been an Adult leader since you turned 18 and became a ASM and you are now 38, so you have 20 years there. You have been in scouting for 30 years, but if you add up the years for all the levels you come up with 37 years. So I think you would only use the number on your pins for the years you have primary registration in the different programs.
  20. The troop numbers being given out sound like jamboree only troop numbers not their regular troop numbers.
  21. The troop numbers being given out sound like jamboree only troop numbers not their regular troop numbers.
  22. Here is a copy of an email that was sent to me about the accident --I'm waiting for names for I may have meet some of them at our conclaves as Alaska is in our section. May God bless and strengthen their families and friends. Hi everyone, This is Eriks fiance, Amber, writing. Erik is at the Boy Scout National Jamboree in Virginia. If you havent seen the national news for today, there was a horrible accident at the Jamboree. Four scout masters were electrocuted and killed in an accident. Two others are injured and in the hospital. Erik called to let me know that everyone
  23. Other fundraisers I have seen; hanging "door hangers" for a pizza place or a church, of course the car wash, passing out coupons or prizes at a store's grand opening or sale, doing a trash patrol at the county fair. The most ill advised one was collecting soda cans and giving out a discount coupon for a ticket at a county fair. The neighboring district DE roped his district into that one for 14 days at the fair and had to seek our district's help to cover. I think the only pay was selling the cans collected. The only concern I have about selling off to individuals the services of scouts
  24. The only time that Scout property is mentioned as not a proper place to qualify service hours is for the Eagle project. Scout camps and scout sponsored events are great places to do service. I know our camps would be in poor shape if it wasn't for countless hours of service that scouts, scouters and other volunteers give throughout the year. I have been at summer camps that have a portion of "tribe of whatever" award an hour of service in camp during the week. It makes an easy way to sign off that requirement quickly for new scouts.
  25. Since the internet has become so popular -- various website has instant polls. I would be shocked (for example, if a Poll on Rush Limbaugh's website was less than 80% for the amendment, but on the same time a instant poll on the Seattle PI site I wouldn't be surprised if more than half are against it. Depends on who goes to the site. Just think of American Idol voting.
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